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Mike Wade of the Westwood One AC Morning Show, and formerly of WXLO/FM99, WRKS, WYNY and WPIX-FM
has been inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame, and BAA wanted to share the good news with an introduction by Charlie Van Dyke, and 8 minutes of Mike's airchecks! Congratulations for finally being recognized as the biggest meshugana in Texas!

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OK001 C90 KOMA Ricky The K-Solid Gold Time Machine
OK002 C90 KOMA Larry Neal Wax Museum 1/14/96

OK003 CD US KJSR Star 103.3 Andy Barber 12/14/06
12:40-2 PM (Stream)
TX010 45 Minutes
The Allen Beebe Texas Composite
KGBZ-AM 1540 Galveston (as Jay Allen) 4/02
KNFX-FM "The Fox"Bryan/College Park 8/02
KLDE-FM 94.5 Oldies                                6/00
KNFX-FM "The Fox"                                  8/02
KLDE-FM 107.5 (after freq.change)       9/00
Thanks to Allen for sending these to me!
TX002 CD US KVIL 4/1/03
TX003 CD US KDMX 4/1/03
TX004 45m US KLUV Ron Chapman 4/29/03
TX005 C45 US KSCS The Dorsey Gang 5/1/03
TX006 C90 US KLUV Chuck Brinkman 5/4/03
and KVIL Mary Rose 5/3/03
TX007 C90 US KPLX "The Fox"  Tara 5/5/03
KLUV Sunday Nite Oldies 5/4/03
TX008 C90 US KASE Country 101 (100.7) Rob Mason &Bam Brown 6/23/03 and KASE Bob Pocett 6/23/03
TX009 C90 US KPEZ Z102 Classic Rock Chris Mojer and Alex Hall 6/23/03
TX010 C90 US KVET Country Eric Raines 6/23/03
  & No Name
TX011 C90 US KKMJ Majic 95.5 AC  Shelly Nigh 6/24/03
and Delilah
TX012 C90 & CD US KISS-FM CHR No Name 6/24/03 and Bobby Vaughn 6/24/03
TX013 C90 US KLBJ Rock Loris Lowe 6/25/03 and Peg Simmons 6/26/03
TX014 C90 US KGSR 107.1 Soft Rock Bobby Raye 6/25/03
and Brian Beck 6/26/03
TX015 C90 KLIF Charlie & Harrigan 1/19/68, 2/12/66
Russ Knight 10/20/61, Chuck Dunaway 5/27/63, 7/12/63                         
TX016 CD US KLTY Arlington, TX Frank Reed 12/6/04 
TX017 CD US KTAL 98 Rocks Greg "Nuke Man" Hanson  KTAL 98 Rocks Greg "Nuke Man" Hanson 
A great Classic Rock/AOR station!
TX018 CD US KPWW Power 95.9 Shawn Michaels 3/5/05
TX019 CD US KSCS Chris House 6/8/05
TX020 CD US KLTY Frank Reed 6/10/05
TX021 CD US KLUV Ron Chapman and Jody Dean 6/17/05
TX022 CD X 3 KLUV Ron Chapman's Last Show 6/24/05
TX023 CD US KIKK 11/4/02 and KHJZ 11/9/02 "The Wave"
TX024 CD US KLUV Mike Wade 5/26/02 
TX025 CD US KVIL Gary Reynolds 10/4/04 
TX026 CD US KHKS KISS-FM Billy The Kid 10/1/04
TX027 CD X 2 US KILT Tom Fontaine 12/14/05
TX028 CD US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Amy B 4/27/06
TX029 CD US KSCS 96.3 Country Chris House 4/27/06
TX030 CD US KTYS 96.7 Texas Twister Jeremy Robinson 4/29/06
TX031 CD US KLTY 94.9 Cont. Christian  Frank Reed 5/1/06
TX032 CD US KZPS 92.5 Classic Rock Magoo 5/1/06
TX033 CD US KDMX Mix 102.9 Tony & Cappy 5/2/06
TX034 CD US KHPT The Point 106.9 Mike Valdez 7/19/05
TX035 CD US KMJQ Majic 102.1 Marco Spoon "The Quiet Storm" 12/13/05 
TX036 CD US  KKBQ Cactus Jack 7/31/06
TX037 CD US KILT Hudson & Harrigan Morning Show 8/2/06 
TX038 C90 & CD X 2 US KVET Austin 98.1 Tom Allen 7/12/06 and Eric Raines 7/13/06 
TX040 CD US KMMX Mix 100 AC Damon Scott 5/17/06
TX041 CD US KZIT Z102 CHR Max, Jax & Dina 5/17/06
TX042 CD US KLLL Country Neely Yates 5/17/06
TX043 CD US KKCL KOOL 98 Oldies Dan Collins 5/17/06
TX044 CD US KLZK Stars 104.3 AC Brian Davis 5/17/06
TX045 CD US KFMX 94.5 Rock Driver 5/18/06
TX046 CD US KQBR 99.5 Country Kidd Manning 5/18/06
TX047 CD US KONE Classic Rock 101.1 Sean Dillon 5/19/06
TX048 CD US KKCL KOOL 98 Max Tooker (VT) 6/18/06
TX049 CD US KKRW The Arrow 93.7 Steve Fixx 8/1/06
TX050 CD US KHYS Kiss 98.5 Automated 1/27/02
TX051 CD US KXXS Mix 96.1 Automated 2/10/02
TX052 CD US KATP Classic KAT Country Shotgun Kelly into Lori Crofford 3/30/02
TX053 CD US KHMX Mix 96.5 Dave Summers 7/20/05
TX054 CD US KNDE Candy 95.1 Joshua James 8/8/05
TX055 CD US KASE 100.7 Country Erin Austin 3/7/06
TX056 CD US KLZK Stars 104.3 Automated 4/8/06
TX057 CD US KRBE 104.1 CHR Carson & Laura 7/31/06
TX058 CD US KHMX Mix 96.5 Keith Scott 8/1/06
TX059 CD US KODA Sunny 99.1 Donna McCoy 8/7/06
TX060 CD US KTHT Country Legends 97.1 Tubby 8/8/06
TX061 CD X 2 US KHKS Kiss 106.1 JJ Kincaid 8/22/06
TX062 CD X 2 US KHKS Kiss 106.1 Atom Smasher 9/25/06 1st Show
TX063 CD US KAJA KJ97 Country Automated 2/4/07
TX064 CD US KCYY Y100 Country Kim Karley 2/4/07
TX065 CD US KUSJ US 105.1 Country Peter Christian 3/18/07
TX066 CD US KLTD Eagle 101.7 3/18/07
TX067 CD US KVST KStar Country 99.7 Rachel Dove 3/27/07
TX068 CD US KHKS Kiss 106.1 Club Kiss w/Adam Smasher 3/27/07
TX069 CD US KTYS 96.7 The Texas Twister Allen Peck 4/8/07
TX070 CD US KZPS 92.5 Classic Rock Amy Scull & John DiLorenzo 4/20/07 (Before format change)
TX071 CD US KZPS Lonestar 92.5 4/23/07 Automated (After Format Change)
TX072 CD X 2 US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Lisa Taylor 6/11/07
1st Show 5-7 PM Stream
TX073 CD US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Lisa Taylor & Jake Daniels 7/9/07
TX074 CD X 2 KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Lisa Taylor 9/4/07
TX075 CD KSCS 96.3 Country Brother Van 9/4/07
TX076 CD US KTYS 96.7 The Texas Twister 9/5/07
TX077 CD US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Ed Lambert 12/29/06
TX078 CD US KZPS Lonestar 92.5 Redbeard 10/1/07
TX079 CD US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Jake Daniels 1/2/08
TX080 CD US KPMZ Platinum 96.7 Wendy Westbrook 7/3/08
TX081 CD US KDMX Mix 102.9 Lisa Thomas & Rick O'Brien 12/28/06
TX082 CD US KFWR The Ranch 95.9 Dingo & Rebel 12/31/07
TX083 CD X 2 US KZPS Lonestar 92.5 Auto 12/31/07
TX084 CD US KMMX Mix 100.3 Lubbock Auto 4/8/06
TX085 CD US KMMS Mix 100.3 Damon Scott 3/11/07
TX086 CD US KZBT B93.1 San Antonio Jessica Marie 1/27/07
TX087 CD X 2 US KTYS Texas Twister 96.7 Wendy 6/20/08
TX088 CD US KTYS 96.7 Auto 6/23/08
TX089 CD X 4 US KTYS 96.7 Auto 6/30/08 Flip from The Texas Twister To Platinum KPMZ with the call letters changing 8/2/08 1) 12:20-1:35 AM 2) 5-6 AM 3) 6-7 AM 4) 7-8 AM with Larry Dixon
TX090 CD US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Russell P 1/10/09
TX091 CD US KSCS The Big 96.3 Trapper John 8/09
TX092 CD US KPLX 99.5 The Wolf Ryan Fox 8/09
TX093 CD US KHKS 106.1 Kiss Jackson Blue 8/09
TX094 CD US KNDE 95.1 Brandi into Lane 6/12/11
TX095 C60 US KTSA San Antonio Barry Kaye 6/7/70
TX096 CD KILT Steve Lundy 24m 9/70
TX097 CD X 2 KULF-AM 790 Houston Julie 10/24/81
TX098 CD US KVIL Ken Marnett 7/17/04
TX099 CD US KSCS Allan Peck 8/09
TX100 CD US KHKS Billy The Kid 8/09
TX101 CD US KPLX 99.5 Mark Phillips 8/09
TX102 CD US KPLX 99.5 Morning Show w/Lisa Taylor, Ken Buckner and Smoky Rivers 4/28/12
TX103 CD US KHYI 95.3 The Range Con Larson 4/28/12
TX104 CD US KSCS 96.3 Hondo 4/28/12
TX105 CD US KZPS 92.5 Jon Dillon 4/30/12
TX106 CD US KUSJ 105.5 ACC Kix Brooks 11/28/12

(Click Here For New Orleans Radio History)

LA001 C90 US WBOK & WYLD 12/28/68

LA002 C60 & CD US WEZB 10/27/84

LA003 C60 & CD US KGLA 7/14/74

LA004 CD X 2 & C90 US WNOE-FM Tom Rollins 6/1/75

LA005 CD US KRMD Gator & Cher 3/4/05

LA006 CD US WRNO 99.5 AC Fast Eddie 3/14/88

LA007 CD X 2 US KBED Shreveport Mix 102.9 Kellie Dupree 2/22/02 

LA008 CD US WEZB 97.1 New Orleans 9/14/88

LA009 CD X 2 US WTIX-AM 690 Roy Fisher 12/26/68

LA010 CD US KUMX Mix 104.1 Adam Smasher 3/25/98

LA011 CD US KLRZ Z100.3 Sid Vicious Jan. 1995

LA012 CD US KQHN Mix 97.3 Shreveport "Trent" 10/26/06

LA013 CD US WKBU Bayou 95.7 "Kat" 9/29/07

LA014 CD US WNOE-FM 101.1 Mary Steele 9/29/07

LA015 CD US KRFF K94.5 JB Foxx and JoJo 10/28/06

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