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This page is dedicated to those air personalities that  are gone but not forgotten 

May They Rest In Peace

All the download links go to where you have to wait for the page to load, and then you get a link to save the files to your computer.


It was with great sadness that we learned about the death of "Superjock" Larry Lujack on December 18, 2013. He was a Chicago radio legend that ruled the airwaves on WCFL and WLS, also appearing on WUBT-FM and WRLL-AM. 

Many thanks go out to his wife, Judith Lujack for providing pictures, and most importantly, her memories of Larry. Thanks also go to Tommy Edwards, John Landecker, Jeff Davis, Brant Miller, Greg Brown, Tom Murphy, JC Corcoran, Jaybeau Jones, Art Vuolo and Joe Cassady, for their remembrances of Larry. 

This tribute runs two hours and forty minutes, and it's broken up into two parts for easier downloading and burning to CD. There are four links below to download it, two each from and

 Part One

Part Two

Part One

Part Two


It's not to often that a DJ spends most of his career at one radio station. Bill Brown managed to do just that, starting at WCBS-FM in 1969, and lasting until JACK came to town in 2005. Click HERE for a link to his bio on Wikipedia. Bill was known for his "Brown Bag Lunch" feature, and being one of the smoothest voices on the air. Click on the two links below to download and listen to an 80 minute Aircheck Tribute To Bill Brown.

Many thanks go to the following people for all their help and support in producing this tribute. First and foremost is Debbie Brown for sending some great pictures, and recording a very touching remembrance of Bill. Without her support, this tribute would not have been the same.

Thanks to Rob Frankel, Russ DiBello, Bob Gilmore, Ira Menacker, Gary Pfeifer, 
Linda Cohen, and Andrea Weiner for their help and airchecks. More thanks to  Bob Shannon, Bob Vanderhayden, Don K. Reed, Mike Fitzgerald, Bobby Jay, Dan Taylor, Pat St. John, Dave Logan, Randy Davis, Chris Angelo, Art Vuolo, and Fred Masey for their recordings that talk about Bill. Special thanks go to our favorite SOB, Steve O'Brien for doing the narration that opens and closes this tribute. 

Click on the two links below to download the tribute:





Big Apple Airchecks is proud to present our Aircheck Tribute to Ron Lundy. Thanks to Ted David for his invaluable help, along with Dan Taylor, Glenn Morgan, Skipp Tullen, Famous Amos, Bobby Jay, Ziggy Pelzer, Steve O'Brien, Richie Norris and Ira Menacker for their contributions. Also a big thank you to Shirley Lundy for her blessing on the project. Her words to me said it all; "Let Ron rest in Peace."

Click HERE  to download the tribute from Mediafire.  



On December 24, 2009, broadcasting lost a true star, 
George Michael. His career started at WIL-AM/St. Louis, then he moved to WRIT-AM/Milwaukee,
KBTR-AM/Denver and he hit the big time as one of the original Boss Jocks at Philadelphia's WFIL-AM. From there, New York's WABC-AM called and offered him the 6-10 PM night show recently vacated by Cousin Bruce Morrow. At the same time, George did sportscasting for WABC-TV, and was a color commentator for the New York Islanders hockey club. In 1980, he became the primary sports anchor for WRC-TV in Washington, DC and the host of "The George Michael Sports Machine" which ran until March 2007. 

In this aircheck tribute, you will hear George at WIL-AM, a quick spot from KBTR-AM, WFIL-AM and WABC-AM. Special airchecks include the 1977 New York City Blackout, and the impromptu Elvis Presley Special on the day The King died. In addition, there are two interviews included in Part 2. One is by Mark Simone hosting the Saturday Night Oldies Show on March 25, 2006, and the other is with Robby Bridges on WEBE 108 from October 2008.

Thanks to Ted David for the opening narration, former WABC Program Director Glenn Morgan for his aircheck introductions and comments, and Johnny Donovan, Bob Hamilton and Joel Denver for their comments as well.
Thanks to Scott Lowe, Craig Allen, Ira Menacker, and for some of the airchecks.

Here are the download links from Mediafire

Part 1  Part 2


It was with great sadness when we learned about the passing of one of radio's great entertainers and personalities, Big Ron O'Brien on April 28, 2008. I can truly say that Ron was my friend, and he will be missed.  

Special thanks go to Craig Allan and Scott Lowe for providing some never before heard airchecks  from their personal collections. In addition, Ron provided myself, Craig and Scott reels and cassettes from his personal collection, so keep your ears open wide for these rare goodies!

Here are Parts 1, 2 and 3 of the Big Ron O'Brien Aircheck Tribute. Click on these links which will take you MediaFire. Click the link to download the files and then save it to your computer. They run right around 80 minutes each. 

Part One    Part Two   Part Three

CD US WCAR Detroit 12/31/71

TJ30 45m WXLO 5/4/74/ Side 2: Walt "Baby" Love 5/17/74 

TJ006 C60 WXLO Dec 1974/KOPA Howard Hoffman Feb 10, 1982

TJ007 C90 WFIL Nov 11, 1977/Philadelphia Composite Jan 24, 1977

TJ008 C90 WRKO April-June 1978  

NE002 C90 WRKO Nov 30, 1978 

NE006 C90 WRKO Sept 1978  

TJ009 C60 KFI July 17, 1979

TJ29 45m KFI 11/20/80

TJ010 C60 Side 1 By Windy City Airchecks: KTLK/WXLO/WCFL   Side 2 By The Aircheck Factory: KUDL/WCAR/WCFL/WXLO 

The Aircheck Factory Presents: Big Ron O'Brien Revisited 

TJ20 C90 KBET October 1989

TJ36 CD KROQ-FM 7/27/81 as "Eugene Oregon" 

CD X 2 US WCFL 7/7/75 and 7/9/75

WLCE Alice 104.5 8/25/80

CD X 2 KIIS-FM 102.7 6/11/85 

PA004 C90 US WOGL 8/27/02 

WOGL CD US 9/23/05


Listen to  the Ted Brown Tribute!
(It is broken up into four parts for faster downloading)



Thanks to Jami and Samantha Brown for providing airchecks and pictures of their father, Andy Fisher of CNBC for the opening narration, Ted David, Julius LaRosa,  Susanne Bothamley, Mitch Lebe, John Bohannon, Bill Diehl, and Bob Schappert for their contributions. Thanks to Webmaster Josh for the photo collage, and Ira Menacker, Dan Gulino,  Paul Knoebel and Rob Frankel for additional airchecks. 


Click HERE to listen to the Scott Muni Aircheck Tribute!
Thanks to Pat St. John, Charlie Kendall, Ira Menacker and Gary Pfeiffer for their contributions.


Chuck Leonard

Here Is The Chuck Leonard Aircheck Tribute.  It's comprised of WABC, WXLO, WRKS, WBLS, WQEX, WJUX And WNSW. Thanks to Pat St. John for doing the opening narration, Jonathon Wolfert for the jingle montage, and Ira Menacker for most of the airchecks.  So Click HERE To Listen To The Tribute!


Jack Armstrong

It is with great sadness that we learned about the passing of one of radio's great entertainers and personalities, Jack Armstrong. After a week of hard work, lot's of phone calls and emails, it is my privilege to present an Aircheck Tribute to Jack. It runs 2 hours and 30  minutes, and is broken up into two parts for easier downloading. Included in it is the site intro that Jack did for me in 2005. Click on the links below to download the tribute. 
There are to many people to thank for their help and co-operation, so HUGE Thank You goes out to you all. Special thanks goes to Jack's daughter Devon for her support and friendship, the wonderful stories about her father, and the pictures she provided for the collage. Thanks to Lauren Esposito for creating the collage, and her encouragement and help in producing this tribute. Also, Jack's former partner at Oldies 93.1, Dee Brockwell for her support and encouragement on this project. Thanks also to for three of the airchecks.
Every station that Jack worked at is included. Here's the list of stations: WCOG, WAYS, WIXY, WKYC, WMEX, CHUM, WPOP, KTLK, WKBW, WJAS/WKTQ, KDKA, WHYI/Y100, WIFE, KTNQ, KHTZ, WNBC (The complete show scoped as "The Unknown DJ), KFI, WWWE Reunion Weekend Show, KFRC, KKHR, KBOS, WMQX, and his last show at WWKB in 2006.

Click HERE To Download Part 1
Click HERE To Download Part 2


TJ011  WMEX May 1967
            13Q March 1973
CA011 KTNQ 1978
            CHUM "On-Air" Audition May 1968
NE003 WPOP Last Show Feb 2, 1970
TJ012  WPOP/CHUM/WKBW (No Dates)
CA005 WKBW May 1975
CA039 Y100 1975
NY022 WNBC As "The Unknown DJ" 4/30/78
CA006 KTNQ Feb 23 & 28, 1979
CA003 KTNQ Dec 9, 1978
CA008 KTNQ May 4, 1979 US
CA007 KFI-AM May 23, 1980 US
TJ15-1&2 CD KKHR Nov 1, 1984 US
TJ16-1&2 CD KKHR Feb 28, 1985 US
TJ21 CD CHUM 7/16/68 
TJ28 C90 KHTZ 8/16/79
                KFRC 1/26/83
TJ29 45m KFI 11/20/80
TJ38 C90 US WMQX 10/13/97 
KKHR CD US 9/29/84 

WWKB-AM CD US 3/6/03
WMQX Oldies 93 1999

TJ40 CD X 2 US WMQX 3/26/03 
TJ41 CD X 4 US WMQX 9/3/03 Complete Morning Show with new co-host Dee Brockwell and News Director Ed Snow.
TJ42 CD X 2 US WMQX 9/6/03 The Jackson Armstrong Weekly Oldies Countdown Show 
WWKB-AM CD X 3 US Last Show 2/3/06

An Audio Tribute To Voice Over Artist Brian James

Thanks to Rich Stevens for  pulling together so many of you to send in your audio for this tribute, without him we could never have gotten this done.

Thanks also to Brian's brother, Mike Oberle for his contributions and support. 

 So many people recorded their memories of Brian and sent in audio that all I can say is a big Thank You! 

Radio lost a Voice...but you all lost a friend, a brother, a father and husband. Rest In Peace Brian...

March 23, 2009 By Big Apple Airchecks

Click HERE to download from Mediafire


Newsday Obituary For Bruce Herbert

Bruce Herbert died at home on September 13, 2004
Click here to hear a tribute to Bruce introduced by his long time co-worker and friend, Jim Ferguson.


Dean Anthony

Brooklyn born Dean Anthony (1935-2003) had been one of New York's most listened to radio personalities since 1964 when he came back from Washington D.C.'s WPGC where he was "Dean Griffith."

Joining the WMCA "Good Guys," Dean quickly gained a large audience where none had previously the middle of the night, playing the hits of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Four Seasons and many others. He talked to his audience as friends, with his "Actors and Actresses" and "Group Therapy" games.

When the "Good Guys" run ended in 1970, he went to country station WJRZ, then 97WWDJ until 1971. He then joined WTFM, the beautiful music station. In 1977, WTFM switched formats to become New Yorks first "soft rock" station. Dean did mid-days, then switched to overnights until 1981, when a labor dispute resulted in a strike.

That 9 month strike was a blessing in disguise, since that lead to a "temporary" job at WHLI, which lasted an amazing 22 years!

Sadly, Dean passed away in October 2003, but Long Island listeners will never forget the man who was the "heart" of their radio station.

Airchecks Available:  DA001 WHLI CD X 2 8/90 
                                     DA002 C60 WHLI 2/92 
                                     DA003 CD X 2WMCA  7/15/67 Restored
                                     DA004 CD WWDJ 7/71
                                     DA005 CD WTFM 5/26/81
                                     DA006 CD WCBS-FM 8/8/92
                                     (3-4 & 6 Courtesy of Rob Frankel)

             (Picture and bio from Dean's page on the WHLI Website)


Bob Hagen 1935-2004

Please visit to learn about this former news reporter. The site has pictures, audio and a full biography of Bob.

The site was created and maintained by Lee Harris, and his wife, Marcheta Hagen is a contributor and archivist.

I asked Keta to tell a story about Bob in her own words...

From the beginning Bob asked and valued my opinion.
When he got home, he would ask,
“How did I sound?”
He expected that I would give him a truthful evaluation.
Have you seen the movie “Ray”?
In Ray Charles early days, he sounded like other performers.
He had not found his sound.
In the early days Bob was somewhat like that.
Bob  unconsciously tended to pattern the phrasing and delivery of someone he worked with and admired.
It wasn’t until later that he became and sounded like Bob Hagen.

I will share one story that tells all about Bob’s journalistic integrity
In the 60’s and 70’s airlines offered newsmen “fam” trips;
Familiarization, aka press junkets
These were to introduce flights to new destinations.
What it meant was a couple of days of freebee vacation, wining and dining.
Bob refused them.
I asked “Why?”
He said: “Keta, if I accept a trip from an airline and a week later I have to cover a disaster or negative story, can I be truly objective?
Even if I think I will--I probably can’t.”
That was the last time I ever questioned him on any freebee.

Bob died at home with me by his side.
Our 48 year love affair came to an end.
And, in his death, as in his life, I did what he asked,
I handled it.

Marcheta (Keta) Hagen