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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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MT001 CD KYYA 93.3 Hot AC Alan Kabel (Syndicated)


WY001 CD US Rock Springs
KRKK 1360 Oldies 7/2/04
KSIT 104.5 Classic Rock 7/2/04

CO001 C60 KTLK London & Hinkleman shift
                           change to Steve Campbell
                  KXKX Dave Kirby, Charlie Fox
                  KLZ-AM Sandy Travis        11/22/77
                  KIMN-FM Greg Stewart     12/31/77
                                 Bob Carson        1/7/78
                  KXKX Dave Abalos            1/7/78
                  KBPI  No Name                 1/9/78
                  KIMN-AM Lorne Owens     6/3/78
                  KAZY-FM  No Name           6/3/78
CO002 C90 US KIMN-FM Greg Stewart 1/27/79
           CD X 2   KBPI-FM Pete McKay     1/27/79
CO003 C90 US KAZY-FM Steve Cooper  1/27/79
           CD X 2  KIMN-AM Chuck Buell    1/27/79
CO003A CD Scoped Various KAZY 4/13/84, 6/4/85,
3/22/98, 7/13/89, 8/24/93, 10/14/93
CO003B C60 KAZY-FM Rich Garcia 2/7/89
CO004 C90 US KIMN-AM Chuck Buell 3/26/79
                       KHOW Harry Smith      3/26/79
CO005 C90 US KIMN-AM Lorne Owens 3/26/79
                        KLDR-AM Danny Davis  3/26/79
CO006 C90 US KLDR-AM Mike & Fisher 4/2/79
           CD X 2  KHOW-AM Hal Moore & Charley
                        Martin 4/2/79 
CO007 C90 US KLZ-AM Jockey Joe        4/2/79
            & CD    KIMN-AM Lorne Owens  4/2/79
CO008 C90 US KBCO 9/02
CO009 C90 KHIH Jaime & Danny US   9/02
CO010 CD 
KBTR Dave Diamond    11/65
WMEX Bud Ballou        1969 & 1970
KTLK Jack Armstrong  1970
CO011 CD KIMN Various
Hal "Baby" Moore   Dec 1966
Danny Davis                  1969
Station Montage            1972
    "          "                    9/30/76
Lorne Owens                 4/25/78
Station Montage           1984
CO012 CD KIMN Various  
Chuck Buell                         1967
Chuck Buell & Steve Kelly   10/2/80
Chuck Buell & Randy Jay     8/6/82
CO013 CD US KCKK Classic Country 7/2/04
CO014 CD US KQMT "The Mountain" 7/1/04 Robbie Knight
                      KRFX Classic Rock  7/1/04 BC
CO015 CD US KXKL KOOL 105 7/2/04 JJ Wright
CO016 CD US KIMN FM100 6/30/04 Tuna
                      KALC "Alice 105.9" 6/30/04 Mr. Mantastic
                      KXKL KOOL 105 7/1/04 JJ Wright
CO018 CD US KQMT "The Mountain" 3/13/05 "Far Out" hosted by Archer & Valerie, and "Little Steven's Underground Garage"
CO019 CD US KDJM Jammin 92.5 Ron Ash 3/17/05
CO020 CD US KYGO Today's Country Tracy Taylor 3/18/05
CO021 CD US KFMD Kiss 95.7 Willie & Joe, Jamie & Danny 3/18/05
CO022 CD US KOSI 101.1 Continuous Lite Rock Murphy Houston 3/19/05 (voice tracked)
CO023 CD US KKCS 101.9 Sammy & Mark, Jay Miller 3/19/05
CO024 CD US KBCO World Class Rock 97.3 Chris Griffin 3/19/05
CO025 CD US KQMT Robbie Knight 4/19/05
CO026 CD US KOMA Charlie Tuna , KTLK Jack Armstrong and KAZY Steve Cooper 
CO027 CD US KALC Alice 105.9 George McFly 10/24/05 (recorded from the internet stream)
CO028 CD US KYGO 98.5 Country Johnny O'Neil 3/7/06

CO029 CD US KIMN-AM Lorne Owens and Bruce Carson 4/25/78
CO030 CD US KXKX-FM Charlie Foxx 4/25/78
CO030 CD X 2 US KRFX 103.5 The Fox Auto 7/26/03
CO031 CD US KSME Kiss 96.1 Bender 3/7/06

CO032 CD US KKMG Magic 98.9 Kory 7/25/06
CO033 CD US KYZX 103.9 The Eagle Charlie Cassidy 7/25/06
CO034 CD US KALC Alice 105.9 Steve Weed 7/28/98
CO035 CD US KIMN 100.3 Lee Ann Sommers 5/5/06
CO036 CD US KATC Kat Kountry 95.1 Auto 7/25/06
CO037 CD US KYGO 98.5 Tracy Taylor 5/5/07
CO038 CD US KYGO 98.5 Johnny O'Neill 3/7/06
CO039 CD US KPTT The Party 95.7 George McFly 6/23/08
CO040 CD US KIMN-FM Mix 100 Hollywood Henderson 6/24/08
CO041 C90 US KXKL 105.1 Daboogieman 7/27/03
                       KIMN 100.3 Dave Johnson 7/27/03
CO042 C90 KQLF and KRFX 103.5 The Fox 7/28/03
CO043 CD US KKQZ 94.3 MAX Rick Evans 3/7/06
CO044 CD US KXKL KOOL 105.1 Daboogieman into Ron Ash 3/8/06
CO045 CD US KCCY Y96.9 Pueblo Kevin Lockhart 7/25/06


New Mexico

NM001 C90 US Albuquerque Morning Drive 10/6/93
1) KKOB Larry Aarons 2) KJBO Bobby Barnes
3) KIVA George 4) KZKL "KOOL 102" No Name

NM002 CD US KRKE 94.1 Renee 10/8/85

NM003 CD US KRKE 94.1 Renee 9/86

NM004 CD US KQEO-AM 920 Todd Stevens & Keith Wade 10/12/71

NM005 CD US KZRQ Star 105 Mark Montana 10/14/96

NM006 CD US KZRQ Star 105 Terry Young 2/24/97

NM007 CD US KRVL Lazer 98.5 Los Alamos 8/9/92

NM008 CD US KSMX Mix 107.5 Clovis Angela Kelly 6/5/06


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