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Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

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Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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Here's a sample of CH002 with Capt. Whammo at WMET, one of the best screamers of Top 40 Radio in the Windy City!

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Contributors on this page include Ira Menacker, Dan O'Shannon, Ray Glasser, John Yanagi, John Moody, Chris Andrews, Windy City Airchecks, The Aircheck Factory, Earl Clark, Eric Huls, Wayne McAteer, Lori Weiner, Dave Plotkin, Tony Simon, Joel Murphy, Jeremy Andrews, Paul Richards CJA, Tom Oszman, Tim Davisson, Lance Venta, Greg Monti, John Shermata, Scott MacKinnon, Blaine Thompson, Frank Hartge and Jack Steele


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CH001 C90 US WMET and WLS By Windy City Airchecks
CH002 C90 WMET Jim "Capt Whammo" Channell
8/29/77 and 1/23/78
CH002A CD X 2 WDHF Turns Into WMET! FJ Bailey 12/1/76 
CH003 C90  
Chicago Afternoon Drive By Windy City Airchecks 10/28/77
WIND             Stu Collins
WXRT             John Platt
WDAI             Tom "Doc" Morgan
WMET             Chris Alan
WBBM-FM       Bill Taylor
WLUP             Lester Tracey
WKQX            Mitch Michaels
WFYR             Robert Kraft
Side 2:
WTUE             Sean McKay
KLIF & WTUE Bwanna Johnny
WKBW & KNOX Warren "The Janitor" Miller
CH004  The Fred Winston Collection-See The "Jock Collections page for these airchecks.
CH005 CD WCFL Larry Lujack Top 40 To Beautiful Music and
Matthew Clement & Fred Winston Jan. 1983 Last Day as AC
CH006 C90 WMET Capt Whammo 6/8/78
Interview: At Home With Jackson Armstrong
By Jonathon Wolfert 6/24/71
CH007 CD & C90 WFYR Fred Winston 6/28/79
and WLS Larry Lujack 6/29/79
CH008 CD & C90 WLS Larry Lujack 8/79 
By The Aircheck Factoryck 8/79 
CH009 C90
Side 1:
WLS 1977 New Years Eve Composite
WLS Fred Winston/Dick Saint/Doug Doldren
3/5/79 Tom Konard Composite
Side 2:
Y115 and 14ZYQ Production Composite 1977
14ZYQ Big Bob DiCarlo 3/77
CH010 C90 US WLS Fred Winston 1st Day Back 2/7/83
and KIQQ Jack Lacy 3/5/83
CH011 C60
WLS Larry Lujack 10/80
KRUX Final Night 1/15/81
KDEO The Rabbit
XPRS Wolfman Jack
CH012 C60 WCFL Scotty Brink 7/28/70
CH012A CD WCFL Dick Biondi 10/3/67 

CH012B CD WCFL Larry Lujack & Ron O'Brien 10/73
CH012C CD WCFL Bob Dearborn 8/3/71
CH012D CD WCFL Larry Lujack 7/11/72
CH013 C60 US WIND Robert W. Morgan 9/7/71
and WKYC Fred Winston 8/15/68
CH014 C90 US WLS Larry Lujack 7/4/80 and 10/23/80
CH015 C60 US WLS Tommy Edwards 6/8/75
CH016 C60 US WLS John Landecker 10/12/76
CH017 C90 & CD US WLS John Landecker 3/12/74
CH018 C90 US WLS 12/20/74
CH019 C90 & CD US WLS John Landecker 12/17/79
CH020 C90 US WBBM-FM B96.3 Dougie Stiles 8/31/03
CH021 C90 US WNUA-FM 95.5 Bill Cochrane 8/31/03
CH022 C90 US WDRV "The Drive" 8/31/03 "The Classics Show"
CH023 C90 US WUSN Country 99.5 9/1/03 Mike Meyers
CH024 C90 & CD X 2 US WKSC KISS 103.5 Java Joel 9/2/03
CH025 C90 US WLUP The Loop Johnny Seven 9/2/03
CH026 30 min US WLS Jim Kerr 3/31/74 (Jim was doing the 6-10AM shift at WPLJ on Saturday morning, then flying to Chicago to do the 10PM-4AM Saturday night shift through that ratings period. Thanks to Jim for the info!)
CH027 C60 US WCFL Scotty Brink 7/2/70 and WLS 12/9/70
CH028 C90 US WMET Cat Simon 2/6/85 
CH029 CD US WXRT 7/26/04 Lin Brehmer
and WUSN 7/27/04 Mike Myers
CH030 CD US WKQX 7/28/04 Fook
and WKSC 8/2/04 Java Joel
CH031 CD US WRLL Real Oldies 1690 with Chicago radio legends Tommy Edward and Larry Lujack! 7/29/04
CH032 C90 X 4 US WLS Larry Lujack and Charlie Van Dyke
5/4/85 A one time only show! 
CH033 C90 & CD Chicago Composite 7/74 and Milwaukee Composite 2/72
CH034 C90 WFYR Tony Rogero 3/30/74 (1st show) and 
Automation 1/74
CH034A CD  WFYR 103.5 Fire Radio "Crack The Coffin" 1977
CH035 C90 Chicago Drive Time 3/80
CH036 C90 WYNR and WLS Various 8/28/64
CH037 C90 Superjock Larry Lujack!
WCFL 7/11/72 and KYYX Reunion 1979

CH037A CD WLS Larry Lujack 10/14/70
CH038 C90 & CD WLUP John Landecker 1984
CH039 C90 & CD X 2 WLS John Landecker 3/86

CH040 CD WLS John Landecker 1975-1986 Composite
CH040A CD 30m WLS John Landecker (early 80's)
CH040B CD WLS John Landecker 6/10/81
CH040C CD X 2 WLS John Landecker Returns to WLS from WCKG 2/24/86 

CH040C C90 WLS's 16th Anniversary John Landecker 5/2/76
CH040D CD US WLS John Landecker 6/12/75

CH040E CD US WLS Yvonne Daniels 6/17/75

CH040F CD US WLS John Landecker 5/2/76
CH040G CD US WLS Jeff Davis 6/15/80CH
CH041 CD WJMK Oldies 104.3 Dick Biondi 3/2/05

CH041A CD WJMK-HD Stream Dick Biondi 7/12/06 Last
CH042 CD WUSN Country 99.5 Wild Bill Garcia 3/8/05
CH043 CD WUSN Big John Howell 3/14/05
CH044 CD WUSN Drew Walker 8/16/05
CH045 CD WUSN Big John Howell & Katherine Kelly 8/19/05
CH055 CD WXXY The 80's Channel Jeffrey T. Mason 8/9/00 
CH055A CD US WXXY 103.1 Sign On 11:45 AM-12:30 PM 3/6/99
CH056 CD WBBM-FM B96 Don Geronimo 5/24/84
CH057 DVD WLS John Landecker Interview 1978
(Courtesy of Pat O'Briant/Available for trade or sale $24)
CH058 CD US WUSN 99.5 Country Lisa Dent 8/19/05
CH059 CD US WKIE 92.7 NINE-FM 8/13/05
CH060 CD US WBBM-FM B96 Tim Schommer 8/19/05
CH061 CD US WLUP The Loop Zack Tyler 8/19/05
CH062 CD US WUSN Lisa Kosty and Wild Bill Garcia 8/19/05
CH063 CD US WKSC KISS-FM Silly Jilly & Rodney 8/20/05
CH064 CD US WTMX Mix 101.9 Tom Hansen 11/12/05
CH065 CD US WKIE NINE-FM 11/16/05
CH066 CD US WWYN Y103.9 12/17/05
CH067 CD X 3 US WLUP The Return of Jonathon Brandmeier!
CH068 CD US WDAI-FM  Dave Van Dyke 8/26/76
CH069 CD US WDAI-FM Alan Burns 9/24/76
CH070 CD X 2 US WLS Charlie Van Dyke 10/10/71
CH071 CD US WLS Jeff Davis 12/19/85
CH072 CD US WBUS 99.9 Kankakee Shacoy Reed 7/27/96
CH073 CD US WUSN 99.5 Drew Walker 7/17/06
CH074 C60 & CD US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 2/14/83 (1st Show)
CH074A CD X 3 US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 7/20/06
CH074B C60 US WLUP The Best Of Brandmeier 7/25 & 26/06
CH074C C60 US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 7/30/06
CH074D C60 US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 8/4/06
CH074E CD X 4 US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 3/3/06
CH074F CD US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 2/28/08
CH074G CD X 2 US WLUP Jonathon Brandmeier 4/1/09
CH075 CD US WERV 95.9 Didi 7/20/06
CH076 CD US WRZA 99.9/WKIE 92.7/WDEK 92.5 Nine FM Steve & Joey 7/21/06 7:20 AM
CH077 CD US WZZN True Oldies 94.7 John Landecker 3rd Show 10/18/06
CH078 CD US WLIT 93.9 Dave Hilton 10/24/06
CH079 C60 US WJMK Tommy Edwards 8/24/87 1st Show
CH079A CD US WILV Love 100.3 Tommy Edwards 10/23/06 1st Show 2:25PM
CH079B CD X 2 US WJMK Tommy Edwards 10/18/88
CH080 CD US WDRV 97.1 Phil Minickie 7/18/06
CH081 CD US WUSN 99.5 Lisa Dent 7/19/06
CH082 CD US KRRY 100.9 Y101 Quincy IL Club HT 4/20/07
CH083 CD US WLCE 97.7 Alice Springfield IL Lars Canyon 5/3/07
CH084 CD US WKIE 92.7 Arlington Hts IL George McFly 1/15/99
CH085 CD X 2 US WJMK Oldies 104.3 John Landecker
CH086 CD X 2 US WZZN 94.7 True Oldies Dick Biondi 11/6/06
CH087 CD US WLS Kris Erik Stevens 12/1/70
CH088 CD Scoped 1) Joel Sebastian 1971 and JJ Jeffrey 1st Show 1971 2) Bob Sirott & Dick Clark 1976 3) Tommy Edwards 1982 4) 25th Anniversary Reunion 1985
CH089 CD X 2 US WLS Bill Bailey 10/11/72
CH090 CD US WLS JJ Jeffrey 12/20/74
CH091 CD US WLS JJ Jeffrey 11/22/75
CH092 CD US WKQX Mitch Michaels 6/7/77
CH093 CD US WKQX Mitch Michaels 6/9/77
CH094 MP3 CD X 2 US WLS 89 Rewound 2007
CH095 MP3 CD US WLS 89 Rewound 2008
CH096 CD US WZZN Greg Brown 2/21/08
CH097 CD US WJNK Steve Dahl 2/21/08
CH098 CD US WILV Tommy Edwards 3/3/08
CH099 CD US WILV Brian Middleton 3/30/08
CH100 CD X 2 WNUA 95.5 Smooth Jazz flips to Spanish 5/21/09 7:58-10:39 AM
CH101 MP3 CD WLS-FM Dick Biondi 1st Show 6/26/08 and
50th Anniversary on radio 5/2/10
CH102 CD X 2 WYST Star 107.7 Bloomington Maria Henneberry 5/3/07 
CH103 CD X 3WJMK KHits 104.3 1st Day 3/4/11, Gary Spears 3/8/12, George McFly 3/8/12

MI001 C60 & CD US
WXYZ-AM 1270 1/8/78 Doug Silver
WRIF-FM 101.1 1/7/78 Phil Foreman
MI001-A US  WXYZ-AM-FM Lee Alan 30 m 7/66 
MI002 C90 X 3 US
WNIC hosting a CKLW Reunion May 1985: Bill Gable, Tom Shannon, Max Kinkle, Jim Edwards, Gary Burbank
MI003 C90 US WOMC Dick Purtan 4/21/03
MI004 C90 US WYCD Mike Scott 5/21/03
MI005 C90 US WVMV Madison Leigh 5/21/03
MI006 C90 US  WVMV Sandy Kovach 5/21/03
MI007 CD US WHYT JJ Walker (Spyder Harrison) 4/85
MI008 CD WCXT Hart MI 105.3 2/6/06
MI009 CD WMUS Muskegon MI 107 The Moose 2/6/06
MI010 MP3 CD WMRR Muskegon Total Rock 101.7 Andy O'Riley 5-10AM and Kristi Swan 10AM-3PM
MI010A MP3 CD WMRR 8/24/05 & 8/25/05
MI011 CD US WYCD 99.5 Edwards & Leo, Jill Forsyth 6/19/06
MI012 CD US WNIC 100.3 Kevin O'Neill 6/20/06
MI013 CD US WNIC 100.3 Kevin O'Neill & Tommy Lockhart 6/20/06
MI014 CD US DOUG-FM 93.1 Adult Hits 9/2/06
MI015 CD US WDTW 106.7 The Fox 9/2/06 Erika Lynn
MI016 CD US WVMV 98.7 Sandy Kovach 9/2/06
MI017 CD US CIDR 93.9 The River 9/28/06
MI018 CD US WKQI 95.5 Beau 10/3/06
MI019 CD US WNIC 100.3 Alan Almond 10/3/06
MI020 CD US WMGC Magic 105.7 Jim Paolucci 10/4/06
MI021 CD US WGPR 107.5 The Rhythm 10/4/06
MI022 CD US WDVD 96.3 Scott Vertical and Melody 10/4/06
MI023 CD US WKQI 95.5 Big Boy 3/17/06 and 10/4/06
MI023A CD US WDZH AMP 98.7 Big Boy (VT) 5/16-17/11
MI024 CD US WOMC 104.3 Tom Ryan 10/5/06
MI025 CD US WCSX 94.7 Steve Costa 10/5/06
MI026 CD US WMGC Magic 105.1 Johnny Williams Magic Cafe 10/5/06
MI027 CD US WNIC 100.3 Alan Almond 10/5/06
MI028 CD X 3 US WKNR-AM Jim Tate 8/21/70
MI029 CD X 3 US WKNR-AM Mack Owens 8/21/70
MI030 CD US WTWR-FM The Tower 92.3 Paul Nicholas
into Ted Anthony April 1972
MI031 CD A Drive Around Detroit October 1984
(A Scoped Composite of four Top 40 stations)
(1) WHYT Bobby Mitchell
(2) WCZY Dick Purtan
(3) WLLZ John DeBlay
(4) WRIF Assorted
MI032 CD US WDRQ-FM 93.1 Lisa into Jo Jo 1/23/97
MI033 CD US WGRD 97.9 Grand Rapids Ray Baker 9/8/76 & 3/25/81
MI034 CD US WCXT 105.3 Hot FM Auto Morning of format
change 5/3/06 1:55 AM
MI035 CD US WHTS 105.3 Hot FM Auto 6/8/06
MI036 CD X 4 US WOMC Dick Purtan Last Show 3/26/10
MI037 CD US WCRZ Cars 108 Jeff Wade 1994
MI038 CD US WMUS 106.9 The Moose Lynn Grant 9/7/06
MI039 CD US WMGC 105.1 7:45-9:15 AM 8/10/13 Next to last day of format Automated
MI040 CD X 4 US WRIF Drew and Mike's Final Show 5/17/13
MI041 CD X 4 US WRIF Dave and Chuck The Freak Show First Show 5/28/13

(The original WMMS Buzzard By David Helton)

OH001 C60 & CD WSAI-FM Vinnie 2/28/78
OH002 CD 60m US WGAR John Lanigan June 1974
OH003 CD US 35m  WMMS Christmas Carol 1975
OH003A CD US 49m WMMS Buzzard Theater Of The Air Presents: "War Of The Worlds"
OH004 CD 60m US WGAR "The Real" Bob James Feb 3, 1978
OH005 CD 60m US WHK Don Imus Dec 4, 1978
OH006 CD US WGAR Fig Newton 6/27/80
OH006A CD X 2 US WWWE-AM 1100 Fig Newton 8/2/84
OH007 C90 US and CD Scoped WGCL
 W.D. Sandeford       2/11/75
 Shotgun Tom Kelly  1/3/75
 Phil Gardner            10/77-1/78
 Lee Gilletteette               10/83
 Danny Wright          6/85
 Bumper Morgan       10/20/85
OH008 CD 60m AM/FM DX'ing/Youngstown and Cleveland
WKST(now WJST) Pittsburgh & Youngstown areas
Morning Teams May 1999 Youngstown: 
WBBG Bob Popa and Margie Lenhart
WHOT AC and Kelly
WMXY Mark French and McGaffick
AM/PM Drive May 1999 Cleveland:
WMVX  Brian and Joe
WMJI   John Lanigan
WQAL  Larry Morrow and Sally
WDOK Trapper and Friends
WDOK Bobby Toms
WGAR Newsman Carmen Angelo on sale of the Indians
(Courtesy of Jeff Goodridge, Masury OH)
OH009 CD Scoped Various Cleveland/Akron/Canton and Pittsburgh Fall 1984 thru Summer 1985  Lots of high energy presentations including Dancing Danny Wright/WGCL!
(Courtesy of Bill Gruber)
OH010 CD Scoped
WGAR Don Imus 11/  /71 Last Show
WHB Wiley 10/60
WEEP Rockin' Robin 3/29/64
OH011 CD Scoped
KYW Flips to WKYC Jay Lawrence 6/19/65
WKYC  Chuck Knapp 2/5/71 and Larry Morrow 2/23/69
OH012 CD Scoped WKYC Jack Armstrong 1/67 & Chuck Dann 1/68
OH013 CD Scoped 
WKYC Jim LaBarbara, Charlie & Harrigan 12/22/67
WIXY  Dick Kemp and Lou Kirby 12/22/67
OH014 CD Scoped WIXY Dick Kemp 1967 & John Roberts 8/70
OH015 CD Scoped WIXY Dick Kemp 5/13/68
OH016 CD X 2 Scoped 
WIXY Jordan Brewer and Jerry Butler 7/26/69
KDKA Jack Armstrong 10/12/75 and Jim Harrington 3/27/82
WDRC Don Brooks 5/82
WGAR 5/3/81
OH017 CD Scoped WIXY Ray Otis 2/28/66
OH018 CD Scoped WIXY Jim LaBarbara 6/2/68
OH019 CD Scoped WIXY Terry Stevens 11/72
OH020 CD Scoped WGAR Phil Gardner 2nd Anniversary  Show 5/13/76
OH021 CD Scoped 
WGAR John Lanigan 2/11/77, 9/78, 10/80
WJMO Rod C. 11/80
WHK Joe Finan 11/13/80
OH022 CD US WGCL G98 Dave Collins 7/78
(Dave later went to 99X in NYC, and retired from radio shortly after he left 99X. He is now an aerospace engineer in upstate New York)
OH024 CD US WGCL G98 Joe Bohannan 6/26/80
OH025 C90 & CD US WGAR Fig Newton 6/27/80
OH026 CD US WHK K14 Bill Garcia 4/27/84
OH026A CD US WHK Bill Shiel 7/9/84
OH027 CD US WGCL Bumper Morgan 1/23/85
OH028 CD US WGCL Jay Stone and 1100 3WE 7/81
OH028A CD US WGCL Jay Stone 12/26/81
and Dave Collins 8/3/81
OH028B CD US WGCL Jay Stone 12/28/81
and Dave Collins 9/28/78
OH029 CD US WTUE Jason Roberts 7/73, Ray Otis WIXY 2/66, and Jackson Armstrong WIXY 12/31/66
OH030 CD Scoped Various  Cleveland
1) WGCL Dave Collins 5/26/80
2) WGCL Jim Kane for Dennis Day 6/18/80
3) WGCL one break 4/23/79
4) WHK YMCA gag 4/23/79
5) WGCL/Steve Rivers "Plays The Hits" break late 1970's
6) WAKR Charlie Greer 5/26/80
7) Uncle Vic/Bag Man documentary
8) Short WAPP and Z100 breaks
OH031 CD US KYW Jerry G. Bishop 6/17/65
OH032 C90 & CD X 2 US WAKS 104.9 Top 40 Auto 2/5/00
OH033 C90 US WQMX 94.9 Country Jim O'Brien and 
Kevin Mason (PD) 2/10/05 and WONE 97.5 Classic Rock Tim Daugherty & Tracy and TK O'Grady (PD)
OH034 C90 US WMJI 105.7 Oldies Max Heywood 2/9/05
WMVX Mix 106.5 AC Lee Ann Sommers 2/9/05
OH035 C90 US WNCX 98.5 Classic Rock Paula Bailish 2/9/05
and WQAL Q104 90's and Now John Connor 2/9/05
OH036 C90 US WMMS 100.7 Rock 2/11/05 
and WDOK 102.1 AC Chris Fox 2/11/05
OH037 C90 & CD X 2 WAKR Charlie Greer 6/5/59,    5/27/60, 11/60
OH038 C60 & CD WAKR Charlie Greer 5/9/60
OH039 CD WDOK Scott Miller 8/87 
OH040 CD WGAR 99.5 Chuck Collier 11/15/06
OHO41 CD WAKS 96.5 Kiss FM Randy West 11/16/06
OH042 CD WDOK 102.1 Soft Rock Chris Fox 1/31/07
OHO43 CD WJW Pete "Mad Daddy" Myers 1958
OH044 CD US WSAI-AM 1360 Dick Shannon 11/8/77
OH045 CD US WVKS 92.5 KissFM Toledo Special Ed & Money Mike 8/22/06 10:30 PM
OH046 CD US WNCI 97.9 Columbus Chris Davis 11/6/06
OH047 CD US WNCX 98.5 Michael Stanley 11/13/06
OH048 CD US WMJI Magic 105.7 Action Jaxson 11/16/06
OH049 CD US WMMS 100.7 Maxwell 11/17/06
OH050 CD US WQMX 94.9 Akron Michael Izic ("Ike") 11/13/06
OH051 CD US WGAR 99.5 Michael Joy 11/14/06
OH052 CD US WRXX 98.5 Bill Louis into Michael Stanley 1/29/07
OH053 WGAR 99.5 Chuck Collier 1/30/07
OH054 WING-AM 1410 Dayton Rick Johnson 1/2/85
and WCIN-AM 1480 Cincinatti No Name Female 1/2/85
OH055 WSAI-AM 1530 Cincinatti Jack Stahl 12/30/04



IN001 CD US WMGI Mix 100.7 Terre Haute Matt Luecking 7/13/01

IN002 CD US WIFE-AM 1310 Jay Reynolds 8/8/68

IN003 CD US WIBC-AM 1070 No Name Female 2/78

IN004 CD US WENS Lite Rock 97.1 Eric Garnes 3/5/84

IN005 CD US WNDE-AM 1260 No Name 3/5/84

IN006 CD US WZPL 99.5 Indy's Apple Boog Matthews 3/5/84

IN007 CD X 2 US WNAP 93.1 Tom Milligan 6/21/84

IN008 CD US WKLR 93.1 Good Time Oldies Kevin Murphy 10/9/91

IN009 CD US WDJB 106.3 Scotty T and Susan 3/21/96

IN010 CD X 3 US WMEE 97.3 Fort Wayne Reunion Weekend with:
Dean McNeal, Fast Jimi Roberts and Diane Shannon 8/23/96

IN011 CD US WDJB B106.3 Justin Tyme 9/20/96 Last Show

IN012 CD X 2 US WMEE 97.3 Boomer 6/15/98

IN013 CD X 2 US WMEE 97.3 Joe Nasty 3/29/99

IN014 CD US WCKZ Z102.3 Auburn/Ft. Wayne Phlash Phelps
8/18/00 Last Show

IN015 CD US WGRL Retro 93.9 80's Hits Tom & Jordan 1/28/01

IN016 CD US WWSY 95.9 Y96 Energy FM Terre Haute                      Bill Cain 3/18/02

IN017 CD US WIMC Thunder 103.9 Crawfordsville Auto 8/6/05

IN018 CD US WLQI 97.9 Rensselaer Cassie Daniels 6/23/06

IN019 CD US WZOC Oldies 94.3 Plymouth Brad Pierce 6/23/06

IN020 CD US WEFM 95.9 Michigan City Michael Little 4/20/06 and
WSHW Shine 99.7 Frankfort Auto 6/24/06

IN021 CD US WAZY Z96.5 Lafayette Auto 6/24/06

IN022 CD US WWSY 95.9 The Valley Terre Haute Jim Osborne 4/15/07

IN023 CD X 2 US WMEE 97.3 Fort Wayne Boomer 5/22/07

IN024 CD X 2 US WIMS-AM 1420 John Landecker 6/18/10
(WebCheck-Lots of Station technical & computer problems)



WI001 CD US WJZQ 95.1 Mike Miles 9/2/88

WI002 CD US WJZQ Power 95 Kid Kelly 6/16/92

WI003 CD US WOLX 94.9 Oldies Marie Stage 10/96

WI004 CD US WOLX 94.9 Oldies Fletch & Sara 6/13/98

WI005 C90 US WKLH 96.5 Classic Rock Audra 2/9/05
WXSS 103.7 CHR JoJo 2/10/05

WI006 C90 US WEXT 104.7 The Wolf Country JJ 2/10/05

WI007 C90 US WEZY 92.1 AC Ron Richards 2/10/05
WRIT 95.7 Oldies Randy Brooks 2/10/05

WI008 C90 WLZR 102.9  CHR Fish into Cramp 2/10/05
WQBW 97.3 The Brew Scott Adley 2/10/05

WI009 C90 X 2 and CD X 4 WMIL 106.1 Country Chris Carr 2/10/05 

WI010 CD WOKY-AM 920 Lou Roberts 3/23/76

WI011 CD US WRIT Lou Roberts 5/9/73

WI012 CD US WISM-AM Robin Steele 11/22/72

WI013 CD US WXSS 103.7 KissFM Schloss 10/18/06 

WI014 CD US WAPL 105.7 Karly Moore 6/4/04

WI015 CD US WKLH 96.5 Audra 2/9/05

WI016 CD US WXSS Kiss 103.7 Jo Jo 2/10/05

WI017 CD US WOKY-AM Skip Bell 7/31/66

WI018 CD US WOKY-AM Skip Bell 4/8/67

WI019 CD US WQBW 97.3 The Brew Augie 10/28/05

WI020 CD US WRIT 95.7 Auto 7/28/06

WI021 CD US WQBW 97.3 The Brew Scott Emilie 4/8/06

WI022 CD US WIIL Rock 95.1 Nathan Blaze 10/28/06


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