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This page will showcase Special Events, People and Stations.  

I was invited by Danny Lyons to do a shift  on WEBE108 Saturday Night, July 31st, 2004 hosting Studio 108. Turns out that was my on-air audition, which I passed, and the aircheck is HERE to listen to. Enjoy it!

Click here to listen to me on WEBE108's Studio 108 from Saturday, April 16, 2005!

(Danny Lyons and "Magic Matt" in the WEBE Studio)


Big Apple Airchecks has just gotten one of the most entertaining shows about radio ever produced! Click this link to visit the Thirtieth Anniversary Page of Radio&Records Magazine, and learn about the 2 CD package they produced! Thanks to Bill Gruber for providing BAA with the CD's!

Click on the LOGO to learn about 10Q's history!

American Top 40

In honor of Casey Kasem and his long tenure on "American Top 40" Big Apple Airchecks is pleased to have many shows available on CD. Many are recorded from XM Satellite Radio. I have the complete collection of the original shows available from their original sources, so not all of them are listed here. Inquire about any dates you may want.
July 11, 1970 CD X 2
August 29, 1970 CD X 2
September 12, 1970 CD X 2
September 26, 1970 CD X 2
November 7, 1970 CD X 2
November 14, 1970 CD X 2
December 12, 1970 CD X 2
The Top 80 of 1970 CD X 4
April 3, 1971 CD X 2
April 24, 1971 CD X 2
May 4, 1971 Top Recording Artists of The R&Roll Era 1955-1971 CD X 2
May 8, 1971 CD X 2
May 22, 1971 CD X 2
October 11, 1971 CD X 2
October 16, 1971 CD X 2
October 23, 1971 CD X 2
November 27, 1971 CD X 2
The Top 50 of 1971
The Top 40 of 1971 CD X 2
January 15, 1972 CD X 2
January 29, 1972 CD X 2
March 4, 1972 CD X 2 (From Original LP's)
March 18, 1972 CD X 2
July 22, 1972 CD X 2 (From Original LP's)
August 19, 1972 CD X 2
October 14, 1972 CD X 2
November 11, 1972 CD X 2
November 18, 1972 CD X 2
August 4, 1973 CD X 2
December 22, 1973 Top 40 Christmas Songs CD X 2
March 2, 1974 CD X 2
September 14, 1974 CD X 2
November 2, 1974 CD X 2
Janurary 11, 1975 CD X 2
January 25, 1975 CD X 2
February 1,  1975 CD X 2
March 29, 1975 CD X 2
April  5, 1975 Top 40 Disappearing Acts CD X 2
April 27, 1975 CD X 3
May 10, 1975 CD X 2
May 24, 1975
September 6, 1975 CD X 2
June 4, 1977 MP3 CD
April 1, 1978 AT40 Goes to the Movies CD X 2
June 1, 1985 w/Guest Host Charlie Van Dyke CD X 3
August 16, 2003 Weekly Countdown (4 CD's)
BBC Radio One Chart Show Hosted By JK and Joel 11/5/06
Sirius Satellite Radio

Sirius 60's Good Vibrations Cousin Brucie 2/24/07 8-9:20 PM
The Howard Stern Story: 30 Hours Complete on three MP3 CD's.
Crawdaddy Gazette On The Air
Remember Crawdaddy Magazine? They were a music publication based in New York City, and they produced half hour music news shows on reel to reel tapes that were sent to radio stations on a monthly basis. Thanks to collector Bob Macheska, BAA has converted 8 reels to 4 CD's. May 1 and October 1, 1972/ November 1, 1972 and January 1, 1973/ October 1 and November 1, 1973/ March 1 and May 1, 1973
FM Odyssey With Fred Migliore 10/11/04 Includes A Tribute To 
The Legendary Scott Muni CD X 2
If you are a jingle fan, you have to hear this 2 CD Set celebrating JAM Productions 20th Anniversary!
Also Available: JAM 30th Anniversary CD!
Thanks to jingle collector Joe Tedd for contributing them!
Click the logo to visit the JAM website!
Now Available on ONE CD! The TM Song, Dave Haber's 1977 Jingle Collage, Neal Bowden's TM Jingle Collage 1980-1990, TM Century 21 Jingle Collage 1988-2006, and The Jam Song!
XM Satellite Radio
Here's something different...Terry "Motormouth" Young doing tributes to legendary radio stations on XM Satellite Radio. 
KOMA 2/18/05 CD X 2 
KLIF  3/11/05 CD X 2
KILT 3/18/05 CD X 3
KELP 3/25/05 CD X 3
KJR 4/1/05 CD X 3
WEAM 4/8/05 CD X 3
WHB 4/16/05 CD X 3
 WABC 6/17/05  CD X 4 
 WQAM 6/24/05 CD X 4 
WMEX 7/1/05 CD X 3 
 KHJ 8/4/05 CD X 3 
WROV 9/16/05 CD X 3
WKKO 11/4/05 CD X 3
WPOP 11/18/05 CD X 3 
WHBQ 11/26/05 CD X 3
WING 12/2/05 CD X 3
WLCY 12/12/05 CD X 3
WIXY 12/23/05 CD X 3
WAYS 12/30/05 CD X 3
WABC 1/21/06 CD X 3
KOIL 2/10/06 CD X 3
KFJZ 2/17/06 CD X 3
WSGN 2/24/06 CD X 4
KIMN 3/10/06 CD X 3
WIFE 3/17/06 CD X 3
KELP 3/25/06 CD X 3
KQV 3/31/06 CD X 4
WAKY 4/14/06 CD X 3
WTIX 4/22/06 CD X 3
WMCA 4/28/06 CD X 3
WKYC 5/5/06 CD X 4
WKIX 2/12/06 CD X 4
WDGY 5/19/06 CD X 4
WTMA 5/26/06 CD X 2
WKNR 6/2/06 CD X 4
WFIL 6/16/06 CD X 4
KYA 6/23/06 CD X 4
KLIF 6/30/06 CD X 4
WGH 7/14/06 CD X 4
WNDR 7/23/06 CD X 3
WROV 8/4/06 CD X 4  w/Guest Host Jack Fisher
KISN 8/12/06 CD X 4
WLEE 9/1/06 CD X 4
WLS 9/16/06 CD X 4 w/Guest Host Rob Riley
KCBQ 10/6/06 CD X 4
CKLW 10/20/06 CD X 4
KFWB 10/28/06 CD X 3
WORD 11/3/06 CD X 4
WOLF 11/17/06 CD X 4
WKLD 12/8/06 CD X 4
WCFL 12/29/06 CD X 3
KXOA 1/5/07 CD X 4
KXOK 1/19/07 CD X 4
WKBW 4/13/07 CD X 4
KJR 6/22/07 CD X 4
WMCA 6/29/07 CD X 4 (missing first 45 minutes)
WRKO 8/07 CD X 4
WAPE 10/5/07 CD X 4
WGH 10/12/07 CD X 4
KXOK 10/19/07 CD X 4
WQAM 11/2/07 CD X 4
WCFL 11/9/07 CD X 4
KRUX 11/16/07 CD X 4
KIMN 11/23/07 CD X 4
WKBW 11/30/07 CD X 3
WOHO 12/7/07 CD X 4
WBAM 12/14/07 CD X 4
WLS 1/4/08 CD X 4
WIXY 1/18/08 CD X 4
WHBQ 1/25/08 CD X 4
WING 2/8/08 CD X 4
WLCY 2/15/08 CD X 4
WFIL 3/21/08 CD X 3
Salute To Jackson Armstrong 3/27/08 CD X 4
KELP 4/11/08 CD X 4
WOGY 4/1/08 CD X 4
WMEX 5/2/08 CD X 4
KQV 5/23/08 CD X 4
WABC 6/27/08
KJR 7/4/08 CD X 4
KLIF 7/18/08 
CKLW 8/1/08 MP3 CD
WROV 8/8/08 MP3 CD
KCBQ 8/15/08 CD X 4
WCFL 9/19/08 MP3 CD
WTOD 9/28/08 MP3 CD
WALT 10/10/08 CD X 4
(Courtesy of Al Levine)
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert
East Hampton NY 10/13/01 CD X 2
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert
Philadelphia 8/3/06
Detroit 9/12/06
Jones Beach 8/27/08
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert From Jones Beach
Wantagh NY 8/26/09 CD X 2
Jimmy Buffett Live Benefit Concert From The Gulf Shores CD X 2 
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert From Camden NJ 8/8/10 CD X 3
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert From Jones Beach
Wantagh NY 8/31/10 MP3 CD
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert From Jones Beach
Wantagh NY 8/19/11
Jimmy Buffett Live In Concert From Jones Beach
Wantagh NY 8/30/12
Jimmy Buffett Live From The Record Plant, Sausalito CA 10/18/74
Programmers Digest
1/1/73, 9/24/73, 1/14/74, 7/74, 5/75
Many more to come!
Now available on three MP3 CD's, National Public Radio Playhouse Production of the original three movies!
 A New Hope: 13 half hour episodes
The Empire Strikes Back: 10 half hour episodes
Return Of The Jedi: 6 half hour episodes
Only $20 per CD, 1st class shipping included!
(Also available as regular audio CD's, with two episodes each @ $12 per CD)

Are you a fan of Jackson Armstrong and Terry Young? Allan Handelman interviewed them both LIVE 6/19/05, discussing the current state of radio, and about their careers. Available for trade as three audio CD's, or one MP3 CD.
The first station I worked at! Click the logo to visit the tribute site!

I first started to intern at WGLI when I was in college,
doing all the normal type intern things. winding carts,
writing spots, babysitting the
transmitter, etc. After about six months, the PD gave me a shot after I kept giving him audition tapes, and I got a Saturday night show, then Sunday night also. What a blast I had working those nights...not a lot of power, but we had a lot of loyal listeners! I was allowed to give away movie tickets that I traded promos for with the local UA Theatre, and got to put my winners on LIVE! But then again, we didn't have a 7 second delay system! I stayed for awhile after I graduated from college, but real life called, and I had to give up my shifts. Ever make a mistake you regret? That's one of them. I ended up doing some fill-ins at WNYG, and was actually offered the AM Drive slot by PD Kathy Cunningham, who still refers to me "as the one that got away!" The money was so bad, unemployment was paying more at the time!
So back to real work, and occasional fill-ins at WNYG. So that's my radio story. 


One of my favorite all time AOR Stations, WAPP/The Apple!

Did you ever wonder what radio program directors think about? How they get their ideas? How a station works from the inside? Well, here's a book from radio personality and programmer Steve Warren that answers all those questions! Steve currently host the "Country Oldies Radio Show" heard on stations nationwide! Steve has worked at some great stations including WPTR, WKIP, WNBC and WYNY.


I had the pleasure to read this book after talking to Steve about it about it at The WNBC/WYNY Reunion, and he was kind enough to get me a copy. Being a student of radio, I found it extremely interesting, and learned things about the inner workings of a radio station that I never knew. If you had questions about the inner workings of a radio station, but didn't know who to ask, this book will certainly answer all your questions, and entertain you at the same time. It covers programming, promotions, human resources, changing technology and many other subjects. Click the picture to visit www.radiothebook.com and get your copy today.

Click HERE to email me! You must however take out "at" and put in "@"! Thanks...