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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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I'd like to thank the following people from Canada for some great trades over the years: Russ Horton, Bill Dulmage, Wayne McAteer, Dan Sys and John Shermata. This page is dedicated to the memory of the late Mike Miter, who had the most amazing aircheck collection!



CAN001 C90 US CHFI 98.1 Bill Gable 11/18/02
CAN002 C90 US CILQ Q107 John Derringer 11/19/02
CAN003 C90 US CHUM 104.5 Roger, Rick & Marilyn 11/20/02
CAN004 C90 US CJXU 107.9 Jay & Big D 11/21/02
CAN005 C90 US CJEZ 97.3 Mike Cooper 11/22/02
CAN006 C90 "The World Of Radio" By Russ Horton
A composite of various radio stations
CAN007 C90 "Truckin' With CFTR August 1980"
A great composite by Russ Horton
CAN008 C90 "A Toronto Profile February 1980"
A composite by Russ Horton
CAN009 45m Various Airchecks
CHUM Jim Van Horn              Summer 1977
CHLO  Tom Jones                                1979
CKGM Ralph Lockhart & Dan Wilmott  1979
CKGM Mal Paris                     Summer 1967
CAN010 C60 Various
CKOC Dave Smith & Ray Gerard 2/2/78
CFTR  Mike Cooper & Red Knight 2/3/78
CAN011 C90  Various
CHUM-AM Mike Holand & John Majhor   2/6/78
CING-FM  Mike Barron                           2/7/78
CJJD-AM                                                2/7/78
CILQ-FM                                                2/8/78
CAN012 C90 & CD X 2 Various
CHUM: Roger Ashby, Terry Steele, Mike Holland, Jim Van Horne, Bob McGee, J.D. Roberts, Jay Nelson, John Major, Rick Allen (AKA Rick Moranis), Dick Smyth, John Rode
CFTR: Bill Edwards, Dan Williamson, Bobby Day, Jeff Newfield, Rick Hunter, Sandy Davis, Jim Brady, Mike  Marshall, Mike Cooper
British Columbia 1975: CFCN, CFRN, CFUN
CAN013 CD US CKLW Dave Shafer 11/13/72
CAN014 CD US CKLW Pat Holliday 11/13/72,
Bill Gable 7/13/74, Mike Kelly 9/23/73
CAN015 CD US CKLW Bill Gable 7/7/74
CAN016 CD US CKLW Super Max 12/11/74
CAN017 CD US     "         "         "    6/75
CAN018 CD US     "         "         "    7/75

CAN019 CD MP3 Special Presentation: The CKLW Reunion 10/19/02 

CAN020 C90 Scoped Composites August 1978
1050 CHUM and 680 CFTR Toronto

CAN021 CD X 2 Assorted Scoped 
1) CFPL-FM96 Reid McWilliam 10/79 
                                                            2) CFPL Barry Sarazin & Ric Wellwood 2/80 
3) CIXX-FM 6XFM 10/79         
4) CIXX-FM Gord Tate 11/79 
5) CHLO Steve Moore 2/80     
6) CHLO 2/9/80 
7) CJBX-FM 3/3/80 
8) CFAN Radio Fanshawe 

1) CJBK 1290 London, Ontario  Joe Duchesne, Mike McMann 9/79 , Dick Williams 12/79, Fred Denny 3/80 
2) CKSL 1410 Crazy Peter Garland (AMD) 11/79

CAN022 C60 X 2 Scoped CFTR Jim Brady & George Hamburger 7/30/80 and 8/1/80  CHUM Jay Nelson & Terry Steele 8/29-30/80  CKOC John Novak 8/29/80

CAN023 C60 Radio Clyde Jingles, CFAX Composite, KAYO and CHUM 1978

CAN024 CD US CKLW-FM Chuck Morgan 10/1/89 and
WGCL-FM Tom Jeffries 12/27/73 

CAN025 CD US CKWS Gary Mercer 1971 and KHJ Car Radio 7/84 

CAN026 C90 US CJAQ JACK-FM and CKGE 94.9 Vanessa Murphy and Matt Diamond 1/13/05

CAN027 C90 US CIDC 103.5 Anwar & Tina into Richard Correll and CHUM 104.5 Ingrid Schumacher 1/13/05

CAN028 C90 US CJKX and CING Country 95.3 4/21/04

CAN028A C90 US CING 95.3 Samantha Cook and 
CJKX Craig Robertson 1/17/05

CAN029 CD CKEY Toronto Dave Mickey 6/6/63

CAN030 CD CKLW Bill Gable 7/13/74 & Charlie Van Dyke 4/22/69

CAN031 CD CKLW Duke Roberts 3/20/70, Bill Gable 1974,
Chuck McKay 1975, Charlie O'Brien 1976

CAN032 CD CKLW Super Max Kinkel 2/3/75 & Walt "Baby" Love 7/70 and 8/70

CAN033 CD X 2 CKCE Energy 101.5 Calgary, Ontario
1st Day 4/10/07 Zach 5-7:34 PM (WebCheck)

CAN034 CD US CKNG Power 92 Shotgun Shawn Evans 5/29/03 Edmonton, Alberta

CAN035 CD US CKLW Scott Miller 12/23/79

CAN035A CD US CKLW Charlie O'Brien 7/9/79

CAN035B CD US CKLW Dick Purtan 7/9/79

CAN036 CD US CFTR-AM 680 Red Knight 5/18/76

CAN037 CD US CHUM-AM Tom Rivers 5/8/81 and
CHUM-FM Roger Ashby & Mike Holland 4/26/85

CAN038 CD US CKCL 104.9 Vancouver Clear FM Smooth Jazz
Automated 7/15/05

CAN039 MP3 CD US CKCL 104.9 Scott Miller 7/3/09 5:30-8:30 AM, 7/6/09 5:30-9 AM, 7/8/09 5:30-9 AM, 7/10/09 7-9 AM

CAN040 CD US CHUM 1050 Mike Cooper 8/18/79 and John Majour 9/9/77

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Vancouver, Canada
VC001 CD US CKLG-FM 96.9 JACK-FM Junior      
VC002 C90 US
CKVX-FM "X FM" 104.9 Pepper&Crash 5/2/03
KPLZ-FM Star 101.5 James Parker        5/3/03
VC003 C90 US
CKZZ "ZED 95.3" Buzz Bishop       5/5/03
KBKS "KISS 106.1" Candy&Jerry 5/5/03
VC004 C90 US
CHQM QFM 103.5 Terry Reed & Tara 5/7/03
KBSG 97.3 Fast Lane Phillipe & Burns   5/8/03
VC005 CD US CISC-AM 650 Sea Isle Oldies Auto 6/15/05


EN001 CD Galaxy 102 Manchester Mojo 1/17/02

EN002 CD Beat 102-103 Andy MC 9/23/05 and Leigh Doyle 9/22/05

EN003 CD Radio Caroline South Emperor Rosko 8/13/66


South Africa

SA001 CD US Radio 5 Late 1990's

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