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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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(Contributors to this page include Ira Menacker, Jay Philpott, John Moody, Rob Zerwech, Pat O'Briant, Bob Macheska, Tom Oszman, Mike Chase, Eric Lawton, Dave Plotkin, John Hissong, Neal Bowden and Thom Whetston)


MN001 C60 & CD US KDWB True Don Bleu 4/16/71
and WMET Capt Whammo "The Whammo Line"
MN001A CD KDWB True Don Bleu 10/22/68
MN002 C60 & CD Scoped Market Composite
Side 1: KDWB Ed O'Brien 6/5/78
Marc Elliott, Dave Thompson 5/27/78
True Don Bleu 6/13/78           
KSTP  Jeff Pigeon Dan Walker 6/26/78
Side 2: KFRC John Mack Flanagan 6/30/77
KYA  Gary "Capt Boogie" Cocker
KFRC Dr. Don Rose 7/1/77
MN004 CD X 2 & C90 Scoped Market Comp Oct 1978
WYOO U100 Jingles
KSTP Cut Up Promos
WDHF Composite
WROK (Rockford, IL) Composite
MN005 CD & C60
Side 1
KDWB True Don Bleu Last Show 9/5/78
WLOL  Steve Shannon              10/27/78
Gary Bryan Supertape
Side 2
Julian Breen Story
U100 Stop The Music
KSTP Jingle
U100 Jingle (2 cuts)
U100 Last Day JoJo Gunn 9/19/78
The Birth Of The All New KDWB:
Dave Thompson 9/17/76
MN006 C60 & CD Minneapolis Composite Jan 1980 
MN007 C90 & CD US  
KSTP Knapp & Douglas 3/20/80 
WCCO Composite           4/2/80
MN008 C60 & CD KDWB Ed O'Brien 4/5/80
MN009 C60 & CD Minneapolis At Night Composite 4/16/80
WWTC Composite March 1980
Produced By Thom Whetston
MN010 C90 & CD
KSTP John Hines & Charlie Bush, Steve Shannon
KDWB Ed O'Brien,True Don Bleu, Dave Thompson
WCCO Tom Ambrose
(All the above from April 1980 approx.)
KQRS Alan Stone & Hal Hoover 4/21/78
KDWB Ed O'Brien 1st Day 2/6/78 and more
KFRC Composite
KSTP Cut Ups (not on CD)
MN010A CD US KSTP John Hines & Charlie Bush 8/79
"The MD Telethon Payback" Winners of the bowling tournament go on the air with Hines & Bush
MN011 C90 & CD X 2  WCCO Boone & Erickson 4/82
and Lensgraf & Russell 4/82
MN012 C90 & CD X 2 US WLOL Hines & Bergland 4/82
MN013 C90 & CD X 2 US KSTP-FM Chuck Knapp and Michael Douglas 1981
MN014 C90 & CD X 2 US KSTP-AM Turi Ryder 6/93
MN015 C90 US WGVX-FM Drive 105 Ben 9/10/04
MN016 C120 & CD US KSTP-FM Ricki Woods 9/11/04
and KQRS-FM Lisa Miller 9/13/04
MN017 C120 US WXPT-FM Christa Patrick 9/8/04
and WLTE-FM Kelly Ryan 9/11/04
MN018 CD US KQRS Lisa Miller 9/21/05
MN019 CD US KQRS Tommy Barnard & Terri Traen 9/19/05
MN020 CD US KOWZ Rock & Roll Classified Request Show with The Vinyl King Dale Siegfried 9/23/05
MN021 CD US KOWZ Rock & Roll Classified Request Show
Includes RNR Hall of Fame Reference 5/6/05
MN022 CD US WLTE Lite 102.9 Paul Geiger Early 1990's
MN023 CD US WLOL 99.5 Hit Radio Buddy Hollis 1984
MN024 CD US KDWB-FM 101.3 Hollywood Henderson 11/11/91
MN025 CD US KSTP-AM Greg Borrell and WYOO U100 Gary Marshall 8/8/76
MN026 CD US WGVX 105.3 Love 105 Bobbi 10/2/07
MN027 CD US KQRS 92.5 Lisa Miller 10/3/07
MN028 CD X 2 US KSTP-FM 94.5 KS95 Dez 10/5/07
MN029 CD US KEEY K102.1 Adam West 10/8/07
MN030 CD US KEEY K102.1 Chase Cash 10/8/07
MN031 CD US KLCI 106.1 BOB-FM Neil Freeman 10/9/07
MN032 CD US KLCI 106.1 BOB-FM Benjamin Raye 10/9/07
MN033 CD US KQRS 92.5 Wally Walker 10/11/07
MN034 CD US KDWB 101.3 Lucas 10/12/07
MN035 CD US WLTE 102.9 Paul Geiger 10/30/07
MN036 CD US KQQL KOOL 108 Dan Donvan 9/28/07
MN037 CD US KQQL KOOL 108 No Name 10/10/07
MN038 CD US KDWB Scotty Davis 10/3/07
MN039 CD US KDWB Wazz 10/18/07


IA001 C60 KDBQ Dubuque 1976

IA002 CD US KBEA B100 Brandon Marshall 2/18/03

IA003 CD US KMXG Mix 96 Debbie McFadden 12/29/04

IA004 CD US WLLR Country JD Justice 12/29/04
(At this time, JD was doing PM Drive. He is now co-hosting            AM Drive with Danielle)

IA005 CD US KCQQ Q106.5 Dwyer & Michaels 1/5/05

IA006 CD US WLLR Jay Scott & Danielle 1/7/05
(Jay Scott is no longer on WLLR)

IA007 CD US WXLP 97 Rock Dave & Darren 1/28/05

IA008 CD US KQCR 102.9 Q103 No Name 7/30/81

IA009 CD US KZIA Z102.9 Mo Holland 2/02

IA010 CD X 2 US KKDM Kiss 107.5 Randi West 3/03

IA011 CD US KIOA Oldies 93.3 Tim Fox 7/24/07

IA012 CD US KHDK Hot 97.3 Derek into Dan Digler 7/24/07

IA013 CD US KBEA B100 Steve Fuller 7/24/07

IA014 CD US KZIA Z102.9 7/26/07

IA015 CD US KBEA B100 7/26/07

IA016 CD US KKHQ Q92.3 Santini 7/23/07

IA017 CD US KSTZ Star 102.5 Auto 7/26/07


MO001 C90 St. Louis Composite 8/19-21/77
KSLQ Bill Bailey, Beauregard Jagger, Young
Bobby Day
KXOK Charlie Brown, Scott Sherwood
KADI Oldies Show
KSHE Ruth Hutchinson
WDGY Bob Dayton     10/21/71
KSTP   Rob Sherwood  3/23/71
MO002 C90 US KBEQ Bobby Ocean 12/6/82
MO003 C90 US WIL Ron Lundy 9/21/61
MO003A CD US WIL Bob Osborne 2/28/62
MO004 C90 & CD US WIL Ron Lundy 11/6/64
MO005 C90 and CD US KSHE and KSLQ 12/80
MO006 C60 US WIL Ron Lundy 1/4/63 
MO007 CD X 2 US KSHE Don Corey 7/16/69
MO007A CD US KSHE Don Corey 2/3/71
MO008 CD X 2 US KYRX Mix 104.7 Cape Giradeau Steve Sullivan 4/29/01
MO009 C60 US KBEQ Q104 Scott Sherwood 4/26/82
MO010 C90 US KBEQ Q104 Pat McKay 10/6/84 and
Chuck Nasty 8/7/89 
MO011 CD US WARH The Arch 106.5 Al Hofer 6/6/05
MO012 CD X 3 US WARH Joe Parisi 11/17/05
MO013 CD US WDAF 106.5 Liberty Country Work Release Program with Rick and Sammye 6/19/06
MO014 CD US KKJO 105.5 St. Joseph Country Rick Reynolds & Becca Reid 6/19/06
MO015 CD US KBEQ 104.3 Country Kansas City Shotgun Jaxson 6/21/06 
MO016 CD US KHTR 103.3 Kevin McCarthy April 1987
MO017 CD US KSD 93.7 Billy Greenwood 8/4/06
MO018 CD US WVRV 101.1 Trish Gazall 8/4/06
MO019 CD US KYKY 98.1 Kelly Corday 8/4/06
MO020 CD US WVRV Movin 101.1 9/13/06
MO021 CD US WARH 106.5 The Arch Kathy Reynolds 9/14/06
MO022 CD US KSLZ Z107.7 Curt Copeland into Haze 9/25/06
MO023 CD US WIL 92.3 Bo Matthews 9/25/06
MO024 CD US KMJM Magic 104.9 BT into Darrel Evans "The Quiet Storm" 9/25/06
MO025 CD US WHHL Hot 104.1 Stacey Static 9/25/06
MO026 CD US WQFL Q102.1 Jim Douglas 5/5/07
MO027 CD US KCMO-FM 94.9 Mark McKay 9/2/07
MO028 CD US WIL-FM Bo Matthews 9/19/07
MO029 CD US KSD-FM 93.7 The Bull Sherry Farmer 9/21/07
MO030 CD Scoped The Big Three of St. Louis 7/17/61:
KXOK-WIL-KWK Keep Your Radio On!
MO031 CD US KXOK-AM Nick Charles 7/26/66
MO031A CD US KXOK Johnny Rabbit 1960's
MO032 CD X 2 US KMXV Mix 93.3 DJ Kirby 5/27/01
MO033 CD US KCGQ Real Rock 99.3 Chad Christopher
into Mike Marks 4/29/01
MO034 CD US WKBQ Q104 Fast Eddie 7/22/95
MO035 CD US WKBQ Q104 JC The Wild Child 4/22/96
MO036 CD US KEZK 102.5 Jim Doyle & Maryanne Carson 9/14/06
MO037 CS US KPNT 105.7 The Point "Cornbread" 9/25/06
MO038 CD US KMXV Mix 93.3 Kelly Eurich 7/24/07 (Poor Reception)
MO039 CD US KWJK 93.1 Jack-FM Auto 7/23/07 (Poor Reception)
MO040 CD US KSHE 94.7 John Eulett 7/24/07
MO041 CD US KSLZ Z107.7 Haze 7/26/07
MO042 CD US KSHE Katz Kruze 1/3/08
MO043 CD US KEZK Jim Doyle 1/3/08
MO044 CD US WMVN Movin' 101.1 LT 1/5/08
MO045 CD US KSLZ Z107.7 Curt Copeland 1/3/08
MO046 CD X 2 US WMLL 104.1 The Mall Carrie 8/31/01
MO047 CD US WARH 106.5 The Arch Van Lorentz 5/13/05

AR001 CD US KFYX Border Country 107.1 Texarkana, AK Grant Ford 10/25/04 3-4:15 PM

AR002 CD US KKYR Kicker 102.5 Texarkana, TX Mario Garcia 10/25/04 4:15-5:30 PM

AR003 CD US KYGL Eagle 106.3 Classic Rock Texarkana, AK
Jeff DeBreeze into Greg Raines 10/25/04 5:15-6:30 PM

AR004 CD US KMJI Magic 93.3 Ashdown, AK Mike Terry 10/26/04 3-4:40 PM 

AR005 CD Scoped "A Listen to Pat O'Briant"
Pat has become a regular contributor to BAA, and he was nice enough to send along some of the stations he's worked at. The CD includes: Q98 8/14/89, US97 1998, KSYZ 2002

AR006 CD US KMJI Magic 93.3 Pat O'Briant 3/2/05

AR007 CD US KFYX Border Country 107.1 Gary Reynolds (ABC Satellite) 3/2/05

AR008 CD US KKYR Kicker 102.5 Erin Austin (Voicetracked from KASE-FM Austin, TX) 3/3/05 

AR009 C90 US KKYR Michael Aaron 3/1/06

AR010 C90 & CD X 2 US KEWL KOOL 95.1 The Flying Dutchman 3/2/06   

AR011 CD US KKYR Kicker 102.5 Pat O'Brient 3/11/06  

AR012 C90 US KKYR Kicker 102.5 Crash Cody and 
KOSY-AM 790 Oldies 8/18/06

AR013 C90 US KKYR Scott & Lisa Morning Show 7/20/07
and KPGG 103.9 The Pig Fabian's Request Show 7/20/07

AR014 CD US KHLS 96.3 Thunder Country 96.3 Blytheville
Big D 4/10/09



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