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Click on the LOGO to visit 440 Satisfaction for Miami radio history!

((Frank at WNBC 1977 and KLTY today)

Here's a Classic Aircheck of my old buddy Frank Reed from July 4, 1977 at 96X! Frank joined WNBC in September 1977 and left around 1985 to join KLTY-FM in Dallas TX where he does mornings.


(Contributors to this page include Tony Simon, Ira Menacker, Russell Wells, Chip Kelly, Jason Smith, Stuart Elliot, Chucker, Al Gordon, Greg Monti, Rich Marino, Dave Lyons, Scott James, Al Levine, Dave Plotkin, Jack Pecinich, and John Moody)



FL001 CD WMJX 96X Frank Reed 3/9/76, 7/4/76, 7/2/77
(Classic LA: KRLA: Dave Diamond-Lee Simms-Don Burns
KHJ: Charlie Tuna-Dick Sainte-Jerry Butler

FL003A CD WMJX 96X Retrospective Produced By Stuart Elliot formerly known as "The Boy Wonder."

Please note all the 1978 airchecks below are unscoped and available on CD or digital download.

FL004 WIOD-AM Big Wilson 3/16/78

FL005 WQAM-AM Ron Eric Taylor 3/16/78 and
Tom Birch 3/17/78

FL006 WHYI Y100 Kramer Haas and Kid Curry 3/17/78

FL007 WHYI Y100 Robert W. Walker 3/16/78

FL008 WHYI Y100 Bill Tanner 3/17/78

FL008A WHYI Y100 Kramer Haas and Jo "The Madam"
Weitz 6/80, Bill Tanner 9/81

FL009 WAIA-FM Paul Henderson 3/16/78 and
Dan Green 3/18/78

FL010 WINZ-FM  ZETA 4David 3/17/78 and Jeff Kramer 3/17/78

FL011 WAXY-FM Dan Chandler and Roby Yonge 3/17/78
(Automated Oldies)

FL012 WSHE 103.5 Gary Martin and no name 3/17/78

FL013 WGBS-AM Ron St. John 3/17/78

FL014 WWWL-FM Love 94 Rick Peters and Skip Herman 

FL015 WINZ-AM All News Risa Jill Miller 3/18/78
            WFTL-AM Terry Gross 3/18/78

FL016 WSRF-AM Surf 16 No Name 3/19/78
           WMJX-FM 96X Jack Forsyth 3/20/78

FL017 WMJX-FM 96X Jefferson Stone 3/19/78 and
Tom Kent 3/16/78

FL018 A composite of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Market
Miami Heat Part 1 from FL004-17 in a scoped version.

FL019 A composite of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
Miami Heat Part 2 of the following stations:

WEAT Sunny 104.3 Tim Byrd 6/21/02
WKIS Kiss 99.9 Johnny Dark 6/22/02
WLYF Lite 101.5 Debbie Delgado 6/22/02
WLVE Love 94 Billy Raven 6/22/02
WBGG Big 106 Jackie Daniels 6/22/02
WHYI Y100 Sammy 6/22/02
WFLC Coast 97 No Name 6/22/02
WMJX Majic 102.7 Eric Brandon 6/23/02
WMGE Mega 103.5 Danny Rivera 6/23/02
WZTA-FM No Name 6/23/02
WHQT Hot 105 Tom Joyner & Rodney Baltimore 6/24/02
WEDR Jams 99 No Name 6/22/02

FL020 C90 & CD Composite The Orlando Experience
A compilation of the following stations from 8/21-23-84

WHLY Y106 Jim Steele
WBJW BJ105 Crystal McKenzie
WDIZ Rock 100 Rick Anderson
WNFI I100 Dr. Johnny Fever
WLOQ Q103 Paul Thomas
WNFI I100 Smash Shannon

FL021 C60 US WAPE Greaseman 11/78
                         WBJW Bill Barber 11/78

FL022 C60 Composite Orlando 2/5/78

FL023 C90 US WRLX Lorda O'Connell 5/4/98
                         WFLC Johnny Dark 5/4/98

FL024 C90 US WLYF Lite FM Rob Sidney (PD) 5/4/98
                         WZTA Julie Guy 5/4/98

FL025 CD US WSRF-AM Johnny Dark 8/7/71

FL026 C60 & CD US WMYQ 96Q Johnny Dark 12/15/71

FL027 C90 US WQAM-AM Roby Yonge

FL028 CD X 2 US WOMX Mix 105.1 Orlando Dave Kelly 8/13/90

FL029 CD X 2 US WMXJ Majic 102.7 Rick Shaw 3/21/00

FL030 C90 US WEAT Sunny 104.3 W. Palm Beach 
Tim Byrd 10/3/03

FL031 C90 US WKIS 99.9 Kiss Country 
Johnny Dark 10/12/03

FL032 C90 US WRBQ Q105 Tampa Mason Dixon 2/11/83
                         WWDJ Bwanna Johnny 7/12/71

FL033 C90 US WRBQ Q106 Cat Sommers 5/22/81
                                               Mason Dixon 1/17/82

FL033A CD Scoped WRBQ Q105 Dave Sainte 2/2/76 and 11/25/76 and WTBT Thunder 103.5 Norm 2/11/05

FL033B CD X 2 WRBQ 1380 AM 7/89

FL034 C60 Scoped Various 1) KKBQ, WLAV, 91X, FM98,
2) WRBQ QZoo 1/21/83 Cleveland Wheeler & Scott Shannon, WDBO, WRBQ Cat Sommers & Germaine Watts

FL035 C60 Scoped By Dave Edwards

FL036 C60 Scoped By Dave Edwards
The 1980's: K92 FM, WLOF, Y106, WAMO Pittsburgh Ken Reith as Brother Love, Dial Scan of Miami and New York

FL037 CD Scoped 10m 3/23/75 "Miami Madness"
WFUN with "The Chucker" and WINZ with Alan Michaels
playing and saying the same things! Hilarious!

FL038/CT009 CD WRBQ Q105 Bobby Rich and 
Kathy West 6/81 WKCI KC101 Peter Bush 2/11/83

FL039 CD US WRBQ Alan Kabel 2/25/84

FL040 CD US WRBQ Uncle Johnny 2/13/77
                                   Mason Dixon 5/8/89

FL041 CD US WHBO Tampa Scott Robbins 6/89
(Scott was a former DJ in NY on WHLI-AM and WPIX-FM)

FL042 C60 US WIRK/WQAM mid 60's and WFUN 1968

FL043 C60 US WQAM Lee Sherwood 3/2/64

FL044 C45 and CD US WQAM Rick Shaw 10/66
                                      WFUN Mike E. Harvey 1966

FL044A C90 US WQAM & WFUN 7/67 and 
WQAM 12/68 Knox & Shaw

FL044B CD US WINZ-AM Rick Shaw 1972

FL044C CD Scoped WINZ-AM roby Yonge & Rick Shaw
The Way We Were Weekend Reunion 1974

FL045 C90 & CD US WFUN Bwanna Johnny and 
Russ Oasis 1974

FL045A C60 & CD X 2 WFUN Final 2 Hours 1/11/76

FL046 C90 & CD X 2 WHYI Y100 Don Cox 4/4/75

FL047 C60 WMJX 96X Stuart Elliot AKA The Boy Wonder

FL47A CD US WCJX 96X Stuart Elliot 2/17/86

FL048 C90 US WMJX 96X Jefferson Stone 5/78

FL049 C90 US WMJX Jack Forsyth 5/78

FL050 C60 CD X 2 WHYI Y100 Bill Tanner 1981

FL050A CD X 2 US WHYI Y100 Robert W. Walker 8/22/84

FL050B CD US WHYI Y100 Rick Stacy 3/18/87

FL051 C60 & CD US WAXY 106 Rick Shaw 3/92

FL051A C90 US WAXY 106 Rick Shaw 12/20/93

FL051B C90 US WMJX 102.7 Rick Shaw 12/29/95

FL052 C90 & CD US WAXY Mix 105.4 Mike Roberts 5/31/91 and WEOW Key West Bill Bravo 3/12/98

FL052A CD US WAXY-FM 106 Dan O'Brien 2/8/94

FL053 C90 US WSRF Paul Christie 7/12/72

FL054 C90 US WEAT Sunny 104.3 Tim Byrd 9/20/04

FL055 C90 US WKIS 99.9 Kiss Johnny Dark 10/11/04

FL056 CD US WFUN Chucker and Jim Kelly 1975

FL057 CD US WHQT Hot 105 John Thayer 1987

FL058 C90 US WXXL 106.7 Pete DeGraat and 
WLOO 103.1 Smooth Jazz Patrick James 11/25/04

FL059 C90 US WKTK 98.5 Camille Somers and
WRUF 103.7 Rock 104 Chris Burton 11/25/04

FL060 C90 US WWKA K92 Country Ellis B. Feaster and
WIND 107.9 Classic Rock Harley Johnson 11/25/04

FL061 C90 US WMMO 98.9 Elise Rossi and
WIND 95.9 3/27/05

FL062 C90 US WOGK 93.7 Country Big Red 3/27/05

FL063 C90 US WKIS 99.9 Country Johnny Dark 6/11/05

FL064 C90 X 3 US WKIS 99.9 Johnny Dark 6/18/05

FL065 C90 X 2 WKIS 99.9 Johnny Dark 6/19/05

FL066 CD US WRBQ Q105 6/91

FL067 CD US WRBQ Q105 Mike Kelly & Kent Voss 7/91

FL068 C90 US WWKA K92 Country Shadow Stevens 10/7/03

FL069 C90 US WHTQ Q96 Chris Rhodes 10/7/03

FL070 C90 US WOMX Mix 105.1 Jeff Cushman 10/7/03

FL071 C90 US WLOQ Smooth Jazz Dave Koz 10/7/03

FL072 C90 US WXXL 106.7 Kid Kruz 10/7/03

FL073 CD X 2 US WLVE Love 94 Doug Lindsay 2/21/05

FL074 CD US WPOW Power 96 Lucy Lopez 7/21/05

FL075 CD US WHYI Y100 Micheal Yo 7/21/05

FL076 CD US WHYI Y100 Adam Bomb 7/21/05

FL077 CD X 3 US WEAT Sunny 104.3 Alan Knight 7/22/05

FL078 CD X 3 US WEAT Tim Byrd 7/22/05

FL079 CD X 2 US WMGE Mega 94.9 Dimao Martinez 7/22/05

FL080 CD X 2 US WHQT Hot 105 Freddie Cruz and 
The Quiet Storm 7/22/05

FL081 CD X 2 US WMXJ Majic 102.7 Ron St. John 7/23/05

FL082 CD X 2 US WMXJ Jim Richards 7/23/05

FL083 CD US WKIS 99.9 Kiss Jeffrey T. Mason 7/23/05

FL084 CD X 2 US WKIS Johnny Dark 7/23/05

FL085 CD X 3 US WKIS Bruce Harman Request Show 7/23/05

FL086 CD US WLYF Lite 101.5 Sean Casey 7/23/05

FL087 CD US WEDR 99 Jamz Lady D 7/23/05

FL088 CD X 5 US WRMF 97.9 Michael Jamrock 7/24/05

FL089 CD X 2 US WHDR 93 Rock Danny Rivera 7/24/05

FL090 CD X 2 US WFLC Coast 97 Gary Williams 7/24/05

FL091 CD US WINK 96.9 Fort Meyers DX 7/25/05

FL092 CD X 3 US WBGG No Name DJ into Big 106 Paul & Young Ron 7/25/05

FL093 CD X 3 US WBGG Paul & Young Ron 7/25/05

FL094 CD X 2 WFLC US Gnarly Charlie 7/25/05
(The DJ Formerly known as Willie B of WAVZ-WKCI
and WPLJ, later on WHYI & WMXJ and now retired)

FL095 CD US WKGR Gator 98.7 Keith Van Allen 7/25/05

FL096 CD US WRLX Classy 92.1 Don Anthony 7/25/05

FL097 CD US WIRK Country 107.9 Capt. Tim 7/25/05

FL098 CD US WBGG Doc Reno 7/25/05

FL099 CD US WBGG Doc Reno 7/7/05

FL100 CD US WBGG Doc Reno 7/18/05

FL101 CD US WBGG Doc Reno 7/19/05

FL102 CD US WFJO Jammin' Oldies Jackie Daniels 4/4/00

FL103 CD X 2 US WHYI Y100 Willie B 10/15/01

(The following series is from Tampa 104-116)

FL104 CD US WRBQ Jack Miller 1/21/06

FL105 CD US WRBQ Mason Dixon with special guest
Fred Travalena 1/26/06 (A GREAT aircheck!)

FL106 CD US WRBQ Marvelous Marvin Boone 1/26/06

FL107 CD US WSJT Smooth Jazz James Rush 1/28/06
(formerly of WFUN & Power 105 Miami)

FL108 CD US WRBQ Marvelous Marvin Boone 1/22/06

FL109 CD US WDUV 105.5 Dick Ring 1/23/06

FL110 CD US WFUS Country US 103.5 Skip Mahaffey 1/23/06

FL111 CD US WQYK Country 99.5 Veronica 1/23/06

FL112 CD US WXGL 107.3 The Eagle John Moore 1/23/06

FL113 CD US WWRM Mix 94.9 Chad & Kristi 1/24/06

FL114 CD US WQYK Randy Price & Dave McKay 1/25/06

FL115 CD US WPOI Soft Rock 101.5 Jeff Callahan 1/25/06

FL115A CD US WPOI 101.5 The Point Jeff Callahan 3/25/02

FL116 CD US WFLZ CHR 93.3 Ashlee Reid 1/27/06

FL116A CD US WMTX Mix 100.7 1/27/06

FL116B CD US WHPT The Bone 102.5 Kevin 1/27/06

FL116C CD US WMTX Kristi Knight 1/27/06

FL117 CD X 2 US WAPE 95.1 Tony Mann 2/1/94

FL118 CD US WFLA Gary Mercer 6/14/80

FL119 CD X 3 US WLYF Lite 101.5 Time Capsule Weekend
11/18/05 Opens with retrospective of the station
5-6 PM Ellen Jaffee, 8-9 & 10-11 PM Kimba

FL120 CD US WWGR Gator Country 101.9 Naples
Steve Hart 4/24/06

FL121 CD X 2 US WYUU U92 Oldies Tampa 
Jeff Lawrence 5/92

FL122 CD US WRMF 97.9 Ken Lamont 2/2/99

FL123 CD X 3 WRMF Tracy St. George 1/15/07 1st Show

FL124 CD US WOLL Kool 105.5 Tim Byrd 2/22/07 Stream

FL124A CD US WOLL Tim Byrd 5/08

FL125 CD US WQAM-AM Gene Weed 7/23/57,
Rick Shaw 12/63 and Bob Green 8/63

FL126 CD US WINZ-AM 940 Reunion 1964 w/Bruce Morrow (poor quality)

FL127 CD US WCXL Crystal 103.7 Vero Beach 5/90,
WAIA 93.3 Jacksonville early 1991 WJLQ Q100 Pensacola
Dave Lyons 1991

FL128 CD US WPLL 103.5 Planet Radio Debbie Delgado

FL129 CD US WLDI Wild 95.5 Ft. Pierce 2/6/99

(The following series is from Tampa 130-140)

FL130 CD US WQYK Veronica 4/2/07

FL131 CD US WPOI 101.5 The Point Corey Dylan 4/3/07

FL132 CD US WWRM Magic 94.9 Ann Kelly 4/3/07

FL133 CD US WQYK Randy Price & Dave McKay 4/3/07

FL134 CD US WXGL 107.3 The Eagle Nick Van Cleve 4/4/07

FL135 CD US WRBQ Mason Dixon 4/5/07

FL136 CD US WRBQ Marvelous Marvin Boone 4/5/07

FL137 CD US WRBQ Mike Reeves 4/5/07

FL138 CD US WMTX Mix 100.7 Kristy Knight 4/5/07

FL139 CD US WXTB 98 Rock Killebrew 4/9/07

FL140 CD US WFLZ 93.3 Kane 4/12/07

(The following series is from Orlando 141-160)

FL141CD US WLOQ 103.1 Mick Dolan 1/13/07

FL142 CD US WWKA K92 Shadow 1/29/07

FL143 CD US WHTQ 96.5 Chris Rhodes 1/29/07

FL144 CD US WHTQ 96.5 Hildi 1/30/07

FL145 CD US WMGF Magic 107.7 Ken Payne 1/30/07

FL146 CD US WXXL 106.7 Stick 1/30/07

FL147 CD US WLOQ Mick Dolan 1/30/07

FL148 CD US WMMO 98.9 Shawn Burke 1/131/07

FL149 CD US WWKA Ellis B. Feaster & Melissa Moore

FL150 CD US WPCV 97.5 Country Jeni Taylor 1/31/07

FL151 CD US WLRQ Lite 99.3 Brenda Matthews 1/31/07

FL152 CD US WMGF Ken Payne 1/31/07

FL153 CD US WPCV 97.5 Chris Wolfe 1/31/07

FL154 CD US WWLA Ellis B. Feaster & Melissa Moore 2/1/07

FL155 CD US WMMO Shawn Burke into Jerry Stefan 2/1/07

FL156 CD US WXXL 106.7 Juna 2/1/07

FL157 CD US WHTQ 96.5 Chris Rhodes 2/1/07

FL158 CD US WHTQ 96.5 Hildi 2/1/07

FL158A CD US WHTQ 96.5 Hildi 10/19/05

FL159 CD US WOMX Mix 105.1 Laura Francis 2/1/07

FL160 CD US WWKA K92 Doc Holliday 9/24/07

The following series is from Jacksonville/St. Augustine

FL161 CD US WEJZ Lite 96.1 Steve Fox 5/10/07

FL162 CD US WAPE 95.1 Chase Daniels 5/10/07

FL163 CD US WFKS Kiss 97.9 JR 5/10/07

FL164 CD US WMXQ 102.9 The Point Andy Meyer 5/10/07

FL165 CD US WROO 93.3 The Rooster Shotgun 5/10/07

FL166 CD US WGNE 99.9 Gator Country Auto 5/10/07

FL167 CD US WQIK 99.1 Hit Kicker Country Kelly Carson

FL168 CD US WSOL V101.5 The Quiet Storm w/Billy Raven

FL169 CD US WMUV 100.7 Movin' Auto 5/10/07

FL170 CD US WJGL 96.9 The Eagle Auto 5/10/07

FL171 CD US WFYV Rock 105 David Michaels 5/10/07

FL172 CD US WPLA 107.3 Planet Toby Knapp 5/10/07

FL173 CD US WSOS Sunny 94.1 Auto 5/12/07

FL174 CD US WAPE 95.1 Dave O. 5/12/07

FL175 CD US WTBT Thunder 103.5 Classic Rock Norm 2/11/05

FL176 CD US WWKA K92 Bobby Mitchell 8/11/05

FL177 CD US WPCU 97.5 Country Chris Wolfe 10/15/05

FL178 CD US WFUX US103.5 Country Angie Ward 11/20/05

FL179 CD US WEAT Sunny 104.3 Rick Shockley & Michelle Visage 2nd Show 2/13/07 6-7:15 AM Stream

FL180 CD Scoped Various Airchecks on an audio letter
from Dave Edwards to Frank Reed 11/3/77
1) Opening narration 2) Talking with Bill Barber 3) Dave Edwards BJ105 aircheck 4) Narration 5) DX Saturday Night
6) Shortwave 6 7) Narration w/DXing trying to get WNBC
8) Dave w/Pam at BJ105

FL181 CD Scoped Various Airchecks on an audio letter
to me from Dave Edwards 3/15/78
1) WKIS Gene Burns 2) & 4) WLOF 95 Cowboy     
5) Narration 6) WKKO Composite 1967-73 7) Narration
8) WQAM 1965 9) Narration 10)WIVY-AM-FM Frank Reed
audition tape for WNBC 11) WIVY Dr. X 12) Closing
narration and fooling around at BJ105

FL182 CD Scoped Various Airchecks on an audio letter
to me from Dave Edwards April 5-June 12, 1978
1) WBJW Wolfman Jack w/Terry Long & Dave Edwards
2) Audio tour of the BJ105 studios 3) Various stuff
4) Closing narration

FL183 CD Scoped Various Airchecks on an audio letter
to me from Dave Edwards 3/17/79
1) Opening narration 2) Y106 3) BJ105 Brother Bob
4) WDIZ 5) WVFM 6) Closing narration 7) WAAK Bill
Curry Discussion '72

FL184 CD X 2 US WKIS 99.9 Kiss Scott Simon interviews
Jewel 1/08

FL186 CD US WALT-AM 1110 Tampa Charlie Brown 12/28/66

FL187 CD X 5 US WALT-AM Johnny Walker 4/23/67

FL188 CD US WKIS 99.9 Kiss Greg Valentine 8/15/08

FL189 CD X 5 US WKIS Jeffrey T. Mason Last Show 8/24/07

FL190 CD Scoped WRMF 97.9 Robert Murphy 7/30/98

FL191 CD US WJLQ Q100.7 Pensacola Auto 11/29/08

FL192 CD US WPFM 107.9 Panama City Smily Jay 11/30/08

FL193 CD US WMXZ Mix 103.1 Destin/Ft. Walton
Samantha 12/1/08

(The following series is from Tampa 194-204)

FL194 CD X 4 US WRBQ Q105 Jo Jo Kincaid 2/6/09

FL195 CD US WRBQ Mason Dixon 2/5/09

FL196 CD US WQYK 99.5 Killer Beez Morning Show 2/11/09

FL197 CD US WQYK Randy Price and Dave McKay 2/11/09

FL198 CD US WWRM Magic 94.9 Chad & Kristi Thomas

FL199 CD US WSJT 94.1 Miranda Wilson 3/27/09

FL200 CD US WRBQ Scott Walker 3/27/09

FL201 CD US WSJT 94.1 Billy Raven into Kathy Curtis 3/30/09

FL202 CD US WWRM Chad & Kristi Thomas 3/30/09

FL203 CD US WRBQ Jo Jo Kincaid 6/3/09

FL204 CD US WRBQ Jo Jo Kincaid 6/24/09

FL204A CD US WRBQ Jo Jo Kincaid 6/10/11

FL204B CD US WRBQ Jo Jo Kincaid 3/2/12

FL205 CD Scoped Central Florida Composite 1989
1) WFLZ Z93 Tampa Smokin' Joe 2) WINK 3) WNFI I100 Daytona Beach 4) WUSA W101 Tampa Bobby Irwin & Johnny Williams 5) Star 101 Orlando 6) WSIF Cocoa Beach
7) WRBQ Jo Jo Walker 8) WBJW BJ105 Orlando JJ Harris
9) Z106

FL206 MP3 CD US WFYV Rock 103 Greaseman 7/6/10

FL207 MP3 CD US WFYV Greaseman 8/6/10 Last Show

FL208 CD US WSBZ 106.3 Santa Rosa Beach Smooth Jazz The Seabreeze Shaun Valentine 4/8/11

FL209 CD X 2 US WINK Dave Alexander into Blake Lawrence 11/13/84

FL210 CD US WFLZ Tim & Top 1990

FL211 CD US WAKS Mason Dixon 3/12/97

FL212 CD US WAKS Format Change from Kiss to Mix
8/27-28/99 Scotty Love

FL213 CD X 2 US WMTX Bobby Rich 4/4/00

FL214 CD US WYUU U92.5 Mason Dixon 4/7/00

FL215 CD US WFFY Fly 92.1 Fort Walton Beach
Brook Murphy 12/1/08

FL216 CD X 2 US WSJT Play 98.7 New Format 3:30-6 PM 8/31/10

FL217 CD US WOCL Sunny 105.9 Orlando Spyder Harrison

FL218 MP3 CD US WMXJ Ron St. John Last Show 5/31/13


North Carolina

NC001 CD X 2 US WKSF 99.9 3/6/92

NC002 CD US WKSF 99.9 Mitch Hensby 7/11/00

NC003 CD US WOXL 96.5 Oldies Chuck Finley 6/21/05
and WPTP 93.3 Rock Mistress Kim (Scoped)

NC004 CD US WONO Star 104.3 Mark Andrews & Kim Matthews 6/23/05

NC005 CD US WNCT Oldies 107.9 Uncle Doug Moreland 6/29/05

NC006 CD US WMGV V103.3 AC Gary Lee 6/29/05

NC007 CD US WERO 93.3 Morning Show 6/28/05

NC008 CD US WRDU 106.1 Classic Rock Cathy Taylor 6/28/05

NC009 CD US WWGL 94.3 Eagle 94 Country Derek James 6/30/05

NC010 CD US WSFL 106.5 Classic Rock Big Dawg 6/30/05

NC011 CD US WTOR 104.1 Shelly Ryan 11/26/05

NC012 C60 US WRCQ Rock 103 John Boy & Billy Big Show 5/21/07

NC013 C60 US WQDR 94.7 Billy Dukes 5/21/07

NC014 C60 US WQDR 94.7 JJ 5/22/07

NC015 C60 WSMW 98.7 Wicker Show 5/23/07

NC016 C60 WRAL Mix 101.5 Diane Ramsey 5/23/07

NC017 C60 US WRDU 106.1 Rooster Country John Boy & Billy Big Show 5/29/07

NC018 C60 US WWMY Y102.9 Chris Rolf 5/29/07

NC019 C60 US WBBB 96.1 Adam 12 5/29/07

NC020 C60 X 2 US WRVA The River 100.7 Brian Taylor 5/31/07

NC021 C60 US WCMC 99.9 Dallas Reese 5/31/07

NC022 C60 US WCMC 99.9 Vince Daniels 6/1/07

NC023 C60 US WDCG 105.1 Randi West 6/10/07

NC024 C60 US WCMS 94.5 Water Country Karen West 6/15/07

NC025 CD US WZPR 92.3 Wilbur Nags Head and
WYND 97.1 Orville Country Lisa 6/15/07

NC026 CD US WRSF Dixie 105.7 Ray Turner & Big Chief 6/15/07

NC027 C90 US WQDR 94.7 Raleigh Lisa McKay 5/22/07

NC028 C90 US WBBB 96 Rock Foster 5/29/07

NC029 C90 US WQDR 94.7 Lisa McKay 10/22/07

NC030 C90 US WWMY Y102.9 Bill Campbell 10/24/07

NC031 C90 US WBIT 96.1 The Beat Charlotte Jo Jo 4/4/08

NC032 C90 US WNKS Kiss 95.1 The O Show 4/4/08

NC033 C90 US WXRC 95.7 The Ride Auto 4/5/08

NC034 C90 US WKKT 96.9 The Kat Kix Layton 4/10/08

NC035 C90 US WQNC 92.7 Moments In Love 4/10/08

NC036 C90 US WSOC 103.7 Rob Tanner 4/11/08

NC037 C90 US WKQC 104.7 Scarlett 4/11/08

NC038 C90 US WNKS Kiss 95.1 Taylor Shay 4/11/08

NC039 C90 US WKQC 104.7 Edward Benson 4/11/08

NC040 C90 US WLYT Lite 102.9 Arroe Collins 4/11/08

NC041 MP3 CD US WLNK The Link Robin Marshall 1st show 7/12/10

NC042 MP3 CD US WKQC K104.7 Robin Marshall 2nd show 10/21/10

NC043 CD US WJZR 99.7 Panama Jack 8/28/84


South Carolina

SC001 CD US WROQ Rock 101.9 9/27/91

SC002 CD US WFBC 93.7 Jay Michaels 12/21/98

SC003 CD US WTPT 93.3 The Planet The Rise Guys
(Skip, Matt & Nine) 1/31/05

SC004 CD US WWDM 101.3 Mel Devonne 1/31/05

SC005 CD US WTGR-AM 1520 Lance Drake 7/25/77



GA001 CD US WJCL 96.5 Kix Country 8/25/04

GA002 CD US WZAT Z102 AC 8/25/04

GA003 CD US WAEV Kiss 8/25/04

GA004 CD US WIXV I96 Classic Rock 8/25/04

GA005 CD US WLOW Oldies 8/25/04

GA006 CD US WRHQ Q105.3 Rock Brady McGraw 8/26/04

GA007 CD US WAEV Kiss Russ 10/27/05

GA008 CD US WJCL 96.5 Kix Country Matt Black 10/27/05

GA009 CD US WRHQ Mike Roberts 10/27/05

GA010 CD US WFXH rock 106.1 Buzz into Big Tommy 10/28/05

GA011 CD US WGZR 106.9 The Gator Country Mike & Laura 10/28/05

GA012 CD US WZAT Z102 CHR Senea 10/31/05

GA013 CD US WSSJ Smooth Jazz Lynn Hughes 10/31/05
(fuzzy mono)

GA014 CD US WWBB Triple A The Wave Mike Conti 11/1/05

GA015 CD US WJCL Kix 96 Big Mac 11/3/05

GA016 CD US WGZR Dave Dodson & Matt Murdock 11/4/05

GA017 CD US WGZO 103.1 The Drive Classic Hits
The Bald Eagle 11/7/05

GA018 CD US WEKS 92.7 The Bear Dakota 1/17/06

GA019 CD US WZGC Z93 Steve Maple October 1984

GA020 CD US WQXI 94Q Gary McKee & Craig Ashwood 9/1/84 8-8:45 AM

GA021 CD US WSTR Star 94.1 Tripp West 8/5/08

GA022 CD US WSTR Star 94.1 Chase Daniels 11/2/10



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