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New York, California/Hawaii

South East

Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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Washington State
WA001 C120
KPLZ Jack Elliott         10/27/80 US
KJR   Gary Lockwood 10/27/80 US
WA001A CD US KJR Clem Daniels 10/80
WA002 C90
KING Andy Barber      3/27/77 US
CFUN Tom Lucas         3/23/77 US
WA002A CD US KING Joe Cooper 10/80
WA002B CD Scoped KING Andy Barber 8/76, Dan Foley 4/11/77 and Joe Cooper 10/3/82 US 
WA003 CD KBTC Classic Rock 4/11/03
WA004 CD KBTC and KXOT Format Change 3/8/04
WA005 CD KJR-FM Bob Case and Rick Hanson 3/8/04
WA006 CD KMPS 3/8/04
WA007 CD KZOK 3/10/04
WA008 CD KJR-FM Jeff West 4/28/03
WA009 CD X 2 KJR-FM Rick Hanson 9/20/05
             KQBZ becomes The Wolf 11/30/05 & 12/1/05
WA010 CD KKWF The Wolf Tim Hunter & Todd Allen 2/26/06
WA011 CD KKWF The Wolf Rob "Possum" Walker 3/1/06
WA012 CD KPLZ Curt Kruze & Corrine McKenzie 7/25/06
WA013 CD KNBQ Country 102.1 Eric Paul 7/26/06
WA014 CD US KMPS 94.1 Stubbs 7/25/06
WA015 CD X 2 KJR-AM 950 Larry Lujack 4/13/66,
1968 Reunion, Gary Lockwood 3/25/83, Spring 1987
Composite, WA008 KJR-FM Jeff West 4/28/03
WA016 CD US KNBQ 102.9 Bus Man 5/30/06
WA017 CD US KKWF 100.3 The Wolf Rob The Possum 7/27/06
WA018 CD US KNBQ 102.9 Tracy Taylor on live remote 5/27/07
WA019 CD US KKWF 100.7 Ken Thompson 5/27/07
WA020 CD US KMPS 94.1 Tony Thomas 1/2/08
WA020A CD US KMPS Tony Thomas 5/27/07
WA020B CD US KMPS Tony Thomas 10/6/09
WA021 CD US KNBQ Kevin The Busman 10/5/09
WA022 CD US KKWF Wingnut 10/7/09
WA023 CD US KAYO-AM 1150 Buck Ritchie 11/64
WA024 CD X 2 US KNDD 107.7 The End Top 25 Of 2006
hosted by Tommy 12/31/06
WA025 CD US KWJZ 98.9 Smooth Jazz Carol Hanley 1/2/08
WA026 MP3 CD US KMPS 94.1 Ichabod Caine, Scallops Caine,
Randy Scott, Stephen Kilbreath 12/17/09 Next to last show
WA027 KBSG B97.3 1st Day as Classic Hits Mark Christopher and Randy Lundquist 8/1/07
This logo was used in 1986
Click on the LOGO to visit Z100 Portland!
OR001 CD 30 Minute Portland Composite
September 16-19, 1986
KGON 92.3 FM     K.C. McCoy
KMJK Magic 107  Glynn Shannon
KINK 102FM        Cindy Harrison
KKLI 97.1 FM      Dave Allen
KKCW K103 FM   Craig Walker
KKRZ Z100          Z Morning Zoo
KSGO                  Russ Imber
KGW                    Steve Lloyd
KUPL                   Steve Earl
KWJJ                   No Name
OR002 C90 US
KRSK Name change from Rosey 105 To The Buzz 105 (static) 4/14/03 and KUPL 4/16/03 
OR003 C90 & CD US
KXJM  4/16/03 
KUFO  4/16/03 
OR004 C90 US
KWJJ  4/16/03 
KKCW Tom Parker 4/16/03 
OR005 C90 & CD US
KINK Dave Scott 4/16/03 
KKRA Z100 4/18/03 

OR006 CD US KODZ Kool 99.1 Barry McGuire 11/16/05
OR007 CD US KDUK K-DUCK 104.7 Valerie Steele 11/17/05
OR008 CD US KKNX Solid Gold 84 Ted "The Bear" Richards 11/18/05 (Jones Good Time Oldies)
OR009 CD KKNU New Country 93 Bill Barrett, Tim Fox and Tracy Berry 11/18/05
OR010 CD US KMGE Magic 94.5 Jeff Baird and Clarke Moore 11/18/05
OR011 CD US KZEL Classic Rock 96.1 Cyd Salpino 11/18/05
OR012 CD USKRKT Cricket Country 99.9 Angie Foster 11/21/05
OR013 CD US KLOO Timeless Rock 106.3 Charlie Busch with "Bluesday Tuesday"  11/22/05
OR014 CD US KUJZ The Moose 95.3 11/28/05
OR015 CD US KNRQ Rock 97.9 Al Scott 11/28/05
OR016 CD US KEUG BOB-FM 105.5 11/23/05
OR017 CD US KEHK Star 102.3 Justin Phillips 12/6/05
OR018 CD US KUPL Portland 98.7 Country Erin 7/9/01
OR019 CD US KKNX-AM 840 John Mielke 7/17/06
OR020 CD US KDUK 104.7 Rob Holloway 2/27/07
OR021 CD US KODZ Kool 99.1 Andy Manuel 3/5/07
OR022 CD US KFLY 101.5 Swami Rob 3/5/07
OR023 CD US KZEL 96.1 Emma 3/5/07
OR024 CD US KEHK Star 102.3 Al Kline 3/15/07
OR025 CD US KLOO 106.3 Charlie Busch 3/16/07
OR026 CD US KLOO 106.3 Roger Shannon 3/16/07
OR027 CD US KDUK 104.7 Sparxxx 4/3/07
OR028 CD US KMGE Magic 94.5 Jeff Baird & Jessica Rivers 4/4/07
OR029 CD US KNRQ 97.9 Vinnie & Icky 4/5/07
OR030 CD US KZEL 96.1 Jeff Clarke 4/10/07
OR031 CD US KKNU New Country 93.3 Jon Micheals 4/13/07
OR032 CD US KRKT Cricket Country 99.9 Tai Peterson 4/16/07
OR033 CD US KUJZ 95.3 The Moose Auto 4/16/07
OR034 CD US KISN Roger W. Morgan 8/13/68
OR035 MP3 CD US KUPL Portland Country, KPPK 98.3 Rainier Oldies and KLTH 106.7 Lake Oswego Soft AC 1/14/06
OR036 CD US KKRZ Z100 Stacey Lynn 2/12/02
OR037 CD US KVMX Mix 107.5 Jeff Thomas 2/14/02
OR038 CD US KVMX Mix 107.5 Stacey Lynn 8/9/04
OR039 CD US KWJJ 99.5 The Wolf Kris Valentine 3/4/11
OR040 CD X 2 KYSJ 105.9 The Wave Hal Murray 5/24/11


AK001 CD US KKLV Anchorage 4/80? 30m

AK002 CD US KGOT 101.3 Tracy Sinclair 6/27/87 46m

AK003 CD US KPXR Power 102 Susan Wood 6/30/87 46m

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