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Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

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Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

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Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

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Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

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Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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(Contributors to this page include Ira Menacker, Julius May, John Yanagi, John Holcomb, Russ Horton, Greg Monti, Dave Plotkin, Fast Jimi Roberts, Chip Kelly, Tony Simon and Rich Marino)


TJ001 C90 Philadelphia Composite Jan 24, 1977 Produced and
Edited by Greg Monti / WIFI 92/WFIL/WIBG/WPEN
Big Ron O'Brien WFIL 11/11/77
PA001 C90 US WMMR Micheal Pacozzi and Joe Bonadonna 12/79
PA002 C90 US WLCE 8/1/02
PA003 C90 US WMMR 8/16/02
PA004 C90 US WOGL Ron O'Brien 8/27/02
PA005 C90 US WMGK John DiBella 9/3/02
PA006 C90 The Pittsburgh Profile by Russ Horton July 1980
PA007 C60 & CD US WCAU-FM Jim Nettleton 8/7/73 
PA008 CD X 4 US 6/11/04
WOGL Don Cannon's Complete Last Show! A Philly radio legend says goodbye! Many listeners, co-workers and celebrities call in to wish Don a happy retirement. 
PA009 CD X 4 US 6/14/04 WOGL Ross Brittain's Complete First Show 
PA010 CD US WKRZ-FM Mike Cruz 7/6/04 
PA011 CD US WBEB Juan Varlata 8/26/04 AC
PA012 CD US WXTU 92.5 Chris Stevens 8/30/04 Country
PA013 CD US WIOQ Lisa Paige 9/3/04 CHR
PA014 CD US WJJZ Terry Webb 9/3/04 Smooth Jazz
PA015A CD US WFIL Jim Nettleton & Jay Cook 3/16/69
PA015B CD US WFIL George Michael 11/25/70 & 3/10/69
                                       Dr. Don Rose 2/24/70
PA016 CD US WBBO-FM Race 5/25/04
PA017 CD US WCTO-FM Deann and Leanne Taylor 5/25/04
PA018 CD US WMGK John DiBella 8/26/04
PA019 CD US WEGX Eagle 106.1 Spyder Harrison 7/16/91
PA020 C60 US WCAU-FM Terry Young 12/31/82
                         WIBG-FM   Joe Niagra 9/9/77
PA021 C90 US WCAU-FM Todd Parker/Terry Young 12/8/81
PA022 C60 US WCAU-FM Bob Garrett 11/26/82
PA023 C60 US WCAU-FM Billy Burke/Terry Young 12/31/82
PA024 C90 & CD X 2  US WCAU-FM Bill O'Brien 11/20/83
PA025 C90 US WCAU-FM Billy Burke 12/26/83 & Bill O'Brien 5/26/85
PA026 C90 & CD X 2 US WCAU-FM Bill O'Brien 1/8/84
PA026A CD US WCAU-FM Glen Clean Spring 1984
PA026B CD US WCAU-FM Terry Young 1/86
PA027 C90 & CD X 2 US WCAU-FM Mike Frasier 12/26/86 & 7/27/87
PA028 C90 & CD US WCAU-FM Billy Burke 3/13/87
PA028A CD US WCAU-FM Rich Hawkins 7/28/88
PA029 C90 US WOGL Harvey Holliday & Bob Charger 6/13/05
PA030 C90 & CD X 2 US WBEB Dan Blackman 6/15/05 & Juan Varleta 6/16/05
PA031 C90 US WMGK 102.7 Ray Koob 6/14/05 & Debbi Calton 6/17/05
PA032 C90 US WXTU 92.5 Lee Richards 4/25/06
PA033 C90 US WMGK 102.7 John DiBella 4/26/06
PA034 C90 US WIFI 92.5 1/16/82 and 9/25/81
PA035 CD US WXXM Jammin Gold 95.7 Automated 5/99
PA036 CD X 2 US WJJZ Smooth Jazz 97.5 Michael Tozzi 1/18/07
PA037 CD US WMGK Chris McCoy 1989
PA038 CD US WPTP 96.5 The Point Rich Kaminski 10/10/02
PA039 CD X 2 US WMGK Mike Bowe 10/87
PA040 CD US WGGY Froggy 101 Doc Medich 12/5/05
PA041 CD US WBHT 97 FM Marino 1/3/06
PA042 CD US WGGY Froggy 101 Frank Burke 2/28/07
PA043 CD US WGGY Froggy 101 Doc Medich 2/28/07
PA044 CD US WTAE-FM Kicks 96 Suitcase Simpson 1/31/77
PA045 CD US WTAE-FM Kicks 96 Randy Lane 1/31/77
PA045A CD US WTAE-FM Jay Stone 1/31/77
PA046 CD US WBZZ B94 Micheal Savage 3/13/92
PA047 CD US Philadelphia Unzipped
WYXR Star 104.5 Ron O'Brien and Bart Shepard 1997-99
WIOQ Q102 Chio 1999
PA048 CD X 2 WTHK The Hawk 97.5 11/15/06
PA049 CD X 2 Simulcast of WMGK 102.9 and WJJZ 97.5
Michael Tozzi 11/17/06
PA050 CD X 2 WHAT 1340 Flip To Skin Radio 1/19/07
PA051 CD X 2 WOGL Cadillac Jack 9/16/08 (2nd Show as permanent host for afternoon drive)
PA052 CD X 2 WJJZ 97.5 Dave Koz 1/16/07
PA053 CD WXTU 92.5 Mark Razz 7/6/09
PA054 CD US WKTQ 13Q Pittsburgh Buzz Brindle 1/18/77
PA055 CD X 2 US WOGL Hy Lit Last Show 12/11/05 7:20-9:24 PM
PA056 CD US WYSP 94.1 Comedy Hour Late 70's
PA057 Series Of Classic Philadelphia Airchecks
1) CD US WPEN 950 AM Joe Niagra
PA058 CD US WKRZ Saturday Night Oldies w/Shadow Steele 8/6/05
PA059 CD US WKRZ Stewie 7/21/07
PA060 CD US WNUW Now 97.5 Glenn Kalina 2/16/09
PA061 C60 US WIOQ Q102 David Dye 6/25/82 and Bob Pantano 6/26/82


MD001 45 minutes (skimmer tape)
WWMX MIX106.5 Fast Jimi Roberts 4/7/03
(Thanks to Fast Jimi for sending the aircheck and doing an intro for the site!)
MD002 C90 US
WIYY 98Rock Kirk, Mark and Lopez 4/7/03
MD003 C90 US
WMAR Chris Stevens 12/30/83 
MD004 CD US 
WWMX Kristy O'Brien 6/15/04
MD005 CD Scoped WWMX Mix 106.5 Fast Jimi Roberts
Three shows: 4/7/03, The "Last" Show before moving to WQSR 10/22/04, and the "Return To Mix" 5/16/05
MD006 CD US WWMX Kristy O'Brien 6/15/04
MD007 CD US WQSR Oldies 102.7 No Name 6/16/04
MD008 CD US WLIF Lite FM Jimi Roberts 2/17/09

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MD006 CD US WRXS X106.9 Ocean City Jeannine Jersey 7/20/99



DE001 CD US WSTW-FM CHR Mike Rossi 12/04                            

DE002 CD US WSTW Mike Rossi 8/5/91

DE003 CD US WSTW 1/8/92

DE004 CD US WSTW 12/29/95

DE005 CD US WJBR 99.5 4/13/97 

DE006 CD US WAMS-AM 1380 John Mack 8/3/79



NJ001 CD WWZY The Breeze 107.1 Don Tandler 6/11/05
(Courtesy of Nick Lanagan)

NJ002 CD WMGQ Magic 98.3 John Lisk into Steve O'Brien (1st Show)
3/13/06 5:30-7 AM

NJ003 CD WPST 94.5 Gabrielle Vaughn (last show) 3/17/06 30m

NJ004 MP3 CD X 2 WWYZ 107.1 The Breeze Radio Greats Reunion Weekend 7/21-22/07 (Recorded by Lance Venta/Video available at
Saturday 7/21/07: 10A-12P Herb Oscar Anderson, 12-1P Mike Fitzgerald & Joe McCoy, 1-3P Bob Shannon w/Norm N. Nite on the phone, 3-5P Randy Davis, 5-7P Capt. Jack & Vince Hartnett
Sunday 7/22/07: 11A-2P Mike Fitzgerald & Randy Davis, 2-5P Bobby Jay, 5-8P Don K. Reed w/The Doo Wop Shop
(Throughout the weekend, Dan Ingram and Ron Lundy made phone appearances.)

NJ005 CD X 2 US WCHR 10537 The Hawk Dr. Phil LoCascio 3/10/06 (Stream)

NJ006 CD US WWYZ The Breeze 107.1 Mike Fitzgerald 3/16/06 1st Show

NJ007 CD US WMGK Magic 98.3 Randy Davis in for SOB 6/20/07

NJ008 MP3 CD US WMGQ Magic 98.3 Steve O'Brien 8/15/07 2 Hours
(Static and noise)

NJ009 CD US WAWZ Star 99.1 Beth Bacall 2/5/08 

NJ010 CD X 2 WJRZ 100.1 Anita Bonita & Famous Amos
12/28/07 Scoped 

NJ011 CD US WMGQ Magic 98.3 Tim Tefft 8/16/04

NJ012 CD US WWYZ The Breeze 107.1 Randy Davis and 
Dianne DeOliveira 7/14/08 (WebCheck)

NJ013 CD US WSJQ Q107 Cape May 8/12/05

NJ014 CD X 3 US WWYZ The Breeze 107.1 Mike Fitzgerald (Last Show) and Dianne DiOlivera 6/10/11

NJ015 CD X 2 US WWYZ The Breeze 107.1 Randy Davis and Dianne DiOlivera 7/18/11

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