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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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North Dakota

ND001 CD US KYYY Y93 CHR Lauren Grey 5/18/92 
KBYZ 96.5 The Fox Classic Rock Scoped Jon Norton into Uncle Jack and Dean 

ND002 CD US WDAY 93.7 "Y94" CHR 8/17/96

ND003 CD US KYYY 92.9 Y93 Lauren Gray 5/18/92

ND004 CD Semi Scoped KQWB-AM 1550 Chuck Dann 8/66, Chuck Knapp 10/4/66, Bill Freeman 4/26/68


South Dakota

SD001 CD US KGGG 100.3 "Hit 100" CHR Jackie Rush 8/2/92     (Calls are now KFXS)

SD002 CD X 2 WNAX-AM 570 Talk & Sports 10/18/02 (very noisy)

SD003 CD
WNAX-FM Big Country 104.1 Rochelle 10/19/02

SD004 CD US KEZY-AM The Big 92 Cliff Powers 12/4/70

SD005 CD US KAUR-FM 89.1 Ken Mills 7/82 Last Show


NEB001 C120 US
KFMQ (Lincoln) Bruce Wheeler 9/9/77
                           Rich Meyer       9/8/77
Note: Rich Meyer is now President of Media Base Research and VP of Premiere Radio Networks.
NEB002 C120 US
KGFW (Kearney) Dirk Christensen 9/10/77
NEB003 C120 US
KRGI (Grand Island) Dan Glaze 9/11/77
NEB004 C60 US
KLMS (Lincoln) Gene Conrad 7/2/77
KOZL  (Omaha) Roger W. Morgan & Big Bruce 7/4/77                                               
NEB005 CD & C60
WOW Composite 1977: Dave Wingert, Steve
Lundy, Roger Davis, Rod Meyer, Jeff Spencer
NEB006 C90 US
KRGI-FM 4/21/03
KLIQ-FM 4/21/03
NEB007 C90 US
KZEN-FM 4/21/03
KQKY-FM 4/21/03
NEB008 C90 US
KSYZ-FM 4/21/03
NEB009 C90 US
KZEN-FM 4/23/03
KRGI-FM 4/23/03
NEB010 C90 US
KRNY-FM 4/30/03
KRGI-AM 4/30/03
NEB011 CD KOIL Sandy Jackson 1962
NEB012 CD KOIL Roger W.Morgan 1968
Carl Mann & Frank Parker   1973
Gene Shaw (Final Minutes) 9/2/76    
Note: KOIL left the air due to FCC license revocation. Owner Don Burden was charged with bribery of a Congressman for favors dealing with his Portland station, KISN. He also owned WIFE in Indianapolis. KOIL came back under new ownership awhile later, but was never the same. (6-13 Courtesy of Joe Wicks) 
NEB014 CD US KCTY BOB-FM 106.9 10/22/05

NEB015 CD US KOIL The Real Don Steele 3/7/62
NEB016 CD US KOIL Gary Roberts 8/20/68 and 
Terry Mason 4/20/82
NEB017 CD US KQKQ Sweet 98 Doc Winston 10/30/81
and Greg McArthur 1/22/82
NEB018 CD US KFAB Bill Jackson 2/6/82 30m and 
Don Cole 2/18/82 29m
NEB019 CD US KCTY 106.9 Omaha BOB-FM 10/22/05
NEB020 CD US KRKR Rock 95.1 Auto 11/29/05
NEB021 CD US KXKT Kat Kountry 103 Steve Lundy, Gina and
Craig 12/2/05


KS001 CD US KWSJ "The Oasis" 9/3/97 (Courtesy of Frank Williams)

KS002 CD US KLZR Steve Otis 4/82 and Ruben Biggs 10/6/05

KS003 CD US KBEQ Ronnie Philips 10/5/05 (Also see MO page)

KS004 CD US KLZR 105.9 CHR Bobby Rock 6/19/06

KS005 CD US KCHZ 95.7 CHR "EZ" 6/22/06

KS006 CD US WIBW 94.5 Country Keith Montgomery 6/26/06

KS007 CD US KFKF 94.1 Country Dan Holliday 6/26/06

KS008 CD US KLZR Lazer 106 No Name 4/82


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