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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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(Contributors to this page include Patrick Glass, Brandon Robinson, Greg Monti, Allen Beebe and Russell Wells)


KY001 C120 & CD X 2 US WHAS-AM 840 Wayne Perkey and WKJJ-FM 99.7 Gary 8/7/79 

KY002 C90 US WQHY Prestensburg Q95 CHR 6/16/04 Auto

KY003 C90 US WIFX Jenkins, KY 94.3 Foxy 6/27/04 Auto

KY004 CD US WDDJ Electric 96.9 Kevin Caldwell 8/17/01


TN001 CD WSM-FM 95.5 The Wolf 5/17/05

TN002 CD WRQQ 97.1 Oldies Bobby Knight 5/17/05

TN003 CD Scoped Various WRBC, WHBQ, WJDX  of Russell Wells)

TN004 C90 US WXMX 98.1 The Max Megan White 6/4/05

TN005 C90 US WMC-FM100 AC Tom Prestigiacomo 6/6/05

TN006 C90 US WGKX Kix106 Country Trapper John 6/7/05

TN007 C90 US WHBQ 107.5 Hot AC Big Boy 6/7/05 (Great Aircheck!)

TN008 C90 US WRVR 104.5 The River Larry Wheeler

TN009 C90 US WEGR Rock 103 Chris Jarman 6/8/05 

TN010 C90 US WMYU The New 102 Knoxville Kelly Scott 
and WIMZ Rock 104 Dave Ball 6/16/04

TN011 C90 US WQUT 101.5 Johnson City Larry Kendricks 6/19/04

TN012 C90 US WXMX Mix 98.1 Megan & Randy 5/17/06
and WRVR 104.5 The River Larry Wheeler 5/18/06

TN013 C90 US WGKX Kix106 John Paul Stevenson 5/17/06
and Deb Dockery 5/25/06

TN014 C90 US WHBQ 107.5 Danno 5/17/06 and Lugnut 5/18/06

TN015 C90 US WEGR 102.7 Cody Fletcher 5/28/06 
and WMC FM100 Garner Miller 6/11/06

TN016 C90 US WHBQ Q107.5 Dylan 6/15/06

TN017 CD Semi Scoped WLAC-AM John Richburg 6/10/67
(From Programmers Digest)

TN018 CD US WMAK-AM 1300 Gene Clark 1/2/68

TN019 CD US WKIM 98.9 Tom Prestigiacomo 9/12/07

TN020 CD US WMC-FM 100 Lance Ballance (VT) 9/13/07

TN021 CD US WGKX Kix 106 Kay Manley 9/27/07

TN022 CD US WRVR The River 104.5 Scott Miller 9/27/07

TN023 CD X 2 US WSNA Snap 94.1 Paco Lopez 10/22/07

TN024 CD US WGKX Kix 106 Bass Fisher (AKA Greg Moore) 1/5/08

TN025 CD US WRVR The River Scott Miller interviews George Klein
during Elvis Week 8/12/08

TN026 CD US WXMX 98.1 The Max Greg "Eggman" Moore 10/5/09

TN027 CD WOKI Knoxville Assorted Airchecks Scoped Listed By Track

1) 100.3 The River 4/1/05 2) I100 Fall 1992 3) Hits 100 12/86
4) Hits 100 Early 1987 5) Hits 100 12/86 6) I100 Bob The Bandit 1989
7) I100 Michael "Hitman" Mann 1989 8) I100 Michael "Hitman" Mann and JJ Randall 1989 9) I100 Michael Mann 1/1/90 10) Hits 100 Shotgun Stevens, Ron Harper, JJ Randall 12/85 11) Brother John Boogie Check 1981 12) FM 100 Michael Scott 1987 13) PJ the DJ Spring 1987 14) FM 100 Michael Scott 5/87 15) I100 JJ Randall 1988

TN028 CD X 2 US WHBQ Q107.5 Jude 11/18/07

TN029 CD US WTNQ 104.9 Lafollette Frank Scott 12/29/08

TN030 CD US WTNQ 104.9 Chuck Jacobs 12/30/08

TN031 CD US WKBQ 93.5 Covington Gary Murdock 4/10/09

MS001 10 minutes WMJY Magic 93.7 2003 Allen Beebe-You'll hear a portion of this aircheck when the page opens. Thanks to Allen for sending this! 
MS002 C90 US WVIM 95.3 Coldwater, MS Marie Misco




AL001 CD US WDXB 102.5 "The Bull" Patti & Dollar Bill 5/25/05

AL002 CD US WZZK 104.7 Classic Country Cat West 5/30/05

AL003 CD US WMJJ Magic 96.5 Rob & Shannon 6/6/05

AL004 CD US WQEN 103.7 Stick 8/8/06

AL005 CD X 2 US WWRO-FM 97 The Arrow Greg & Timmy 10/97

AL006 CD US WAPX-AM Birmingham Ugly Al 2/24/75

AL007 CD US WABB 97.5 Lee 11/28/08


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