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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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Due to the sheer amount of airchecks from California, they are in no particular order. Different cities and dates are random throughout the entire listing. Please mention the code when writing to me about a trade. Thanks to the many aircheck collectors: Ira Menacker, Chris Andrews, Rob Frankel, Dave Plotkin, Kyle Hojem, Matt Brown, Neal Bowden, Neal Adams, John Bisci, Dave Bandler, Steve Thompson, Dan O'Shannon, Eric Huls, Russ Horton, Nathan Fuentes, Safford Black, Gary Pfeifer, Eric Lawton, Rick Schneblin, Jeff Lehmann and the members of the Radio Insight Aircheck Board.

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Thanks to my buddy Joe Tedd for the new jingle collage!


CA001 C60 
KHJ Robert W. Morgan 12/66

KHJ Real Don Steele 7/66                                
KGB Steve Jay 7/66                            
KYNO Pete McNeal 6/66                            
WABC Dan Ingram 10/61                   
CA002 C60 The Aircheck Factory Presents:
The Birth Of The All New KTNQ December 1976                   
CA003 C90 
KTNQ Jack Armstrong 12/9/78
KFI Lohman & Barkley 12/13/78                    
KHJ Mucho Morales/Bobby Ocean 12/13/78                   
KUTE David Don 12/14/78                                                    
KFI Charlie Fox 12/7/78C
KTNQ Dave Sebastian 12/13/78       
          KRTH Brother John 12/9/78                                                    Larry McKay   
KIIS Larry McKay 12/13/78 2/13/7812/7/78                           
CA004 C20 KTNQ MG Kelly 1st show 3/18/78
and Andy Barber 6/24/78
CA005 C60 KCBQ Ultimate Contest
KHJ Charlie Tuna 7/77, Charlie Van Dyke Last    
The Return of Charlie Tuna 5/77                  
WKBW Jack Armstrong  5/75                             
WIXY "Wild Child" Duker 5/67                             
CA006 C60 KTNQ Jack Armstrong 2/23/79 2/28/79                                                        
CA007 C90 KFI Jack Armstrong 5/73/80 US
XERB Wolfman Jack Comp 1968-70                   
CA008 C90 & CD KTNQ Jack Armstrong 5/4/79 US
CA009 C90 
KTNQ MG Kelly 4/8/78
KFI Eric Chase 4/13/78
KHJ Unknown DJ 4/13/78
Bobby Ocean 4/14/78 
  John Sebastian 4/14/78Sebastian 4/14/78
CA010 C60 & CD KTNQ MG Kelly 5/78 US
CA011 C60 
KTNQ Jim Conle
y, Jack Armstrong, 
Lou Richards, Charlie Tuna                              
CHUM Jack Armstrong (on air audition) 5/68                  
KHJ Bobby Ocean, Don Bleu 5/24/79                              
"What's My Line" Alan Freed                 
KMPC Dave Hull-Grammy Hotline


CA011A CD X 3 KHTZ First Day 7/31/79 with Charlie Tuna, Bob Morgan, special guest Wolfman Jack, Dave Sebastian, and Jack Armstrong. 10Q and KHTZ simulcast until 12Noon, when 10Q flipped to Spanish, and the entire staff went over to KHTZ-FM. 
CA012 C60 & CD AFRS Charlie Tuna 11/79 Scoped
CA013 C60 
KHTZ Charlie Tuna 5/80
KHJ Rick Dees
CA014 C60 & CD A Tour Around LA Dial 1979
KUTE David Duke            
KIQQ/10Q Nancy Plum
KFI-Dave Diamond
KHJ Bobby Ocean, Banana Joe and Rick Dees 1st shows KMPC-Robert W. Morgan                
KFI-Charlie Fox and Big Ron O'Brien                                   
CA015 C60 The Aircheck Factory Presents LA Morning Drive
November 1976            
CA016 CD & C46 KHJ Don Bleu, Mucho Morales,
Bobby Ocean, Pat Garrett 3/2/79                                                     KZLA Mike Sakellarides 10/8/80                     
XETRA-FM 91X Jim Jolarro 9/3/80                   
XETRA-AM Jason Barrett 10/8/80                   
CA016A CD & C60 KHJ "The Unknown DJ" later to be revealed as Pat Garrett.
CA017 C90 & CD X 2  Dick Whittington 4/4/83 1st show
CA018 C60 KRLA Art Laboe 5/84, Asst LA & SD 5/84
CA019 C90 KQLZ Scott Shannon 8/15/90 US & 11/1/90
CA020 C90 KRTH Dan Ingram 6/24 & 25/98 US
CA021 C90 & CD US KBIG Charlie Tuna 8/27/02 US
CA022 C90 US KTWV Dave Koz 8/28/02 
CA023 C90 
KRUX Jay Stone 1970
WWDJ Gerry Russell/Bwana Johnny 1972
KUDL Andy Barber 1971
WLS Joel Sebastian 1971, JJ Jeffery 1st show 1971                    
KILT Hudson&Harrigan 1971                   
KCBQ & KNUS Composite 1972                   
KROQ Charlie Tuna 1972                   
KGBS Don Imus 1972                           
WOOK Composite 1973


CA024 CD & C90 KFRC Dave Diamond 12/30/68

CA024A CD KFRC Dale Dorman & Tom Maule 5/68

CA024B CD KFRC Dick Sainte 12/6/69
CA025 C60 KFRC John MacFlanagan and Marvelous Mark McKay 9/28/78,2/1/78
Marvelous Marc &  Don St. John 6/78                           
CA026 C90 & CD KFRC Beverly Fox, Rick Shaw 6/78
WGAR, KGO Ron Owens KLIV Ralph Cole
CA027 C90 KFRC Dr. Don Rose,Tom Parker, Don St. John 7/1/77, KYA Steve Jordan, Natural Neal, and Micheal O'Connor 7/13/77
CA027A CD KYA Cliff Saunders (1st Show) into Bwanna Johnny 3/31/71
CA028 C60 KFRC Dr. Don Rose 7/84
and KHJ Danny Martinez 9/84
CA029 C60 & CD KNBR Carter B. Smith and
Mike Cleary 9/14/78
CA030 CD KFRC Dr. Don Rose  6/77 and
KDWB Don Bleu & Rob Sherwood
CA031 CD KMPC-AM Gary Owens 8/1/70
CA031A CD KMPC-AM Robert W. Morgan 8/16/79 1st Show
CA032 C90 & CD X 2 KFRC Dr. Don Rose 6/15/80 US
CA033 C60 
KFRC Composite 6/80

WRKO Composite 6/80
Anchorage, AK Composite 6/80
CA034 C90
KIFM No Name 12/10/78
, Don Foche 12/11/78
KCBQ Steve Goddard 12/11/78
Kevin O'Day 12/11/78
KFRC Robin Bailey 8/10/79
B100 Willie B. Goode & Jimi Foxx 7/1/76
CA035 C90 & CD X 2 
KRLA, KDIA, KEWB, KYA, KLIV 1962-1963                                                               
CA036 C60 B100 Shotgun Tom Kelly 8/77
and WOR-FM Sebastian Stone 4/2/69
CA037 C90 
Charlie Tuna,
Humble Harv 1970                                              KHJ Don Steele 1966-70
Robert W. Morgan 1970
WJPC Don St. John 1974
WIBG Ed Richards and John Landecker 1971
WQXI Simon Train 1970
CA038 C90 
Charlie Van Dyke w/special  guest Rick Dees 
ruary 197777
KTNQ "The New 10Q" Station Promo Tape narrated by Jimi Foxx. Featuring:  The Real Don Steele, Nancy Plum, Rich
Brother Robbin, and Joe Nasty. Followed by some off the air recordings including RBR and RDS.ncluding  Evans, Beaver Cleaver                                                         
KFMB-FM B100 Station Composite 12/77  Featuring: Shotgun Tom Kelly, Glenn McCartney,  Gene Knight, Just Kevin, Jimmy  Rogers, and PD Bobby Rich. Bobby Rich               
CA039 C60 KBZT Station Composite 4/81
CA040 C90 & CD Central California AM Composite 1977
Side 2: 10Q/KPNW/WFUN-Jack Daniels/Y100 Jack Armstrong
CA041 CD X 2 US KWOW Magic Oldies Sept 1981 Live Remote from Jack LaLanne Gym and no name studio DJr
CA042 C90 
WRKO Charlie Van Dyke 5/79
, KHJ Rick Dees
KMPC Gary Owens 5/79
WEIM Thom Whetston 8/79 & Jack Raymond (PD) 4/79
Ultimate Contest
CA043 C90 
KCBQ Charlie & Harrigan 10/80

KHJ Various DJ's
KOMA and  30 Years of KLIF 4/80
CA044 C90 US KKDV John Grappone 2/20/03
and KUFX Greg Kihn 2/24/03
CA045 C90 US  KFOG Dave Morey 2/21/03
and KSAN Lamont & Tonelli 3/7/03
CA046 C90 US KOIT Laurie Sanders 2/24/03
and KKWV Jeff Harrison 3/4/03
CA047 C90 US  KKSF Kim Dooley 3/6/03
and KLLC Webster 2/25/03
CA048 C90 US KFRC Cammy & Dean  3/11/03
and KISQ Renel 3/12/03
CA049 C90 & CD X 2 US 
KIOI Don Bleu (a great aircheck!) 3/10/03
KKIQ Don Potter 3/5/03

CA049A C90 US KIOI Don Bleu 9/8/03 & Melissa Erin 9/12/03 
CA050 C90 & CD US
KHJ Scotty Brink 6/12/69 & 3/29/70 3/29/70 
WBZ Dick Summer 12/28/65
CA051 C90 US KRTH "Shotgun" Tom Kelly 4/15/03
CA051A CD US KRTH Tom Kelly 7/24/06
CA052 C90 US KBIG Charlie Tuna 4/17/03
CA052A CD US KBIG The Best Of Charlie Tuna 7/24/06
CA053 C90 US KRTH Gary Bryan 4/17/03
CA054 C90 US KIIS Rick Dees 4/17/03
CA055 C60 & CD US KIIS Rick Dees 8/26/81
CA056 C90 & CD X 2 US KIOZ Rock 105.3 BC & Missy
and KPRI FM 102 Robert Hughes 4/22/03
CA057 C90 US KHTS Channel 93.3 Cha Cha
KPLN The Planet Woody & Sully 4/22/03
CA058 C90 US KGB-FM Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw
KFMB-FM Star 100.7 Jeff & Jerr 4/22/03
CA059 C90 US KIOI-FM Terry McGovern in for Don Bleu 8/24/90 
CA060 C90 US KRTH Shotgun Tom Kelly 10/4/00
KWPR Mucho Morales 12/88

CA060A CD KRTH Charlie Van Dyke 4/19/99 and
Shotgun Tom Kelly 10/4/00 
CA061 C90 & CD X 2 US KMYI Jagger & Kristi 4/22/03
and KJQY Dave Mason 4/22/03
CA062 C90 X 3 US (3 Hrs, 45 minutes)
KIOI Star 101.3 Don Bleu 8/19/03
CA063 C90 X 3 US (3 Hrs, 45 minutes)
KIOI Don Bleu 8/20/03
CA064 C90 US KIOI Don Bleu 8/21/03
CA065 CD US Dale Dorman KFRC 12/24/67 & WRKO 7/4/72
CA066 CD US KFRC-FM Howard Hoffman 9/10/93
CA066A CD US KFRC-FM Howard Hoffman 10/20/93
CA067 C90 US KFRC Dr. Don Rose 4/74
CA068 C90 US KHJ True Don Bleu 8/25/78 First Show
CA069 4 Hours US KLOS Mark and Brian 11/28/03 
CA070 CD X 2 US KLOS B. Mitchel Reed 10/20/74 and JJ Jackson 1/12/78 
CA071 CD US KMET B. Mitchel Reed 8/13/68 (70-71)
CA071A CD US KMET Bill Todd 10/8/79

CA071B CD US KFWB B. Mitchel Reed 2/7/63 and Elliott Field 1/6/61

CA071C CD US KFWB Lohman & Barkley 6/10/67 & 1/18/68

CA072 CD US KPWR Power 106 Jay Thomas and Jeff Wyatt 4/24/87 
CA072A CD US KPWR Jay Thomas 1990
CA073 C60 & CD US KCBQ Gerry Peterson (PD) and
Mason Dixon 9/24/77
CA074 C60 & CD US KFMB-AM Bobby Rich Presents
"The Turkey Hour" 12/6/76 
CA075 CD X 5 US KIIS-FM Ryan Seacrest 1st Show

CA076 CD US KTNQ 10Q Beaver Cleaver!! Exclusive to Big Apple Airchecks!! 9/3/77 and 9/10/77
CA077 CD US KTNQ 10Q Beaver Cleaver!! Exclusive to Big Apple Airchecks!! 10/15/77, 10/22/77 and 10/29/77
CA077A CD US KTNQ 10Q Beaver Cleaver!! Exclusive to Big Apple Airchecks!! 2/4/79 
CA077B CD US KTNQ Joe Nasty 9/2/77
CA077C CD US KTNQ Joe Nasty 1/1/79
CA077D CD US KHTZ-FM Beaver Cleaver 7/31/79
CA077E CD US KHTZ-FM Beaver Cleaver 8/12/79
CA077F CD US KHTZ-FM Jack Armstrong 8/16/79
CA078 CD KHJ 57m The Real Don Steel 2/2/73 and Robert W. Morgan 5/8/67  

CA078A CD KHJ The Real Don Steele 5/3/66 & 8/10/66

CA078B CD KHJ The Real Don Steele 12/31/70
CA078C CD US KRTH The Real Don Steele 11/8/96
CA079 CD US KIIS-FM Magic Matt Allen 6/89
CA080 CD US KIIS-FM Hollywood Hamilton 6/89
CA080A CD X 2 US KIIS-FM Billy Burke 2/27/97

CA081 CD US 
KXXX The New X100 San Francisco 12/89 Super Snake 
CA081A CD US KMEL 106 Super Snake 9/14/05
CA082 C60 KRTH Joey Reynolds 12/13/81
CA083 C90 KIOI Star 101.3 Don Bleu 10/7/04
CA083A CD KIOI Usette & April in for Don Bleu 2/6/06
CA083B CD KIOI "The Best of Don Bleu" 2/19/07
CA083C CD KIOI Don Bleu 4/25/05
CA084 C90 KZBR The Bear 95.7 Rick Taylor 10/12/04 and "JD" 10/15/04
CA085 C90 KFRC Cammy & Dean (AM) and Ron Leonard (PM) 10/12/04
CA086 C90 KBAY Kirk Patrick & Lisa Kreisler 10/11/04 and KOIT Jack Kulp 10/13/04
CA087 C90 KSAN 107.7 "The Bone" Lamont & Tonelli (AM) and Steven Seaweed (PM) 10/13/04 
CA088 CD US KHJ Chuck Browning 3/13/70 and 
KYW Scotty Brink, Jim Stagg & Jerry G. Bishop 9/30/64
CA089 CD X 2 KHJ Barry Kaye 10/22/73
CA090 CD US KOST Mark Wallach & Kim Amadon 7/2/86, 
Joshua Scandone 1/16/99
WIYY Baltimore Bob Madison 7/4/83 
CA090A CD X 2 US KOST M.G. Kelly 10/30/85
CA091 C90 US KBAY Kirk Patrick & Lisa Kreisler 9/5/03
Two days after the merge of 94.5/San Jose and 93.3/San Francisco, formerly The Wave and Bob Kohtz 9/16/03
CA091A CD KBAY Jona Denz-Hamilton 2/11/06
CA092 C90 US KFOG Dave Morey "10 at 10" 9/16/03
Celebrating the stations 21st Birthday and KSAN "The Bone" Hot Lunch with Steven Seaweed 9/29/03 
CA092A CD X 2 KFOG Big Rick Stuart 2/22/07
CA093 C90 US KZBR 95.7 MAX-FM 5/20/05
CA093A CD US KZBR 95.7 MAX-FM 4/9/06 right before call letter change to KMAX-FM
CA093B CD US KBWF 95.7 The Wolf No Name 4/8/07 after flip from KMAX

CA094 CD US KISQ 98.1 KISS FM Lisa St. Regis 6/21/05
CA095 CD US KLLC Alice 97.3 Webster 6/21/05

CA095A CD US KLLC Alice 97.3 Gretchen 9/12/05
CA096 CD US KIOI Star 101.3 Lara Scott 6/22/05
CA097 CD US KSAN The Bone 107.7 Faith 6/23/05
CA098 CD US KNGY Energy 92.7 Joey V & Brandon
CA098A CD US KNGY Energy 92.7 Joey V 9/11/05
CA098B CD US KNGY Energy 92.7 Joey V 9/16/05
CA098C CD US KYLD Wild 94.9 Mary Diaz 9/12/05
CA099 CD US KEZR Mix 106.5 Sandy Rooney 6/22/05
CA100 CD US KUFX The Fox 98.5 Tim Jeffries 6/23/05
CA100A CD US KUFX The Fox 98.5 Greg Kihn 8/17/06
CA101 CD US KLOS Shana 9/4/81 & Steve Downes 10/21/82
CA102 CD US KLOS Rita Wilde & Geno Michilini 10/4/88
CA103 CD US KCBS-FM The Arrow Tommy Edwards 7/24/96
CA103A CD US KCBS-FM Dick Heatherton 7/3/92 
CA104 CD US KCBS-FM Shana 9/8/01
CA105 CD US KCBS-FM Danny Martinez 9/8/01
CA106 CD KRTH Robert W. Morgan Retirement Show 1/9/98
CA107 CD X 2 KOST 103.5 Karen Sharp 10/4/00
CA108 CD KOST Liz Kiley 7/31/84
CA109 CD KODJ Machine Gun Kelly & Rich Fields 7/20/90
CA110 C90 US KBIG Charlie Tuna 2/1/06
and KRTH Sean "Hollywood" Hamilton 2/2/06
CA111 C90 US KTWV Dave Koz & Pat Prescott Morning Show 2/7/06 and KOST Mike Sakellarides 2/20/06
CA112 C90 US KLOS Cynthia Fox 2/20/06 and Joe Reilly 3/12/06 playing Traffic's "Mr. Fantasy" album.
(110-112 Courtesy of Steve Thompson)
CA113 CD US KFRG Froggy Country Heather 7/12/06
(Signal fades in and out)
CA114 CD US KLOS Joe Benson 7/12/06
CA115 CD US KBIG Gary Spears 7/17/06
CA115A CD US KBIG Gary Spears 8/14/06
CA116 CD X 2 US KLOS Cynthia Fox 7/18/06 

How about some San Diego? 
CA117 CD US KCBQ-FM Debut of Modern Oldies with Rich Brother Robin July 1995
CA118 CD X 2 US KKBH 102.9 The Beach Gene Knight 11/95
CA119 CD X 2 US KYXY 96.5 Soft Rock Gene Knight 4/13/00

CA120 CD X 2 KUSS 95.7 Country Mike O'Brian & Jimmy Jack 4/21/06
CA121 CD US KHTS 93.3 CHR Backstreet John 4/22/06
CA122 CD US KGB-FM 101.5 Classic Rock Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw.4/22/06
CA123 CD US KGB-FM 2PM 4/22/06
CA124 CD US KXXY 96.5 11PM 4/22/06
CA125 CD US KIFM 98.1 Smooth Jazz Kelly Cole 4/23/06
CA126 CD US KUSS 95.7 1 AM 4/23/06
CA127 CD US KIOZ 105.3 12 AM 4/23/06
CA128 CD X 2 US KOME-FM 98.5 Prog. Rock Scott Ottesen 1978 (Wikipedia link) 
CA129 CD US KWST Bobby Ocean 2/18/82
CA130 CD US KZLA-AM 1540 Tom Clay 3/7/80
CA131 CD US KZLA-AM 93.9 Mike Sakelerides 12/80
CA132 CD US KZLA-FM 93.9 James Anthony Rose 3/89
CA133 CD US KZLA-FM 93.9 James Rose 6/26/90
CA134 CD US KZLA-FM 93.9 Last Day of Country 4-5:20 PM 8/16/07
CA135 CD US KZLA-FM 93.9 First Day as Movin 10:45 PM-12:05 AM
CA136 CD X 4 US KMVN Movin 94 Rick Dees 1st Show 9/25/06
CA137 CD US KKGO 105.1 Sean Parr 3/2/07
CA138 CD US KKGO 105.1 Sean Parr 3/5/07
CA139 CD US KFRC-FM/AM Ron Parker & Cammy Blackstone 5/4/01 45m
CA140 CD US KFRC-FM 99.7 Sue Hall 9/13/05 60m
CA141 CD US KFRC-FM 99.7 Jo Jo Kincaid 7/28/06
CA142 CD US KBIG 104.3 Mike Carruthers 10/14/90
CA143 CD US KABC-FM 95.5 Larry Miller 3/19/71
CA144 CD X 2 US KWSS 94.5 San Jose/Gilroy Steve Taylor 5/15/85
CA145 CD US KEDG 101.9 The Edge Rachael Donohue 3/89
CA146 CD US KRTH Robert W. Morgan Retirement Show 1/9/98 Live From The Museum of TV & Radio in LA
CA146A CD US The Real Don Steele 8/15/94
CA147 CD US KKSF 103.7 Smooth Jazz Ray White 6/05
(Ray formerly worked in NY at WLIR, WNEW-FM and WQCD)
CA148 CD US KVYN 99.3 The Vine Ron Brown 10/30/05
CA149 CD US KRTY 95.3 Hot Country Tim Anthony 11/3/05(static and fading)
CA150 CD US KOIT 96.5 Jack Culp and Sherry Brown 11/3/05
CA151 CD US KIFR 106.9 FreeFM San Francisco Adam Carolla 1st Show 1/3/06
CA152 CD US KXCL 92.1 The Flash Placerville/Sacramento
A.R. Johnson 2/8/06
CA153 CD US KNCI 105.1 Country Sacramento Dan Cheaton 2/9/06
CA154 CD US KRTY 95.3 Hot Country Kelly Clark 2/12/06
CA155 CD US KCAL 96.7 Daryl 7/12/06
CA156 CD US KOST 103.5 Christine Martindale 8/15/06
CA157 CD US KOST 103.5 Ted Zigenbush 8/16/06
CA158 CD US KROQ 106.7 Kat Corbett 8/17/06
CA159 CD  US KYSR Star 98.7 Tom Mitchell 10/10/06
CA160 CD US KYSR Star 98.7 Tom Mitchell 10/12/06
CA161 CD US KYSR Star 98.7 Tom Mitchell 10/16/06
CA162 CD X 3 US KYSR Star 98.7 Yvonne Velazques
1st Show 3/12/07 (Yvonne was at WNEW Mix 102.7)
CA163 CD X 4 KLOS 95.5 J.J. Jackson 6/8/02
CA164 CD US KNX-FM Soft Rock Michael Shea changes to KKHR Hit Radio 93 Todd Parker 8/25/83
CA165 CD X 2 US KRTH Gary Bryan 5/15/06 
Here's a series from Palm Springs:
CA166 CD X 2 US KPSI 100.5 Forrest In The Morning into Connie Breeze 8/20/07
CA167 CD X 2 US KCLB 93.7 Mike Trash 8/20/07
CA168 CD X 2 US KDGL The Eagle 106.9 Jeff Dugan 8/20/07
CA169 CD X 2 US KCLB 93.7 Jenn Brewski 8/21/07
CA170 CD X 2 US KDES 104.7 Russ O'Hare 8/21/07
CA171 CD X 2 US KPLM 106.1 Paul Spring 8/22/07
CA172 CD X 2 US KEZN 103.1 Rick Shaw 8/22/07
CA173 CD X 2 US KDGL 106.9 Kayla 8/23/07
CA174 CD X 2 US KPLM 106.1 Teri Lyn Castle 8/24/07
CA175 CD X 2 US KKUU 92.7 Ms. Margarita 8/24/07
CA176 CD X 3 US KDES 104.7 Art LaBoe 8/26/07
CA177 CD US KFI-AM Lohman & Barkley 10/18/76
CA178 CD US KFRC-AM Bill Lee 6/15/81 & 6/2/83, 
Jackson Armstrong 1/83
CA179 CD US KIQQ Jack Lacy 8/14/83
CA180 CD US KRLA Art Laboe into Wolfman Jack 5/84
CA181 CD US KBIG 104.3 Guy Davis 5/2/90
CA182 CD US KZZO 100.5 The Zone Johnny B 2/10/06
CA183 CD US KBAY 94.5 Steve Taylor 8/4/06
CA184 CD US KYSR 98.7 Lisa Foxx 8/17/06
CA185 CD US KBIG 8/18/06
CA186 CD US KKSF 103.7 The Band Celeste Perry 3/11/11
CA187 CD US KKSF 103.7 The Band Celeste Perry 4/8/11
CA188 CD US KKSF Oldies 103.7 Celeste Perry 5/3/11
CA189 CD US KSWD 100.3 Rita Wilde 10/28/11
CA190 CD US KHHT Hot 92.3 Rick Dees 5/20/11
CA191 CD US KFRC Bobby Ocean 4/1/83 (A GREAT aircheck!)
CA192 CD US KTWV 94.7 The Wave Bryan Simmons Last Show 
12/30/16 7-8:10 AM

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HI001 C60 & CD US 
KPOI Mighty Leader 5/6/67
KKUA Billy Ashley 

HI002 C60 & CD US KGMB Granny Goose 6/27/73

HI003 C60 US KGMQ Dave Shaw 4/13/75

HI004 C60 & CD US KGMQ Captain Cook 4/13/75

HI005 C60 US KDEO 1981

HI006 C60 & CD US KORL-AM 650 Capt. Kirk 11/8/86

HI007 C90 & CD X 2 US KIKI-AM 830 Jeff Cano & No Name 11/8/86

HI008 C90 & CD X 2 US KQMQ-FM 93 Micheal Q. Spade 11/8/86

HI009 C90 US KSSK Perry & Price 11/5/86

HI010 C90 & CD X 2 US KULA Jim Peters & Hannah Ogi 11/8/86

HI011 C90 & CD X 2 US KRTR-FM Gene Davis 11/7/86

HI012 C90 US KDLX 8/19/04 Lucas Hawk

HI013C90 US 
KSHK Classic Rock 8/30/04 Jeff Gonzer
KJMO Urban Contemp 8/19/04 Miss Alice 

HI014 C90 US 
KXME CHR 8/25/04 Darenda
KRTR Rock 8/25/04 VT

HI015 C90 US 
KONI  9/8/04 VT
KFMN 9/16/04 Jason Fujinaka

HI016 C90 & CD X 2 US
KQMQ 93.1 Justin Cruz 8/23/04
KDDB 102.7 Da Bomb Auto 8/24/04                    

HI017 C90 US 
KIKI  8/24/04 
KSSK 8/24/04                      

HI018 C90 US 
KLUA 8/26/04
KLEO 8/26/04

HI019 C90 US 
KWYI 8/31/04 Dale Parsons into Cindy Paulo
KAOI 9/2/04 VT

HI020 C90 US
KPMW 9/2/04
KGMZ  9/3/04

HI021 C90 US
KUMU 9/2/04
KAHA 8/25/04

HI022 C90 US
KNUI 9/9/04
KTOH 9/10/04

HI023 CD US KSHK 103.3 Tony Ramoni 5/19/05

HI024 CD US KPOI 105.9 Phil Slash 5/19/05

HI025 CD US KSSK 92.3 Adam Carr 5/19/05

HI026 CD US KQNG 93.5 5/19/05

HI027 CD US KGMZ 107.9  Katrina Kelly 5/19/05

HI028 CD US KAOI 95.1 Dale Parsons 5/20/05

HI029 CD US KDLX 94.3 Karen Malai Spence 5/20/05

HI030 CD US KQMQ 93.1 Justin Cruz 5/23/05

HI031 CD US KRKH KRock 97.3 Auto 1/14/09

HI032 CD US KWYI 106.9 Auto 1/22/09

HI033 CD US KQMQ 93.1 The Zone Auto 1/23/09

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