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You're listening to one of the famous WPLJ Montages
called "Ch-ch-ch-changes".

Airchecks listed here are all scoped, unless indicated otherwise. They are listed by STATE only, and hopefully in chronological order if possible. The size of each cassette is also indicated. I will trade any aircheck from any tape in a mix and match fashion. However, if you request to much, and a new tape needs to be started, unless you add more to the trade, I won't include those items in the current trade. I am fairly flexible when trading, so all trades don't have to be even all the time; I find that they end up getting even in the long run.

There are SO Many people to thank for contributing to this page, and if I forget anyone, I apologize!
Ira Menacker, Dave Plotkin, Russ Horton, Bill Dulmage, John Yanagi, Frank Quaranti, Rob Frankel, Julius May, Dan Gulino, Chris Andrews, Mike Lattime, Neal Bowden, John Troll, Linda Cohen, Lauren Esposito, Mary Shaw, John Coluzzi, Kyle Hojem, Matt Brown, John Holcomb, Al Levine, John Bisci Jr., Mike Erikson, Bob Gilmore, Mike Schwartz, Eli Rosenbaum, Billy James, Neal Adams, Greg Pattenaude, Paul Richards, Sandy Capers, Joe Tedd, and Lance Venta, 

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NY001 C60 WABC Dan Ingram stand by tape 1968 Scoped
John Landecker WIBG 8/71& WLS 3/81
NY Radio March 1975: Norm N. Nite/WCBSFM, Bruce Morrow/WNBC,Dan Ingram/WABC, Ron O'Brien & Steve Weed /99X, Zacherle/WPLJ,  ?/WHN, Dr Jerry/WPIX-FM, Dave 

NY002 C60
& CD WHLI 1/8/76, Harry Harrison WABC 1/5/76

NY003 C60 WINS Murray The K 1/7/65 (partially scoped)

NY003A CD WMCA Murray The K 1st Show 11/2/68 Restored
NY003B CD WINS Jack Lacy 9/2/63 & Bruce Morrow 7/14/60 

NY003C CD Scoped WINS Pete "Mad Daddy" Meyers 8/31/63 & 11/29/63

NY003D CD WMGM Peter Tripp & Jack Spector 12/29/59
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NY004 C60 WMCA The Final Weekend Sept 1970

NY004A CD WMCA Frankie Crocker 1970 

NY005 C60 & CD Don Imus AAM Interview 1976, WHK 1979
WMCA Lee Gray 9/68
WNBC Wolfman Jack 1st Show 8/73 & Last 6/74

NY006 C90 WABC Bruce Morrow 5/16/69 
 JJ Jeffrie WMEX 1/13/65 & WFIL 9/17/70
  WINS Allen Freed 2/13/55

NY006A C60 WABC Bruce Morrow 8/7/74 Last Show
                    WNBC Bruce Morrow 8/19/74 First Show
NY006B C60 & CD WABC Alan Freed 11/5/59
NY006B-1 CD US WINS Allan Freed 2/14/57
Alan Freed 11/5/59 
NY006C CD US WABC Bruce Morrow 9/7/65 

NY006D CD US WABC Scott Muni 8/61
NY006E C90 & CD X 2 US Bruce Morrow WINS 7/14/60 and WABC  Saturday Night Party 1963, WALL 11/23/81

NY006F C60 US Bruce Morrow WINZ Reunion 1974

NY006G C90 & CD X 2 US Bruce Morrow WRAN 3/27/81

NY006H C90 US WABC Jay Reynolds 12/26/70

NY006I  C90 US WABC Jim Nettleton 1969 1st Show and Frank Kingston Smith 1974

NY006J  C90 & CD US WABC Howard Hoffman 2/27/80

NY007 C90 & CD X 2 WNBC Murray The K 8/5/73
Dick Summer 8/19/77   Bruce Morrow 8/19/73   
NY007A CD X 2 US  WNBC Jessie 12/13/72
NY007B CD Scoped WNBC Don Imus 1st Anniversary Show
6-9 AM 12/4/72

NY008 C60 & CD WNBC Bruce Morrow 8/8/74
                                     Gary Bridges 7/85

NY009 C60 & CD US WNBC Norm N. Nite 11/9/75

NY010 C45 US WNBC Don Imus 8/25/77

NY011 C90 & CD X 2 US WNBC Steve Warren & Norm N. Nite 8/31/77 Last Shows

NY012 C60 US WNBC Johnny Dark 9/1/77 One hour before the format change. 

NY013 C90
WNBC "The All New WNBC First Day" Lee Masters, Allen Beebe, Batt Johnson, Frank Reed, Ellie Dylan, Johnny Dark 9/1/77

NY014 C90 US WNBC Buzz Brindle in for Imus 8/23/77
and his last show 8/28/77

NY015 C60 US WNBC Buzz Brindle Last Show concluded 8/28/77

NY016 C60 US WNBC Al Brady & Bob Vernon 4/1/75

NY017 C90 Howard Hoffman Audio Letter To Joey Ryan/WDRQ 2/15/76 Includes "9!" and "Super Q!" 34min.
WNBC US Buzz Brindle Returns 1/29/78 45m

NY018 C90 US WNBC Jay Stone 9/10/77 
                       WNBC Bob Pittman 9/11/77 

NY019 C60 and CD US WNBC Ellie Dylan 1/17/78 

NY020 CD
1) WNBC The Not So New WNBC Composite 1/17-18/78 2) WABC Still Number One! Composite 1/18-21/78

NY021 C90 US WNBC Bob Pittman 2/8/78 
                       WNBC Scott Bingham 2/11/78 

NY022 C60 and CD
WNBC Jackson Armstrong as "The Unknown DJ" 4/30/78 Scoped, KMJC Allen Beebe Spring 1977, WHYI Robert W. Walker 1977

NY023 C90 US WNBC Scotty Brink First Show 8/7/78 

NY024 C60 US WNBC Mike Sarzynski 10/23/78 

NY025 C90 US WNBC Mark Driscoll 1st Show 5/8/78 & 3rd Show 5/10/78

NY026 C90 US WNBC Lee Masters Last Show 8/5/78 

NY027 C90 & CD X 2 US WNBC Norm N.Nite Returns 4th Show 7/23/78 and WRVR Batt Johnson 9/1/78 

NY027A C60 and CD US WKHK Batt Johnson 1/84

NY027B C60 & CD US WLTW Batt Johnson 2/84

NY027C CD X 2 WRVR Country Steve Warren 10/18/80 and WKHK Country 11/15/80 and 11/22/80 WYNY 10/15/95 (Skimmer tapes-Thanks Steve!)

NY028 CD The Same Old WNBC Composite 1/14-16/79

NY029 C90 & CD X 2 US WNBC Don Imus 8/24/77 Next To Last Show & 8/26/77 The Last Show! 

NY030 C60 Don Imus WHK & WGAR Last Shows
Dan Ingram Composite WNHC/WICC/KBOX

NY031 C45 US WNBC Roz Frank 9/4/78

NY032 C90 X 3 US WNBC Don Imus Returns 9/3/79 
NY032A CD US WNBC Don Imus 2/5/82

NY033 C90 US WNBC Allen Beebe January 1985
                       WNBC Composite 1980

NY033A CD US WNBC Joey Reynolds 10/23/86
NY033B CD US WNBC Lee Chambers 10/23/86

NY034 C90 US WAPP Allen Beebe 9/16/85 
                       WXRK Vin Scelsa First Show 9/29/85 

NY035 C60 US WAPP Allen Beebe 11/17/85 Last Show 

NY036 C90 US WNBC Dan Taylor 12/26/87 

NY037 C90 US WNBC Dale Parsons & Bob James 7/88
NY037A CD US WNBC Carole Mason 8/88 

NY038 C60 US WCBS-FM Jack Miller & Brian Kelly 11/79 
                       WQAM Composite 1978
                       KHJ Composite 8/76

NY039 C60 & CD WABC The First Dan Ingram Composite 2/77-6/77

NY040 C60 & CD X 2 WABC The Second Dan Ingram Composite 12/78-1/79 (39 & 40 Produced by Greg Monti)

NY041 C90X2 US WABC The Last Show: Dan Ingram             & Ron Lundy May 10, 1982 

NY042 C60X2 US WNEW-FM Tribute To MusicRadio 77 WABC 8-10PM May 16,1982 

NY043 C60 US WNEW-FM 15th Anniversary Special 

NY044 C60 WABC The Renovated WABC Composite 12/79

NY045 C60 WABC The Adult WABC Composite 3/9-14/81
Includes: Ross & Wilson 1st Show, Dan Ingram's 1st Show back in PM Drive, Sturgis Griffin, Howard Hoffman and Marc Sommers.
NY045A C90 US WABC Ross & Wilson 1st Show 3/9/81

NY045B C90 US WABC Howard Hoffman 2/27/80
NY046 C90 WABC Down To Number 2 Composite 1/79
           &CD WKTU The New Number 1 Composite 2/79

NY047 C90 US WABC Mike McKay 1/28/81 

NY048 C60 & CD WKTU The New 92KTU Composite 1/15-16/85
Syracuse Composite May-June 1986                  

NY049 C90 & CD US WKTU Paco and Rosko 1980 
NY050 CD US WKTU Al Bandiero 2/15/84  

NY050A CD US WKTU Randy Place 4/2/79 
and Paco Navarro 4/5/79

NY051 C60 East Coast Radio Summer 1978. Composite of 67
different radio stations.

NY052A C90 US WXLO C90 US Walt "Baby" Love 5/17/74 and Big Ron O'Brien 5/4/74

NY052B C60 WXLO Elton John as "EJ The DJ" Thanksgiving Day 1974 3-5PM 
Lee Douglas 5/15/75
& Ed O'Brien and Paulie 3/30/77

NY052C CD X 2 (1)WXLO 99X Walt "Baby" Love and Danny Martinez 12/31/72 (2)WNEW-FM Dennis Elsas 4/5/79

NY052D CD X 2 (1)WNEW-FM Alison Steele 2/11/69 (2)WNEW-FM 5/22/79 "Let's Pretend It's 1972!"

NY052E CD WNEW-FM Alison Steele 9/19/75 

NY052F CD US WXLO 99X Steve "Smokin" Weed 4/15/76
Tribute Hour to Montville, NJ HS 7-8PM 

NY052G CD US WNEW-FM Richard Neer 4/7/79

NY053 C90 WXLO US Paulie's Last Show 8/13/77 Al Bandiero's 1st Show 8/15/77

NY053A CD US WXLO 98.7 Walt Baby Love & Dave Thompson Labor Day 1973 Top 500 Countdown

NY053B CD US 99X Paulie & JoJo (X-Man Winners) 1975

NY053C CD US 99X Steve Weed 1975

NY053D CD US 99X Bobby Messina & Steve Weed 1975

NY053E CD US 99X Jay Thomas & Paulie April 1977

NY053F CD Scoped WXLO 98.7 Various
1) 98.7 XLO Composite 1972
2) 99X The Douglas Year(s) 1975
3) 99X Terry Nelson
4) 99X Don Geronimo 2nd Show 9/77

NY053G CD Scoped WXLO 99X Various
1) Jay Thomas (short)
2) Jay Thomas recorded Top 10 Countdown
3) John Larrabee w/Debbie Harry 3/8/79
4) Bobby Rich 3/17/79
5) Dr. Jerry 4/12/79
6) Dave Saint Early 1978
7) Bonus Track: Al Bandiero WIFI 92

NY053H CD Scoped 15m WXLO 98.7 Mike Phillips 10/73

NY054 CD WXLO Scoped  99X Don Geronimo 9/5/77 and      Ed Berger 9/1/78 US

NY054A CD WXLO 99X Harry Nelson 9/77

NY055 CD X 2 & C90 WXLO US Dave Saint 2/3/78
                                  Beau Weaver 2/3/78 4th Show 

NY056 CD X 2 & C90 WXLO US Jason Roberts 2/3/78
                                 Bobby Messina Returns! 2/5/78 

NY057 C90 WXLO Beaver Cleaver 6/10/78 6:35-11PM 
                   Sue O'Neal 3/17/78 (Both Shows Scoped)

NY058 CD X 2 & C90 WXLO Jay Thomas 1/18-19/77, 6/2/79,7/2/79 and last show 7/6/79

NY059 C90 & CD US WXLO Jay Thomas with guest Steve Martin 9/28/77

NY060 CD & C90 US WXLO US Bobby "Dr.Gibb" Rich 3/5/78 7:30-Mid. Scoped & 2/27/78 10:50-11:30PM 

NY060A CD X 2 Memories of 99X and Tribute To Bobby Rich 

NY061 CD 60m Scoped WXLO Jay Thomas 11/9/78
                                           Al Bandiero 11/9/78

NY061A C110 WXLO 1) "98.7XLO" Station Comp 1972 Mel Phillips (PD) with Walt "Baby" Love, Joe McCoy, Rick Shaw, Danny Martinez, Jay Shannon and Don Reegen. This was taped when the regular jocks were on strike, and RKO flew in replacements from other their other stations around the country. 2) 99X The Douglas Years: Steve Weed, Paulie, Jay Thomas, Terry Nelson, Dick Sloane 3) Terry Nelson 4) Al Bandiero WIFI 922 5) Don Geronimo 2nd show Sept 1977 6) Jay Thomas (short) 7) John Larabee w/Debby Harry of Blondie 3/8/79 8) Bobby Rich 3/17/79 9) Dr. Jerry 4/12/79 10) Dave Saint (early 1978)

NY062 C60 WAVZ Lee Roberts 11/8/77
WXLO " " 12/17/77,2/4/78,3/4/78
WXLO Bobby Rich & Sue O'Neal 6/15/78

NY064 WXLO Dave Collins 7/28/77
WGCL 9/28/78

NY065 C60 WXLO Glen Morgan 9/78
Dave Saint 1/78
"America's Most Listened To FM Station" 6/7/78
Sue O'Neal 3/17/78

NY066 C60 WXLO "Cookin' 99XFM Composite" 6/15-17/78
Bobby Rich,Sue O'Neal,Bobby Messina,Jay
Thomas,Dick Sloan,Glenn B. Morgan,
Al Bandiero,John Larabee

NY067 C60 WXLO Bobby Rich w/Meatloaf The DJ 11/5/78
Shotgun Rob Sisco 11/25/78 (Note:Sisco was the APD-there was noelse to fill in for Bobby Messina. He was also Bobby Rich's brother in law.)

NY068 C90 US The 99XFM 1979 New Years Eve Party with Sue O'Neal and Ace Frehley of KISS 12/30/78
The 99X Top 10 Countdown of 1978 12/31/78

NY068A C90 X 2 US WXLO Sue O'Neal 4/13/79

NY068B C60 & CD US WQHT Sue O'Neal 9/5-6/92 (Poor)

NY068C C60 US WCBS-FM Ron Lundy & Sue O'Neal 2/11/94

NY069 C90 WXLO US Glenn B. Morgan 3/1/78
and Al Bandiero 2/28/78                                    

NY069A CD WXLO US Al Bandiero 6/78 and KIIS Dave Murphy 9/83

NY070 C46 WXLO The 2nd 99XLO Composite 6/1-4/79
Jay Thomas,Dick Sloane,John Larabee,Sue
O'Neal,Glenn "Bumper"Morgan,Bobby Messina, Bobby Rich,Dr. Jerry Carroll

NY071 C90 WXLO Introducing The New FM99-WXLO 10/13/79/-11/2/79
George Benson,Mike Wade,GlennMorgan,John Larabee, Sue O'Neal, Bobby Messina, Scotty
The Return Of Beaver Cleaver! 4/7/79

NY072 C90 US WXLO Mike Wade 2nd Show 8/22/79 12:38-1:27 PM and Bobby Messina 8/23/79 1:57-2:12AM 

NY072A CD & C90 US WXLO Glenn Morgan 5/27/80
and Mike Wade  6/6/80  

NY072B CD US WXLO FM99 JD Holliday 11/27/80 and WRKS-FM 98.7 Kiss Charlie Burger 8/8/81                        

NY073 C60 & CD WNWS US Format change from All News WNWS to Soft Rock WYNY 1/1/77

NY073A CD US WYNY Y97 Movin' Easy John Vidaver hosting the first Beatles Special 7/29/77 (Grade C Quality)

NY073B CD US WYNY Y97 John Vidaver introducing the 2nd Neil Diamond Special Simulcast with NBC-TV 11/17/77 
(Grade C Quality)

NY073C CD US WYNY Y97 John Vidaver 11/17/77 with music after the special (Grade C Quality) 

NY073D CD US WYNY Y97 John Vidaver w/guest Rupert Holmes 11/8/77 (Grade D Quality) 76m


NY073E CD US WYNY Y97 John Vidaver w/guest Billy Joel
12/21/77 (Grade D Quality) 16m

NY073F CD US WYNY John Vidaver 12/4/78

NY074 C90 & CD X 2 WYNY US Herb Barry/Mitch Lebe 8/30/77 & Les Davis & Roberta Altman 10/9/78 

NY075 C90 WYNY Y97 Composite 5/30/78-6/10/78
Bree Bushaw, Bill Crowley, Herb Barry, John
Vidaver, Rick Hunter, Don Rollins, Mitch Lebe

The Different WNBC Composite 6/16-25/78
Bob Pittman, Lee Masters, Johnny Dark, Frank Reed,       Mark Driscoll, Allen Beebe, Scott Bingham & Buzz Brindle

NY076 C90 WYNY 97WYNY-FM Composite 12/12-16-/78 Dick Summer (2nd Show), Les Davis &  Roberta Altman, Don Rollins, Herb Barry, John Vidaver and Bill Crowley

WYNY New York 97:WYNY-FM 6/4-10/79
Les Davis, Al Bernstein, Herb Barry, Steve O'Brien,           Jere Sullivan, Dick Summer, Chris Gable & Rick Hunter

NY076A C60 WYNY Steve O'Brien 1st Show 3/5/79 Scoped /WLTW Herb Barry 3/6/03 US and CD X 2 Available

NY077 C60 WYNY
US Larry Kenny 1st Show 9/3/79 

NY077A CD WYNY Floyd Wright 7/7/85

NY077B C60 & CD WYNY Lisa Taylor 6/30/87 (Last hour as AC)

NY077C CD & US WYNY 103.5 Del DeMontreaux Home Town 
Countdown #30-12 and #7-1 8/23/92

NY078 C90 & CD US WYNY US Lisa Taylor & Dan Daniel Last days of Country 103.5 WYNY 2/1/96

NY079 C90 WYNY Randy Davis 2/1/96
and Blair Garner 2/2/96                            

NY080 C90 & CD US WYNY Charlie Burger & Shelly Sonstein
                             Dan Daniel Both 2/3/96

NY081 C90 & CD US WYNY Kat & Dave Morning Show 2/3/96

NY082 C90 & CD X 2 WYNY Y107 Susan Browning/Cousin Vinny 4/28/02 3:56-4:41 PM
No Jock 4/29/02 3:45-4:30 AM

NY083 C90 WYNY Y107 Ray Rossi 4/29/02 8:30-9:15
No Jock 4/29/02 9:30-10:15AM

NY084 C90 WYNY Y107 Ray Rossi Last Show 11/01/02
(Ray sent this skimmed tape to me)
NY085 C90 X 2 WYNY The last show's of all the Y107 jocks. Produced by Ted Lindner. Here's a list of all the last shows with the dates: J.Cruz 6/1/01, Jim Kerr & Larry Bear 6/8/01, Amy Paige 7/27/01, Marty Mitchell-Joey Black-Eric James 4/26/02, Brian Brittain & Cousin Vinny 4/27/02, Ray Rossi 5/7/02   

NY086 C60 WPIX-FM Composite of Dr Jerry& Howard Hoffman 8/31-11/15/76
WXLO Composite of Jay Thomas/Lee Douglas/
Dick Sloane 9/22-10/21/76
Both composites produced by Greg Monti

NY086A CD WPIX-FM Dick Summer 3/5/86 "The Ballad and Beat of New York" 

NY086B CD WPIX-FM Review of 1972

NY086C CD WLIB/WPIX-FM Al Gee 1973

NY086D CD WPIX-FM Jim Quinn and Dr. Jerry 1974

NY086E CD WPIX-FM Al Gee 1973 and Dr. Jerry 1975

NY086F CD WPIX-FM Howard Hoffman & Dr. Jerry 1975
             WXLO Dave Thompson Labor Day Countdown 1975

NY086G CD WPIX-FM Jim Quinn 1974,Alex Hayes 1975
                   WKBW Jim Quinn 1975

NY086H CD WPIX-FM Jack The Whack 8/24/80

NY086I CD WPIX-FM PIX Penthouse Party w/Dan Neer 10/79 

NY086J CD US WPIX-FM Barney Pip 4/72

NY086K CD US WPIX-FM Mark Simone 1979 36m

NY087 C90
WNEW-AM First week composite of Jay Lawrence 1/9-14/77

NY088 C90 & CD US WYNY American Country Countdown 2/3/96 and stunting with Mark Mancow Muller2/5/96 

NY089 C120 WLIE Max Kinkle's first show 1/24/03

NY090 C100 WCBS-FM The Last Doo Wop Show 9:30-11:10PM (Full show also available on CD courtesy of John Troll)

NY091 C90 X 2 & CD X 4 WCBS-FM Dan Ingram 1-4PM 2/16/03

NY092 WHLI C30 and CD Kevin Jeffries Last Day as Top 40 1/20/79, Jason Roberts First Day of "Music Of Your Life" 1/21/79

NY093 C60 Rochester Contemporary Morning Drive Comp. 
Misc: CFTR Toronto Red Knight 3/31/79
WKFM Syracuse Automated "
WBEN-FM Buffalo "
WBBF Steve Day 4/1/79

NY094 C60 Rochester On Parade Composite 7/21-7/24/85

NY094A CD US WPXY 97.9 Eric G. 7/18/93

NY095 C60 NY Radio Summer 1970                           

NY096 C90 10 Years Of NY Radio 

NY097 C60 Various scoped
WABC Dan Ingram 1/25/66& 3/22/66
WTRX Casey Jones 8/65
KLVI Johnny Janot 12/80
KSOL Sly Stone 1967
KOMA Paul Miller 7/23/65

NY098-1 C60 & CD NY FM Rock Radio Composite         (October 23-24, 1978) 
1) WPLJ: Tony Pigg
2) WYNY: John Vidaver
3) WPIX-FM: Mark Simone
4) WBAB: Alan Duke
5) WNEW-FM: Dennis Elsas
6) WLIR: Pam Merly

NY098-2 She used a different name! Mary Ann Roque as...
1) Beth Marshall at WYNY 9/3/77
2) Mary Ann at WYNY 10/5/77
3) Mary Ann at WGBB 12/28/78
4) Mary Ann at WNEW-AM 1/3/79

NY098B CD Scoped Various 4/13/79
1) WBAB Alan Duke & Bill Andres
2) WLIR-FM Pam Merly
3) WBLI No Name

NY098A C90 & CD WPLJ JJ Kennedy 5/3/85 & 11/28/87

NY099 C60 The NY AC Battle Heats Up (1/24-1/26/84)
1) WLTW: Rosemary Young, Cliff Powers, Phil Radow,             Al Bernstein, Batt Johnson
2) WPIX-FM: Alfredo Santos, Mike Moran & Phil Krantz,        Dick Summer, Steve Harris, Lee Hamilton.
3) WYNY: Bruce Bradley, Carol Mason, Mike McCann, Dan Daniel, Bill St. James, Steve O'Brien

NY100 C90 NY FM Rock Wars (8/8-8/14/83)
1) Z100:Scott Shannon & JR, Christopher Reed, Cat Simon,    Jack The Whack, Shawn Hamilton, Stevie Brooks.
2) WAPP: EJ Crummy, Ted Cannarozzi, Chip Hobart,               Jeff Bergen, Perry Stone, Amy Wright
3) WPLJ: Jim Kerr, Tony Pigg, Pat St. John, Carol Miller,       Mark Coppola, Bob Marrone, Jimmy Fink & Dave Charity

NY101 C60 WABC The Great NYC Blackout of 1977 with George Michael and Chuck Leonard July 13 & 14

NY102 C60 WNBC The Great NYC Blackout of 1977 with Dick
Summer 7/14/77 11:45-12:15AM
WLS Steve King, Yvonne Daniels, Larry Lujack 1977

NY103 C60 & CD Various The Great NYC Blackout of 1977 Composite /July 13 & 14 Produced by Greg Monti

NY104 C60 WPLJ Hour #48 The 15 Years of Album Rock 4/22/79  10-11PM

NY105A CD The WPLJ Composite Jan 1-7,1979
1) David Fontino 2) Jimmy Fink 3) Zacherle 4) Pat St. John 5) Tony Pigg 6) Carol Miller 7) Bob Marrone 8) Dave Charity
WPLJ Jimmy Fink Interviews Billy Joel 3/3/80

NY105B CD US 45m WPLJ 10/28/85 Power 95 Fast Jimi Roberts    

NY105C CD US 45m WPLJ 6/21/91 MOJO Radio AJ Hammer 

NY105D CD US 45m WPLJ Al Bandiero "Saturday Nite '70s"  

NY105E CD X 2 WPLJ Tony Pigg/Carol Miller 6/2/77 and Jim Kerr/Tom Morgan 8/29/75 

NY105F C90 US WPLJ Scott Shannon 5/91 1st Show

NY105G C90 US WPLJ Scott Shannon MOJO Radio 4/91 and another show 4/11/01

NY105H C90 & CD X 2 US WPLJ Dick Summer 4/73

NY105I C90 & CD US WPLJ John Zacherle 9/18/75

NY105J C90 US WAPP & WPLJ 6/15/82

NY105K-1 CD X 2 WPLJ Peter Bush 11/24/84

NY105K-2 CD WPLJ Peter Bush 12/31/84

NY105L CD WPLJ AJ Hammer 9/73 (70's Weekend)

NY105M C60 WPLJ Kristy McIntyre 12/19/95 and
WKTU Randy Place 4/18/77

NY105N C90 WPLJ Cleo 7/16/87

NY105O C90 WPLJ Rocky Allen 1/20/99 Last Show

NY105P CD X 2 WPLJ Dave Charity 8/19/82 

NY105Q CD WPLJ Dave Charity crosses over with Bob Marrone 6/15/82 

NY105R CD US WPLJ Power 95 Willie B. Goode 7/7/85

NY105S CD US WPLJ Jimmy Fink 7-2-83 

NY105T CD US WPLJ Jimmy Fink Electric Breakfast 1982

NY106 C
D WNYG Summer 1980 Matt Craig                      Goodbye WTFM, Hello WAPP 5/3/52
Various Tampa/St.Pete Composite 4/3/80
WLCY Bert Pierce,Kurt Fitzpatrick
WYNF Bobby Ocean
WRBQ Diane West

NY106A CD WTFM John Anthony 1/27/67

NY106B CD WTFM No Name4/7/79

NY106C CD WTFM No Name 3/10/78

NY107 C60X2 WCBS-FM Rock 'N Roll Radio Greats Reunion
8/18-19/84 Harry Harrison,Joe O'Brien,Ron Lundy, Dan Ingram,Jack Spector,Charlie Greer,DeanAnthony,Herb Oscar Anderson, Bruce Morrow, Bob Lewis

NY108 C90 WCBS-FM Rock 'N Roll Radio Greats Reunion
8/18/84 Dan Ingram

NY109 C90
WCBS-FM Rock 'N Roll Radio Greats Reunion
8/18/84 Charlie Greer Scoped 

NY110 C90X2 WCBS-FM Zacherle's 1st Halloween Party 10/31/84

NY111 C90X2 WCBS-FM Zacherle's 2nd Halloween Party 10/31/85
Both the 1984
and 1985 airchecks are unscoped

NY112 C60 US WHTZ Z100 First Day 8/2/83

NY112 C60 WHTZ Happy First Birthday Z100!Part 1 Opens withnarration and Diane Prior, then goes to the
Z Morning Zoo:Scott Shannon,Ross Brittain, Clare Stevens,JRNelson,CaptKevin,Mr.Leonard,a link with Rick Dees.

NY113 C60 WHTZ Happy First Birthday Z100!Part 2 Concludes the Zoo. JJ McKay,Shadow Stevens,Steve Miller, HollywoodHamilton,Jack The Whack
WAPP EJ Crummy&Mark McEwen 1st show 10/11/82
Joe Krauss 6/14/82
Micheal Stevens 6/15/82

NY114 C60 & C90X2 WHTZ Happy 4th Birthday Z00! 6AM-12P
M/These 3 cassettes are a scoped birthday party

NY115 C90 WHTZ Zoo Phantom Tapes 1984
Ross Brittain Z106 9/16/84
Half-Scoped Zoo 8/85 by Greg Monti

NY115A CD WHTZ JJ McKay 1984

NY115B CD WHTZ  Joe Davis & Susan Leigh Taylor 11/87

NY115C CD X 2 WHTZ Adam Curry "The MTV Guy" 3/29/89 

NY116 C60 WHTZ The 1988 Morning Zoo Tapes/Arista Records

NY117 C90 WHTZ Susan Leigh Taylor last show 7/28/89

NY118 C90 WHTZ Ross Brittain Returns 4th show 3/12/87
WNEW-FM Dennis Elsas Tribute To Bob Lewis 2/7/87

NY118A C60 & C90 US WHTZ Z100 20th Anniversary
8/2/03 8:30-11 PM

NY119 C90
& CD X 2 US WCBS-FM Roby Yonge 2/13/70 

NY120 C90 & CD X 2 US WCBS-FM Max Kinkle 9/93 

NY121 CD WCBS-FM Max Kinkle 3/27/94 30m Scoped

NY122 CD WCBS-FM Max Kinkle 3/24/94 9m Scoped

NY123 C90 US WPIX-FM Bob Dayton 7/27/72  

NY124 C90 WNEW-FM Neer & Harris playing a joke by playing a song at the begining of their show 1/13/03

NY125 C90 WNEW-FM First day of stunting 1/26/03

NY126 C90 X 3 & CD X 6  US WCBS-FM Harry Harrison's  Last Show Broadcast Live From MTR 3/19/03Last Show/Broadcast Liv
NY127 C100 WQCD Batt Johnson 11/28/02  US
                               Dennis Quinn  3/10/03  US

NY127A CD US  WQCD Batt Johnson 10/31/04 

NY127B CD US WQCD Batt Johnson 12/15/04 

NY127C CD US WQCD Batt Johnson 6/5/05

NY127D MP3 CD US WQCD Robin Marshall 10-2 10/15/05 

NY127E MP3 CD US WQCD Batt Johnson 6-10AM 12/26/05

NY127F CD US WQCD Bill Buchner 3rd Show 3/7/07

NY127G CD US WQCD Robin Marshall 5/12/07

NY128 C120 US WOR-AM Jim Kerr 3/18/03 
NY129 C60 US WAXQ Q104 Jim Kerr 3/22/03 

NY129A C60 US WPIX-FM Jim Kerr 10/3/77 1st Show

NY129B C90 & CD US WMXV Mix 105 Jim Kerr 3/8/93
WQCD CD101.9 Jim Kerr 1/27/97                   
NY130 C90 US WCBS-FM Mike McCann 3/22/03 (subbing for Dan Ingram)
NY131 C90 US WHTZ Lisa Taylor & Paul "Cubby"Bryant 1/99
NY132 C90 X 2 and MP3 CD 
WCBS-FM Ron Lundy Last Show 9/18/97
NY133 CDX2 WMXV Stunting at "Arrow 105.1"
4/1/94 90 minutes total Unscoped

NY133A CD WDBZ The New Buzz 105 5/22/97

NY133B CD US WTJM Jammin 105 Carol Ford & Yo Sunny Joe 1991

NY133C CD US WMXV Mix 105.1 Dan Taylor 6/27/96

NY135 CD "NINE!" and "NINETY-NINE!!"
Thanks to Famous Amos for sending me this CD...I had a millionth generation tape copy that was awful! These two "airchecks" are so  Orwellian it's not funny; the state of radio today is just as Buzznet Media predicted!
NY136 C90 US WXRK Greaseman 3/23/94        

NY136A CD WXRK Greaseman 8/2/95 Scoped
NY137 45m WLTW Rick Sommers 2/16/03
NY138 C90 & CD X 2 WCBS-FM Pat St. John 4/18/13 US
NY139 C90 US WCBS-FM Steve O'Brien 5/10/03
            (In for Dan Ingram) 
NY140 45m Various (Listed in order)11/8/82
            WPLJ Jim Kerr
            WYNY Bruce Bradley
            WCBS-FM Harry Harrison
            WPIX-FM Mike Wade
            WNBC Big Ron O'Brien
            WAPP Mark McEwen&EJ Crummy
NY141 CD US WAPP Harry Nelson 1/17/85

NY141A CD US WAPP Charlie Berger 8/14/86 Last Days as a Rock/AC Station 

NY141B CD US WAPP The Apple Hot 103 Kelly West 2/19/86

NY141C CD US WAPP The Apple No Name
and WHN Dan Taylor 8/82

NY141D CD US WAPP The Apple Chip Hobart w/Sunday 60's 11/22/82

NY141E CD US WAPP Harry Nelson 11/11/85

NY141F CD US WAPP Charlie Berger w/guest Dr. Demento 
11/18/85 15m

NY141G CD US WAPP Gary Spears 12/31/84

NY142 C90 & CD X 2 US WCBS-FM Bruce Morrow 5/24/03
NY143 C90 US WCBS-FM Ed Baer 5/31/03 (Filling in for Pat St. John who was filling in for Bruce Morrow who was filling in for Norm N. Nite at the Hall of Rock & Roll in Cleveland)
       WABC Rewound 2003 5/25/03- 10 CD's
NY144-A 6AM Harry Harrison 1972-1973
NY144-B 7AM Ron Lundy         12/75
NY144-C 8AM Bruce Morrow   12/31/69
NY144-D 9AM Chuck Dunaway 1961
NY144-E 10AM Dan Ingram      7/78
               11AM Bob Lewis         1/1/68
NY144-F 12PM Howard Hoffman 12/20/79
              1PM Station Demo 3/73
                     Dan Ingram 4/7/70
NY144-G 2PM   Chuck Leonard 11/26/68
NY144-H 3PM   Dan Ingram      12/7/72
NY144-I  4PM   Bruce Morrow   1/1/68
               5PM   Dan Ingram      5/6/70
NY144-J  6PM   Talk Show w/Phil Boyce
NY145 C90 US WPIX-FM Tim Byrd 9/85
NY146 CD 07:01 Lee Chambers Composite
WPGC Fall 1983/WNBC Summer 1986/WNBC Time Machine 1987/KOLA Fall 2002
(Thanks to Lee for sharing these airchecks and doing a great intro for the site!)
NY147 C90 US
WLTW JJ Kennedy 7/29/03 "Lite At Nite"
About 10 minutes into this aircheck, a dedication is made from "Beth to her pesky brother Matt...guess I'm stuck with you." Well, that is from JJ to me! Her first radio name was "Beth Marshall" at WYNY97 in 1977.(See NY098) JJ has a teenage son named Matt, and since I'm no teenager, I became her "younger brother." Thanks're a class act, a great personality, and a great "big sister!"
NY147A C90 US WLTW JJ Kennedy 7/29/03 with another great dedication.
NY147B CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 10/23/03 with another dedication, this time for my daughter Melissa, on her 3rd birthday! Thanks JJ! (Thanks to Linda Cohen for taping this!)

NY147C CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 3/18/04 with a dedication for my birthday, from my "sister, Beth to her brother Matt." My birthday  is actually in February! Better late than never!

NY147D CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 7/14/04 with another great dedication from "sister Beth to brother Matt" in regards to the WNBC/WYNY Reunion.

NY147E CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 10/21/04 with a dedication to my daughter Melissa for her 4th birthday! She even mentions her "Aunt Beth!"

NY147F CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 1/5/05 with a dedication to my daughter Michelle on her 9th Birthday from her family and of course her "Aunt Beth!"

NY147G CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 2/17/05 with a birthday dedication to "my brother Matt, from sister Beth."

NY147H CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 7/7/05 with a "summer" dedication to me and my famliy, from my "sister Beth."

NY147I CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 10/20/05 with a birthday
dedication to my daughter Melissa on her 5th birthday from her family and her "Aunt Beth"

NY147J CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 12/12/05 with a birthday
dedication to my wife Marcy on her birthday from her family and favorite "sister-in-law, Beth."

NY147K CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 5/8/06 with a Beginning Of Summer BBQ Dedication 

NY147L CD US WLTW JJ Kennedy 9/28/06 with an Autumn dedication to her favorite extended family...ME!

NY148 C90 X 3 Blackout 2003 Coverage WCBS-AM from 5:15-9:45PM
NY149 30 minutes WNEW-FM Christmas Carol 12/25/80
NY150 C90 WQHT/WYNY Format and Frequency Flip
September 22, 1988
NY151 C90 Random Z100 Airchecks from 1986

NY151A C90 US WHTZ Spyder Harrison as "The Jammer"
3/24/88 and 8/1/97

NY151B C60 US WHTZ JoJo Morales 8/3/03
NY152 C90 US WPLJ 9/79 Dave Charity-hosting a "Who" music special. 

NY153 C90 or CD X 2 WNEW Flips from Stunting AC Format to the first "Blink FM" 4/10/03 (Also see NY124/125)

NY153A C90 or CD X 2 WNEW Blink Morning Show 4/11/03

NY154A  C90 and CD X 2 US WNEW-FM 9/11/03 Rick Stacy 
NY154B C90 US WNEW-FM 9/16/03 The "New Blink" Music Women Love-no jock, only recorded liners
NY154D CD US WNEW-FM "The New Mix 102.7" 10-11:20AM with the chance at 10:27 AM 12/26/03
The "NEW Mix 102.7"
NY155 C WMCA "The Good Guys Sing!" You have to hear it to belive it! 

NY156A CD MP3 WABC Rewound 1999  

NY156B CD MP3 WABC Rewound 2000  

NY156C CD MP3 WABC Rewound 2001  
NY157D CD MP3WABC Rewound 2002    
NY158 C90 & CD X 2 WOR-FM Tommy Edwards 12/31/70
NY159 C90 & CD  WABC Bruce Morrow 7/17/73
NY160 C90 & CD US  WABC Ron Lundy 12/25/75
NY161 C90 X 3 A Career Retrospective-Steve O'Brien
1) WEAM 12/64, WKZO TV 65 12/65, WKFR 12/65, WKNR 7/66, WKFR 7/66, WKNR 1/67, WPOP 5/68, WIBG 11/68, WPOP 2/69
2) WKNR 1/68, WPOP 5/69, CKFH 1/70, WOR-FM 5/70, WNHC 8/70, WINZ 10/70-2/71-4/71, WCBS-FM 1/72, WHYI Y100 1/74, CKLW 3/74, KDWB
3) WABC 1/75-7/76-8/76-1/22/78, WYNY 4/79, 9/81, 9/84, 7/86 
NY162 CD 50 minutes WCBS-FM  
Steve O'Brien 9/99, 10/99, 9/2/00
Thanks to Steve for supplying these airchecks !
NY163 C60 US WALK-FM Freddie Colon 5/30/03 Last 15 minutes of his last show, and 15 minutes of KT Mills.
WQCD-FM Batt Johnson filling in the morning show 10/31/03
NY164 C90 US WPLJ Tony Pigg & Carol Miller 6/2/77
NY165 C90 & CD X 2 US WPLJ Pat St. John 8/28/75 &
Tony Pigg 4/4/79
NY166 C60 & CD US WNEW-FM Alison Steele 10/18/82

NY166A CD US WNEW-FM Dennis Elsas 4/5/79

NY166B CD US WNEW-FM Jim Monaghan & Pam Merly 7/3/81 

NY166C CD X 2 WNEW-FM Encore Performance of Harry Chapin Live From The Bottom Line with intros by Scott Muni and ID's by Vin Scelsa 7/20/81

NY166D CD US WNEW-FM Dave Herman Returns! 1/2/97 

NY166E C90 & CD X 2  WNEW-FM Jonathon Schwartz, Scott Muni, Rosko and Alison Steele 1971 (BONUS: WABC Dan Ingram 1976!)
NY167 C60 & CD US WXRK-FM Alison Steele 4/7/90
NY168 C60 US WXRK-FM Alison Steele 4/27/95
NY169 MP3 CD US WCBS-FM Chuck Leonard 12/14/97 filling in for Bobby Jay.
NY170 MP3 CD US WAXQ Q104 Jim Kerr 1st AM Show 10/7/03 and 2nd Show 10/8/03

NY170A CD US WAXQ Scott Muni & Maria Milito 7/10/03

NY171 C90 US WPLJ Jamie Lee 11/7/03

NY171A C90 US WPLJ Rich Kaminski 1/8/04

NY171B C90 US WPLJ Christine Richie 1st Show 1/12/04

NY171C CD US WPLJ Jamie Lee Sat. Nite '80s 7/28/07

NY172 CD X 2 US WNEW-FM "Listen To This Radio Show-John Lennon" Guest DJ with Dennis Elsas 9/28/74  

NY172A CD X 2 US WPLJ 6/6/71 John Lennon and Yoko Ono
NY173 CD 60m US Westwood One Special: Beatle Brunch
Originally broadcast the weekend of 9/14&15/2002 

NY174 CD US WCBS-FM 6/19/04 Bill Rock 

NY176 CD US WCBS-FM76/14-21/03 Dan Daniel Returns  
NY177 CD X 3 US WMCA Lee Gray 12/31/68 (Courtesy of Lee's son, David Darling)
NY178 CD 45m US WQHT Hot 97 Tim Byrd 5/89

NY179A CD WQHT Hot 97 Howard Hoffman and Stephanie Miller 8/90 

NY179B CD Scoped WQHT Montage 1986-1992 (Includes Tim Byrd's last show before leaving for Phoenix)
NY180 CD WPLJ Composite 11/18/93
Here's a look back at a complete day at PLJ!
NY181 CD WPLJ Fast Jimi Roberts 2/28/98 Live Remote from Coconuts on Grammy Night! A great CD with some surprises! (Thanks to Fast Jimi Roberts with donating these to BAA)

NY181A C90 WWPR Power 95 Rich Stevens 4/28/88

NY182 CD Scoped Various 57m
WPLJ Power 95 ID, Willie B. Goode 8/29/86, Greg Thunder 4/4/90, Jingle, WQHT Hot 97 Howard Hoffman and Stephanie Miller 12/7/89, Bill Lee 5/89 & 12/5/89, Hot97 Legal ID

NY183 CD Scoped Various 45m
WHTZ Friday 5 O'Clock Whistle The Shadow 1984 US
WCBS-FM Dan Ingram 5/9/98 & 4/99
WEEX Jingles and Bad Billy James 1977
WIFI/WLS/WABC Shotgun Jingles

NY184 CDX6 US WNEW-FM 5/22/97 Pretending It's 5/22/72
Various air personalities including Carol Miller, Jonathon Schwartz and Allison Steele. 

NY185 CD US WNYS-FM Hot 104 Buffalo 11/16/85
Charlie Anzalone Live From Mulligans Pub

NY185A CD US WNYS-FM 1974 Hot 104 Charlie Anzalone Live From Mulligans Pub 

NY186 CD US WGRQ-FM Buffalo 3/3/74 Rufus Coyotee

NY187 CD US WKBW 2/24/64 Dan Neaverth and Joey Reynolds

NY187A CD US WBLK-FM George "Hound" Lorenz Summer 1962 

NY187B CD X 3 WHTT Radio Greats Reunion Weekend 11/17/96 Features DJ's from many of Buffalo's great radio stations. 

NY188 CD US WKTU Charlie Berger 4/22/04

NY189 CD US WKBW Jackson Armstrong 1971-1973

NY190 CD US WKBW Joey Reynolds and Bob Diamond 2/22/64 

NY191 CD US MP3 12 Hours of WABC 2004 Rewound!

NY192 CD US MP3 2 Hours of Rewound Talk Show!

NY192A CD US MP3 12 Hours of WABC 2005 Rewound! including the Talk Show with Harry Harrison and Bruce Morrow! 

NY193 CD X 2 US WNEW-FM The New Mix 102.7 AC Format
Rick Stacy 1/8/04 6:10-7:40 AM

NY194 CD X 2 US Yvonne Velasquez 9-9:45AM 3rd Show  and Todd Newton 2-2:45 PM 1/8/04

NY195 C90 US Rick Sommers 1/11/04

NY196 C90 US Smoky Rivers (PD) 1/11/04

NY197 C90 X 2 Gregg Daniels and Lynn Hoffman 1/12/04 (1st Show)

NY198 CD US Kim Ashley 1/30/04

NY199 CD US Carol Ford 2/2/04

NY199A CD X 2 US Paco Lopez 4:15-5:45 PM 8/26/04

NY199B C90 US Efren Sifuentes 8/27/04

NY199C C60 US Rick Stacy & RuPaul 1st Show 9/10/04

NY200 CD MP3 4 Hours US WCBS-FM 10/9/04 
The Return Of Harry Harrison

NY201 CD X 2 WLIR John DiBella 8/2/82 

NY201A CD X 2 WLIR Donna Donna 2/27/82

NY201B CD WLIR Larry The Duck 11/7/82 

NY201D CD X 2 WLIR Gary Ravioli & Susan Browning
into Malibu Sue 5/24/96

NY201E CD X 2 WLIR 8/12/96

NY201C C90 X 3 The End of WLIR
1) 1/8/04 Bill Powers and Andre 90m
2) 1/8/04 Night Show and 1/9/04 AM Drive 90m
3) 1/9/04 10:30-11:15AM and just after the flip to Spanish 12:05-12:50 PM

NY201D C90 US WMJC JoJo introducing Malibu Sue 1st Show 1/8/04                               

NY202 CD X 3 Radio Albany Internet Radio 7/23/03
Herb Oscar Anderson Live From Saratoga Racetrack

NY203 CD X 2 WWKB Sandy Beach 8/6/03

NY203A CD WWKB Dan Neaverth 8/22/05

NY203B CD WWKB Jackson Armstrong 8/22/05

NY203C CD WWKB Steve Mitchell 10/15/05

NY204 MP3 CD Beatles Weekend Feb 6-8, 2004
WCBS-FM Dan Taylor, Bruce Morrow, Mike McCann
WFUV-FM Pete Fornatale, Dennis Elsas

NY205-1 MP3 CD Various 
WNEW-FM George Harrison Tribute, WAPP Joe Krause 1982,
WBBM Steve King 1971, WDHF Ronnie Knight 1974, WPLJ Jim Kerr 1977, WPLJ Montage 1/79, WPLJ Pat St. John 1975

NY205-2 MP3 CD Various 
WPLJ John Zacherle 1975, Jimmy Fink interviewing Billy Joel 3/3/80, WXLO Steve Weed 1976.
WDHF Chicago FJ Bailey 1976, Tom Jeffries/Jim Channel 1975, KABC Brother John 1970 

NY206 MP3 CD Various
WPLJ Dick Summer 4/73,  Dave Charity & Pat St. John 5/84
WNBC Jack Spector 7/5/69, Bill Rock 3/4/75, Dick Summer 3/5/75, Murray The K 8/3/73
WOR-FM Scotty Brink as JJ Jordan 8/8/68

NY207 C90 X 2 WNCN Classical Changes format to Rock WQIV 1974 and WNCN Classical Changes format to Rock WAXQ 12/17/93 (Also available edited as one CD)

NY208 C90 WMXV Mix 105 Various and jingles from WMXV and WNSR. Also Blink 102.7 to 102.7 Blink FM

NY209 C90 & CD (edited) US WABC-FM Brother John 4/69

NY210 C90 & CD US WNEW-FM Carol Miller 6/29/82
                                   WXRK-FM Alison Steele 4/7/90

NY210A CD US WXRK Jimmy Fink 1986

NY212 C90 US WPLJ Pat St. John 8/28/75
           & CD (edited) Jim Kerr/Tom Morgan 8/29/75

NY213 CD X 10 US WLTW A Day In The Lite FM & Then Some!
(1) 10/21/04 Al Bernstein (2) Valerie Smaldone               (3) Steve Roy (4) JJ Kennedy 
(5) 10/22/04 Victor Sosa (6)Bill Buchner
(7) 10/23/04 Karen Carson (8) 10/24/04 Herb Barry 
(9) 10/31/04 Jack Kratoville (10) 11/1/04 Rick Hunter

NY214 CD X 5 US WHTZ Z100 A Day At The Z! 11/4-5/04
(1) Morning Zoo and Shelly Wade (2) Paul "Cubby" Bryant
(3) Romeo (4) Joe Rosati (5) KC101 jock Mike "Jagger" Thomas then into Niko 

NY215 CD X 8 A Few Days With WPLJ 11/11-14/04
(1) Dave Stewart (2) Scott & Todd Big Show                      (3) Rich Kaminski (4) Race Taylor (5) Christine Richie       (6) Lani Ford (7) Joey Kramer
(8) David Simpson (he never says his name!)

NY216 CD WBLI Larry Adams & Dan Stevens 3/85

NY216A CD US WBLI Don Nelson "Sunday Night Oldies" 4/82

NY217 CD WBLI Bill Terry 8/27/96

NY218 CD X 3 WQCD CD101.9 11/22/04 Format Tweak
(1) Smooth Jazz w/Paul Cavalconte 7-8:20 AM
(2) Smooth Jazz w/Paul Cavalconte crossing over with Deborah Rath 9:55-11:10 AM
(3) Start of "Chill 101.9" w/Deborah Rath and PD Blake Lawrence 11:55 AM-1:105 PM. The station says it is an evolution of the format, and that they are adding new artists and music genres. 

NY219 CD Scoped WBIC Joe Roberts 6/67 
                             WADO Slim 1965

NY220 CD Scoped WADO Jocko 12/29/64

NY221 CD X 3 WXRK Recreates 1967 8/16/92
Features Jonathon Schwartz, John Zacherle, Tony Pigg,
and Alison Steele. 

NY222 CD US WCBS-FM 1/10/25 Mickey Dolenz 1st Show
8:50AM-10:00AM w/some Randy Davis

NY223 C90 US WBLI Al Levine 5/27/04

NY223A CD US WBLI Al Levine 9/29/05 (includes a phone bit with your humble webmaster!)

NY223B CD US WBLI Al Levine & Tony The Tiger 7/28/97

NY223C CD X 2 US WBLI Al Levine Summer 1998

NY223D CD US WBLI Steve Harper 1/1/82 31m

NY223E MP3 CD US WBLI 1) Dierdre DeLatta (Audition #1) 3/8/08 2) Al Levine 3/18/08 3) Dierdre DeLatta (Audition #2) 3/19/08 4) Gabrielle Vaughn (Last Show) 3/29/08 Part 1

NY223F MP3 CD US WBLI 1) Gabrielle Vaughn (Last Show) 3/29/08 Part 2  2) WBAB and WBLI April Fool Switcheroo 4/1/08 3) Tim Clarke 4/4/08

NY223G MP3 CD X 2 WBLI 1) Al Levine 4/28/08 2) Chloe (1st Show) 5/11/08 3) Chloe 5/12/08 4) Al Levine 5/22/08
5) Erica Hayden 5/26/08

NY223H MP3 CD WBLI Al Levine 2/5/10 15th Anniversary Show

NY224 C90 US WCBS-FM Jack Mitchell (Jim Douglas) 1/1/04

NY225 C90 US WKTU Al Bandiero 9/5/04

NY226A CD US WWPR Ed Lover & Cherry Martinez 12/13/04
5:30-6:30 AM

NY226 C90 & CD X 2 US WWPR Star & Buc Wild 1st Show 1/17/05

NY227 CD US WBLS Lamar Rene 4/5/79 and Frankie Crocker 3/80 

NY228 MP3 CD US "Around NY In 2 Days" March 28-29, 2005 1) WMJC Malibue Sue 2) WALK Scott Miller 3) WKJY Bill Edwards  4) Z100 Paul "Cubby" Bryant 4) WBLI Al Levine    5) WLTW JJ Kennedy 6) WBAB Roger & JP into Donna Donna 7) WAXQ Q104 Jim Kerr

NY229 MP3 CD US "Around NY In 7 Days" May 2-9, 2005
1) WNEW-FM Efren Sifuentes 2) WQCD Sharon Davidson     3) WPLJ Race Taylor 4) WCBS-FM Bob Shannon and Bobby Jay  5) WXRK Ben Harvey 6) WBLS  Vaughn Harper's "The Quiet Storm" 7) WRKS/Jeff Foxx Morning Show                   8) WKTU/Diane Pryor 9) WLTW Valerie Smaldone.

The next series is from the Capitol Region of New York, which is Albany,Schenectady and Troy. (All CD's are 45 minutes unless otherwise noted)

NY230 CD  Buzz Brindle WNBC 11/20/80 and Steve Warren WPTR-FM 3/32/96 First Day on FM

NY231 CD US WYJB B95.5 Buzz Brindle 12/30/93 First Day as B95.5

NY232 CD US WFLY 92.3 Ross Brittain 9/5/03

NY233 CD X 2 US WGNA 107.7 Buzz Brindle 4/9/05

NY234 CD US WFLY 92.3 Candy and Potter 4/11/05

NY235 CD US WYJB B95.5 Chuck and Kelly 4/12/05

NY236 CD US WEGQ Eagle 93.7 Chris Holmberg 4/12/05

NY237 CD US WTRY Oldies 98.3 John and Jamie 4/11/05

NY238 CD US WABT The Buzz 104.5 AJ and Trudy 4/13/05

NY239 CD US WPYX 106.5 Wakin' Up With The Wolf hosted by Wolf, Lisa and Tobin 4/14/05

NY240 CD US WRVE 99.5 The River Randi and Tred 4/14/05

NY241 CD US WQBK 103.9 The Edge Jeff Mrozek 4/20/05

NY242 CD US WRCZ 94.5 Classic Rock J.R. Gach 4/25/05

NY243 CD US WKKF KISS 102.3 DJ Thomas 5/5/05

NY244 CD US WNEW-FM Yo! Sunny Joe Allen 5/05

NY245 CD X 2 WQHT Various 1988-1990 

NY246 CD WCBS-FM Dan Daniel Last Mid-Day Show 12/31/02

NY247 MP3 CD X 2 WCBS-FM "The Day The Music Died...Again" 6/3/05 The Final Shows of: Don K. Reed, Mickey Dolenz and Mike Fitzgerald, Randy Davis and Bill Brown, the last hour of oldies, and the switch to JACK-FM.  

NY248 MP3 CD Bruce Morrow Interviewed By:
WOR-AM Ed Walsh 6/6/05 
WFUV-FM Vin Scelsa 6/11/05

NY249 MP3 CD WBZ0 B103 6/13/05 6-10 AM Bill Wise and Frank Brinka with Bobby Jay and Don K. Reed LIVE in the studio discussing WCBS-FM and oldies

(The following series are all from Syracuse, NY)
NY250 CD X 4 60m each WNTQ 93Q 7/26/84

CD US WAQX 95X Dave Frasina 9/1/88

NY252 CD US WKGW Magic 104 No Name 9/1/88

NY253 CD US WNTQ 93Q Tracy Sommers 9/1/88

NY254 CD US WYYY Y94 Glen Gomez Adams 9/1/88

NY255 CD US WKIX 104 Carolyn Paisley 9/1/88

NY256 CD US WSEN 92 Rick Hunter 9/1/88 and 
WOUR "Puker" into Tom Starr 9/2/88

NY257 CD US WUUU U102 Utica/Rome Leaf Anders 9/2/88

NY258 CD US WKIP Poughkeepsie Rich Stevens 7/22/79 and Bob Larson 6/26/74

NY259 CD US WKIP Rich Stevens 6/5/78

NY260 CD US WKIP Rich Stevens 6/8/81

(The following series are all from Syracuse NY)
NY261A CD US WBBS B104.7 Country Rich Lauber 1/24/03

NY261B CD US WSEN Oldies 92.1 Jim Tate and John Carucci 1/24/03

NY261 C120 US 4/15/04 WNTQ 93Q Big Jim Donovan 
and WAQX 95X Alexis                     

NY262 C120 US                                                              WTKV TK99/WTKW TK105 Glen Adams & Marnie 4/16/05 
WNTQ 93Q Ted & Amy 4/19/05

NY263 C120 US WYYY Y94 Capt. John Smith 4/20/04 
Pete & Brenda 4/21/04

NY264 C120 US 4/23/05 WBBS B104.7 Ron & Becky AM Drive and Skip Clark PM Drive 

NY265 C90 US 3/8/05 WBBS B104.7 Ron & Becky 
and WNTQ 93Q 

NY266 C90 US WYYY Y94 Rick Gary & Kathy Rowe 3/9/05
and WLTI Lite 105.9 Dave Allan 3/10/05

NY267 C90 US WZUN Sunny 102.1 Ted Bilodeau 3/10/05
and WSCP 101.3 Classic Country Bob Paris 3/11/05

NY268 CD WBLS Steve Harvey Morning Show 6/13/05
8:30-10AM with some commercials edited out

NY269 CD WNEW-FM Mix 102.7 Randy Davis 7/22/05

NY270 MP3 CD WLTW Mike Fitzgerald 6-10AM 8/20/05

NY271 CD US WBLI Reno (2nd to last show) 12:30-1:30PM 9/1/05

NY272 CD US WBLI Reno (Last Show) 2-3PM 9/2/05
(Also available: 10AM-3PM entire show as an MP3 CD)

WPDH Reno & Frankenberry (1st Show) 6-7:15 and 9-10:15AM 

NY273A CD US WPDH Reno & Frankenberry (2nd Show) 9/7/05

NY274 MP3 CD (1) WLTW Mike Fitzgerald 1st Show 8/20/05 6-10AM (Recorded from the internet stream by Lauren Esposito, with the annoying stream commercials cut out)    (2) WNEW-FM Randy Davis 8/21/05 2nd show 7-10AM
(Recorded by your webmaster)

NY275 MP3 CD (1) WPLJ Race Taylor 9/19/05 3:30-7PM Last PM Drive Show (2) WPLJ Rocky Allen 9/20/05 3-7PM 1st Show back with co-host Blaine Ensley

NY276 MP3 CD US WQCD Linda Bruno 10/2/05 9:30-2PM

NY277 CD X 3 WNEW-FM Mix 102.7 The Return of The Legendary Paco Navarro hosting the Saturday Night Request Show 10/8/05

NY278 CD Scoped WBLI Steve Harper & Maria Garcia Last Show as a morning team 10/20/05 and the day after with Steve and Randy 10/21/05

NY278A MP3 CD WALK Maria Garcia 1st Show 4/21/06

NY279 CD US WNEW-FM Sue O'Neal 12/4/05 (Yes, the SAME Sue O'Neal from 99X, WPLJ and Jammin 105!)

NY280 CD US WNEW-FM Joe Causi

NY281 CD x 2 WBLI LJ Lovely 12/29/05 Last regular night show. (includes a phone call from your webmaster)

NY282 CD WNEW-FM Steven E. Roy 1/14/06 1st Show

NY283 MP3 CD US WNEW-FM Paco Live At The Garden City Hotel 8PM-1AM 3/4/06 and Joe Causi & Brenda K. Starr 7PM-12AM 3/5/06

NY283A MP3 CD WNEW Mix 102.7 Paco & Mix Show 7/8/06 7P-12A and Joe Causi & Brenda K. Starr 7/9/06 6P-12A

NY283B MP3 DVD WNEW Mix 102.7 Joe Causi 8/13/06, Sue O'Neal & Joe Causi 10/8/06, 11/5/06, 11/19/06, 12/3/06

NY283C MP3 CD (1) WNEW Mix 102.7 Paco's Sat. Night Dance Party & Mix Show 9/16/06 7P-12A (2) Sue O'Neal-Joe Causi-Brenda K. Starr 9/17/06 5P-12A

NY283D MP3 CD WNEW Mix 102.7 Paco's Saturday Night Dance Party and Mix Show 10/7/06, 10/21/06

NY283E MP3 DVD Paco's Saturday Night Dance Party and Mix Show 10/7/06, 10/21/06, 11/3/06, 11/18/06, 12/2/06

NY283F CD X 3 WNEW Mix 102.7 Ray Rossi 5/28/06

NY284 C90 US WBUF 92.1 4/20 & 24/04

NY285 C90 US WTSS "My Star"102.5 Dave Edwards 1/13/05

NY286 CD X 2 US WBLI Gabrielle Vaughn 
(Preview Show) 3/11/06

NY287 CD X 5 US WBLI Gabrielle Vaughn 
(First Regular Show) 3/27/06 

NY288 CD US WBAB Roger & JP Morning Show 7-8AM
"The Hour of STL Intervention" 5/17/06

NY288A CD US WBAB Roger & JP Morning Show 8-9AM
w/traffic guy Ted Lindner showing off his Top 40 talk ups!

NY289 CD US WBLI Wendy Wild 5/8/06 (Wendy's last show was 5/12 before leaving for WKTU) 

NY290 MP3 CD WKTU Wendy Wild 2-6AM and 
Charlie Burger 6-8AM 6/2/06

NY290A CD X 3 US WKTU Vic Latino Last Show 11/17/06

NY291 CD X 4 WBLI Steve Harper's last morning show 7/19/06 

NY292 CD WLNG Dana Callio 2/7/06 (web stream)

NY293 CD WXPK 107.1 The Peak Rob Arrow & Chris Herrman 6/19/06 (some static and fading)

NY294 DVD Audio WNEW Mix 102.7 Legends of Dance Weekend 5/27-28/06 (over 34 hours of unscoped airchecks!)

NY295 MP3 CD X 2 "It's a HOT, POWERful KISSing Holiday Weekend Special!" 1) 7/3/06 WWPR 2-6AM                        2) WRKS 8P-12A 3) WQHT 12-4PM and 7/4/06 12-4PM

NY296 CD X 2 WHLI Paul Richards and Joe Sata 8/17/06

NY297 CD WGNY-FM 103.1 John Roberts & Mike Eagan 8/20/04 

NY298 WNEW-FM All Unscoped CD's From The Last Weekend As Mix 102.7 (1) Josh Bennett into Paco 6-7:20 PM 12/30/06 (2 & 3) Paco 7:20-10PM 12/30/06 (4 & 5) Yo! Sunny Joe  10-11:45 12/30/06 PM (6) Sue O'Neal 5-6 PM into Yo! Sunny Joe 6-6:15 PM 12/31/06 (7) Yo! Sunny Joe 6:15-7:30PM 12/31/06 (8) Yo! Sunny Joe 7:30-8:45 12/31/06 (9) Yo! Sunny Joe 8:45-10 PM 12/31/06 (10) Joe Causi New Year's Eve Dance Party 10-11:20 PM 12/30/06 
(11) Joe Causi 11:20-12 AM (12) Brandi & Yo! Sunny Joe 12-12:40 AM 12/30/07

NY299 MP3 CD X 2 US WNEW Mix 102.7 Format Flip To WWFS Fresh 102.7 1/02/07

NY300 CD US WWFS Fresh 102.7 Heather Walters 3/6/07

NY301 CD US WWFS Fresh 102.7 Mike Perry into Brandi 3/6/07

NY302 MP3 CD US WWFS Fresh 102.7 Dave Packer 1st Show 4/2/07 6-10 AM

NY303 CD US WWFS Fresh 102.7 Kim Ashley 6/14/07

NY304 CD US WWFS Fresh 102.7 Kristin 10/28/07

NY305 CD X 4 US WBLI 106.1 Adam Axe 11/11/06

NY306 CD X 3 US WFAS 103.9 JJ Kennedy 4/15/07

NY307 CD US WBLI 106.1 Orphan Andrew 7/22/07 Last hour of last show before he moved to sunny San Diego!

Here is a series from the NY Capitol Region of Albany, Troy and Schenectady.
NY308 CD US WYJB 95.5 AC Lynn Wilson 6/28/06

NY309 CD US WFLY 92.3 CHR Christy Taylor 6/28/06

NY310 CD US WABT 104.5 Hot AC Tim Reid 7/8/06

NY311 CD US WKKF 102.3 Kiss FM Rob Davie 7/7/06

NY312 CD US WKLI 100.9 Oldies Bob Greene 7/8/06

NY313 CD US WBOE 94.5 The Bone JR Gach 7/17/06

NY314 CD US WPYX 106.5 Suzanne 7/17/06

NY315 CD US WZMK 104.9 Rock Don Chopps 7/17/06

NY316 CD US WGNA 107.7 Country Buzz Brindle 1/27/07

NY316A CD Scoped WGNA Buzz Brindle 12/31/06 

Here is a series from a short vacation trip to Syracuse NY:
NY317 CD US WYYY Y94.5 Dollar Bill 11/13/06 (static & hiss)

NY318 CD US WTKW TK99.5 Classic Rock Mimi Griswold (PD)
11/13/06 (Noise-static-wow and flutter)

NY319 CD X 2 US WBBS B104.7 Skip Clark 11/13/06
(Skip was let go at the end of this week from CC, and is currently doing mid-days at
WWLF-FM Movin 100.7)

NY320 CD US WTKW TK99.5 Glen "Gomez" Adams & Dave Coombs 11/14/06

NY321 CD X 2 US WYYY Y94.5 Rick Gary & Kathy Rowe (PD)
11/14/06 (Rick was let go at the end of that week by CC, and is now doing 3-7 PM at
WZUN Sunny 102.1 See NY333)

NY321A CD X 5 WFRG Big Frog 104.3 Country Utica-Rome-Syracuse 11/14/06 9:30 AM-3:55 PM
Matt Herkimer-Meredith McGreen-Bean Pole

NY322 CD X 2 US WBBS B104.7 Amber Taylor 11/15/06

NY323 CD X 2 US WBBS B104.7 Ron Bee & Becky Palmer 11/15/06

NY324 CD X 2 US WSEN 92.1 Oldies Jim Tate 11/15/06

NY325 CD US WUMX Mix 102.5 AC Linda Ray 11/15/06

NY326 CD US WWHT Hot 107.9 Ed McMann 11/15/06

NY327 CD US WLTI Lite 105.9 Dave Allen 11/15/06

NY328 CD X 2 US WNTQ 93Q Kevin Charles 11/15/06

NY328A CD US WNTQ 93Q Jim Donovan 11/13/06

NY328B CD US WNTQ 93Q Rick Roberts 11/13/06

NY329 CD X 2 US WOKR 93.5 The River Allison 11/15/06

NY330 CD X 2 US WAQX 95X Beaner & Ken 11/16/06

NY331 CD X 2 WRCK Rock 107 Gary Spears 11/16/06

NY332 CD X 2 WebCheck WZUN Sunny 102.1 Rick Gary 1/29/07 2nd Show (over modulated on the stream)

NY333 CD X 3 WVNV Wild Country 96.5 Cooter 7/06

NY334 CD X 2 US WMJQ Magic 102.5 Mike 6/16/90 

NY335 CD WKBW 1971 Recreation: War Of The Worlds featuring Jefferson Kaye and Jackson Armstrong

NY336 CD X 2 US WKRH-FM KRock Minetto NY Rainman and Tim Noble 1/29/07

NY337 CD X 2 US WWLF Movin 100.3 Syracuse Yo Sunny Joe 2/20/07

NY338 CD X 2 US WWLF Movin 100.3 Skip Clark 3/8/07
(4th Show- Skip formerly did nights at WBBS)

NY339 CD X 2 US WWLF Movin 100.3 Nick Caplan 3/17/07

NY339A CD US WTKW 99.5 Mimi Griswold 11/12/07
(wow & flutter from tape) 

NY339B CD US WNTQ 93Q Dennis Crawford 11/07

NY340 CD X 4 US WBZO B103 Bobby Jay 8/28/06

NY341 CD X 4 US WBZO B103 Bobby Jay 9/1/06

NY342 CD US WRCN 103.9 11/2/06

NY343 CD X 2 US WBLI Morning Show w/Dana, Randy and Drew (1st day) 4/23/07 5:30-7:30 AM

NY344 CD X 2 US WFUV 90.7 The World Cafe 5/17/07

NY345 CD X 3 US WFUV 90.7 The Whole Wide World 
with Rita Houston 5/18/07 8-11 PM

NY346 MP3 CD X 3 Winter In NY: A Market Compilation
CD #1 1/15/08: WWFS Fresh 102.7 Heather Walters,
WBAB 102.3 Donna Donna, WCBS-FM 101.1 Ron Parker, WXRK 92.3 Danni and Ian Camfield, WHTZ Z100 JJ Kincaid,
WBZO B103 Keith Allen, WBLI 106.1 Al Levine and Astra,
WRKS 98.7 KissFM Lenny Green, WAXQ Q104 Carol Miller

CD #2 1/16/08: WLTW 106.7 Lite FM Delilah into Victor Sosa, WKTU 103.5 Paul "Cubby" Bryant, WQCD Dennis Quinn, WHLI-AM 1100 Paul Richards, WPLJ 95.5 Joey Kramer, WMJC Island 94.3 Malibu Sue and Jon Daniels, 
WXPK 107.1 The Peak Jimmy Fink, WWPR Power 105 Steph Lova, WQHT Hot 97 Funkmaster Flex

CD #3 1/17/08: WBLS 107.5 Champaine, WCAA Radio La Kalle 105.9 Luis Jiminez 1st Show, WKJY 98.3 KJoy Jodi Vale, WEBE 108 Danny Lyons, WALK 97.5 KT Mills

NY347 CD X 2 WQCD Flips to WRXP The NY Rock Experience
2/5/08 4-5:23 PM Brian Schock

NY348 CD X 2 WLTW 106.7 Lite FM Helen Little 1st Show
2/5/08 10 AM- 12:40 PM

NY349 CD WNEW-AM William B. Williams 3/5/76

NY350 CD WNYZ 87.7 Pulse Dance Star & Buc Wild
1st Show into Automation 2/19/08 9:10-10:40 AM

NY351 CD X 2 WNYZ 87.7 Pulse Jewlez Lopez 1st Show
2/25/08 10 AM-12:40 PM

NY351A CD US WNYZ 87.7 Pulse Jimmy "Showboat" Fields
1st Show 2/4/08 7:45-9:02 PM

NY352 CD How about some classic "Soul/R&B" Radio?
1) WWRL-AM 1600 Hal Jackson 1/1/62
2) WLIB/WBLS Frankie Crocker 1971
3) WRVR 106.7 Herschel 8/16/77 (2 CD's)
4) WBLS 107.5 Isaac Hayes 1977 & Ken Webb 4/15/77
5) WBLS Sergio 1/3/83
6) WRKS 98.7 Kiss-FM Yvonne Mobley Nov. 1987
7) WRKS Chuck Leonard Nov. 1987
8) WBLS Rickie Ricardo 4/21/97

NY353 CD US WRXP 101.9 No Name 2/29/08

NY354 CD US WRXP The Return of Paul Cavalconte
To 101.9! 3/1/08 9:15-10 AM

NY355 CD US WRXP 101.9 Paul Cavalconte 3/2/08

NY356 CD US WRXP 101.9 Matt Pinfield 5th Show 5/30/08

NY357 CD X 2 US WHLI-AM Presents The Jones Beach
Air Show 5/25/08 10 AM-12 PM

NY358 CD US WXRK 92.3 Jay Thomas 3rd Day 7/15/85

NY359 CD US WBAB 102.3 Donna Donna 11/17/08

NY360 CD US WBZO B103.1 John Williams into Party Marty
Mitchell 1/19/09

NY361 CD US WXRK 92.3 KRock Chris Booker 2/23/09

NY362 CD US WHLI-AM 1100 Bob Perry 2/23/09

NY363 CD US WKJY 98.3 Jody Vale 2/23/09

NY364 CD US WXRK 92.3 Auto Last Day 3/10/09

NY365 CD X 2 US WXRK 92.3 Flips to Now 92.3 3/11/09

NY366 CD X 2 US WXRK Now 92.3 Tic Tac & Lisa Paige
1st Show  3/13/09

NY367 CD US WXRK Now 92.3 Chunky 3/19/09

NY368 CD US WBLI The Return of Reno! 3/14/09

NY369 CD US WKJY 98.3 Holly Levis 4/8/09

NY370 CD US WKTU Joe Causi 92.3 11/16/82 and 
103.5 11/28/97


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