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I've been lucky to meet a lot of great DJ's over the years.  Here you will get to see Fast Jimi Roberts, Big Ron O'Brien, JJ Kennedy, Tim Byrd, and Johnny Dark.

Here's a 5 minute jingle collage produced by Don Nelson and myself  showcasing some classic radio stations!

You probably remember Fast Jimi Roberts from his many years at WPLJ. His real radio career started in 1979 at WMEE in Fort Wayne/ IN where he stayed until 1982. From there it was KIIQ/Colorado Springs for mornings, and in 1983 he landed at Y107/Long Branch NJ. NYC beckoned in 1984, and he stayed at WPLJ until 1999. In early 1999 he helped launch Jammin' Oldies in NYC and Washington, D.C. July 1999 sent him to CBS Radio in Baltimore, where he did shifts at WQSR, B102.7, WWMX Mix 106.5, and is currently doing afternoons at WLIF Lite 101.9. This picture was taken December 29, 2007 in the lobby of the Viacom building on Broadway after Jimi finished a 10-2 shift, and was leaving to go back home to Maryland. My family and I were in the city, and I finally got to meet Jimi after talking to him for almost 20 years! I also got to say a quick hello to Pat St. John as he was rushing up the escalator to do a shift at 2 PM. Pat and Jimi hadn't seen each other in 20 years! Check out Jimi's website here, and tell him you saw it at Big Apple Airchecks! You know...I forgot to ask what he was fast at...


So you thought "Big" Ron O'Brien was just a nickname...well, it isn't! Ron is big, and one of the nicest, and funniest guys I've gotten to meet! Ron had been in radio for over 35 years, and had been doing afternoons at WOGL for over 7 years before his untimely passing on April 28, 2008. He worked at some great stations including 99X, WNBC, KIIS, WPGC, WLLC, WRKO and WCFL. This picture was taken at the WOGL studios just before his shift, when Cadillac Jack was on the air. My wife and I got the two dollar tour, and got some great swag from Promotions Director Scott. We also got to meet PD Anne Gress, and a bunch of other folks. A fun time was had by all! 

Here I am at the WLTW studios with my favorite "older sister," JJ Kennedy. She has worked in New York radio for over 30 years, at stations such as WGBB, WNEW-AM, WPLJ, WKHK and of course Lite FM. She currently does Sunday afternoons at WFAS-FM and  now does the news and traffic for John Gambling on WOR-AM.


Here are two of my favorite Florida radio guys, Tim Byrd and Johnny Dark. Tim has worked at some great stations, including WPIX-FM, WNBC, the original Hot 97 WQHT, WARW, WAYS, WRMF, WEAT and he's currently doing afternoons at WOLL Kool 105 in West Palm Beach. Sitting next to Tim is his lovely wife Sally. Tim looks shocked at the size of the check! Either that or my shirt blinded him!
Johnny Dark has also worked at some legendary stations, including WOKY, WRKO, WNBC and WFLC. For the last four years, Johnny was doing weekend and fill-ins at WKIS, and just left them in December 2007. I'm sure he'll show up on the air somewhere in the future!


Here are some pictures taken September 26, 2002 at the Museum of Television and Radio in Manhattan at a seminar honoring Scott Muni. You'll see Dan Ingram, Pat St. John, Jim Kerr, and the late, great Scott Muni.

Dan Ingram and I at MTR...it's always great to see him!

Here I am with Big Dan Ingram, best known for his long stint at Musicradio 77 WABC. Dan also had a long run at WCBS-FM  before leaving in June 2003. We'll miss you on the radio Dan! Good luck with whatever you do!

Here I am with the late Scott Muni, at MTR honoring his contributions to New York Radio.

Scott Muni was honored Sept. 26, 2002 at the Museum of Television and Radio during their Annual Fall Radio Festival for his many years of radio work. Scott had been at WABC, WNEW-FM, and been doing 12-1PM at WAXQ since 1998. Scott passed away on September 28, 2004.

Jim Kerr and I attending the Scott Muni seminar at MTR. Click on the picture to visit Jim's page at Q104.

Jim has worked at some top stations in NYC, including WPLJ, WPIX-FM, WMXV, and WYNY 107.1, and is now doing morning drive at WAXQ, (Q104) with long time producer Eric Margolis and news anchor Shelly Sonstein. His first and second shows are available on CD, courtesy of Linda Cohen.

Pat St. John and I at MTR attending the Scott Muni seminar. Click on the picture to visit Pat's website.

Pat St. John has worked at some great radio stations, including WKNR, CKLW, WPLJ, WNEW-FM, WCBS-FM and WAXQ-FM (Q104.3). Now  he does Sunday mid days (10AM-3PM) on WCBS-FM. Pat also has done numerous voiceover work, and has done the announcers duties for the past several years for Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve on ABC-TV. Pat also programs and does on-air work at SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Check out his airchecks on the Top Jocks Page too! Click on the picture and visit his website, patstjohn.net!


While digging through a bag of stickers and pictures, I found this WNEW-AM baseball card of Julius LaRosa. All the jocks at the time had one. The station really knew how to promote their DJ's!
Available Aircheck: WNEW-AM 3/4/74

Thanks to Julius LaRosa, formerly of WNEW-AM for this autographed picture. I asked Julie to contribute to the Ted Brown tribute, and he wrote some wonderful words, which I enjoyed reading for him. Julie is still traveling and entertaining people all over the country, helping to keep the standards alive! Click the picture to visit Julie's website!


This is a new section called "Jock Collections"
Either I received the airchecks from the DJ's themselves, or collected them over the years. So instead of scattering them throughout the pages, they are now on one page.

Please reference the airchecks below with all the information listed when asking for them in a trade, thanks! Everything will be on CD unless noted otherwise.

Wolfman Jack

(Promotional photo left, and at WNBC on right)

The Wolfman...Robert Smith...who can ever forget his howl? My first memory of Wolfman Jack is seeing him in "American Graffitti," then hearing him on WNBC. Then he hosted "The Midnight Special" on NBC TV. Here are some CD's of his syndicated show. Visit www.wolfmanjack.com and www.wolfmanjack.org for lot's more information and pictures!

CD US March 6, 1974
CD US July 1974 #1
CD US July 1974 #2
CD X 4 No Dates
NY005 WNBC 1st Show 6/73 and Last Show 8/74 Scoped


Fred Winston

((Fred at WLS and WJMK)

That big booming voice...you've heard it all over in national TV and radio commercials...Fred Winston, a radio legend in Chicago who has worked at EVERY major and legendary station in the Windy City! His airchecks are now in one place and available for trade!

WKYC  8/15/68
WLS    3/12/76 
WFYR  9/27/77
WMAQ 11/15/78
WFYR  6/28/79
WCFL  3/13/81 1st Show 
WCFL  4/1/82
WCFL  1/83 Final Days 
WLS    2/5/83 Test Show & 2/7/83 1st Show 
WLS    3/1/89 C90 & CD X 2
WJMK 1/10/90 
WPNT 8/19/96 
WXXY 6/19/00 CD X 2
WJMK 8/19/04 CD X 2
WJMK 3/7/05  CD
WZZN 94.3 True Oldies 3/10/08 CD X 2

Jim Ladd

CD X 2 90 minutes Innerview w/Jefferson Starship 8/11/75

CD 60 minutes Innerview w/Seals and Crofts 1976

CD 51 minutes Innerview w/Foreigner 1984

CD KMET 1984

CA145 CD US KLSX 97.1 6/15/92

CD X 2 US KLOS 95.5 8/18/97 1st Show Back

CD X 2 US KLOS 95.5 7/20/01

CD X 2 US KLOS 95.5 12/18/06

CD X 2 US KLOS 95.5 12/19/06

MP3 CD SiriusXM 1st Show 2/13/12 

MP3 CD SiriusXM 8/1/12

MP3 CD SiriusXM 8/13/12

MP3 CD SiriusXM 9/27/12



Howard Hoffman

(((Howard through the years: WABC, WQHT and today in his studio)
(Click HERE to hear some great airchecks!)

When you hear the name Howard Hoffman, what do you think of right away? If you're a radio geek, you think of the parodies he did way back in 1976, "NINE!" and 1999's sequel, "NINETY NINE!" with Pete Salant, Famous Amos, and Randy West. Click HERE to go to Reelradio to hear them both. Howard is now the Production Director at KABC in Los Angeles. Below are airchecks available for trade.

WPIX-FM 1975

NY086F CD WPIX-FM Howard Hoffman & Dr. Jerry 1975

NY086  C60 & CD  WPIX-FM Composite of Dr Jerry & Howard Hoffman 8/31-11/15/76

WABC 2/27/80

KOPA 2/10/82

KMEL 1984 and 1/15/85

KHIT 7/17/87

KKFR 3/8/88

WBBM-FM 2/14/89

WQHT Hot 97 w/Stephanie Miller 8/90

KFRC 10/20/93 CD X 2



Mark Driscoll aka "Mr. Voice"

What can be said of Mark Driscoll that hasn't already been said? He's been a Top 40 DJ and Program Director at such stations as WPOP, WWDJ, WOR-FM, WKTQ/13Q, KTNQ/10Q, WRC-AM-FM KNDE, WNBC and many others.  I got to meet Mark once in 1978 when I was visiting Allen Beebe at WNBC, and he was hanging out in the jock lounge. He now has a very successful voice over business in California. Check out his site at www.markdriscoll.com. Click HERE to listen to a six minute intro and composite of Mark! All airchecks are available on CD only.

WOR-FM 4/5/71 30m

WOR-FM 4/6/72 CD X 2 90m

WRC-AM-FM 1/21/73 30m

WNBC 5/8/78 1st Show 45m

WNBC 5/10/78 3rd Show 45m

Composite: WPOP-WWDJ-WKTQ/13Q-KNDE-KTNQ/10Q 30m


Sonny Fox

Sonny is currently a Program Director and on air host at XM. His wife Janet sent me 5 airchecks to add to the site. All of them are on CD.

CD X 2 WYSP Philadelphia 9/2/77

WHYI Y100 Miami 7/28/86 Scoped

CD X 2 WKIS 99.9 Kiss Country Miami 1/14/98

WKIS 99.9 Kiss Country Miami 8/2/00 Scoped

WKIS 99.9 Kiss Country Miami 8/30/00 Scoped

WMXJ Majic 102.7 Miami w/Ron Hersey 6/24/93 Scoped


Gus Gossert
June 14, 1943-August 10, 1976)

Please click HERE to read all about Robert Charles "Gus" Gossert, the curly haired kid in the second row. Gus was on the air for only a short time in New York, but certainly made an impression with oldies fans on WCBS-FM and WPIX-FM. Below is a listing of airchecks available on three mp3 CD's, or individual audio CD's. They were all taken from master 10" reels and remastered to CD. The length of the airchecks average one hour each, with some being 45 minutes.

WCBS-FM CD#1: 4/6/69, January 1970, 5/10/70, 5/12/70-1, 5/12/70-2, 5/18/70, 5/24/70, 7/5/70, 7/12/70, 7/13/70, 7/19/70-1, 7/19/70-2

WCBS-FM CD#2: 7/19/70-3, Steve Clark into GG 7/11/70, 7/29/70, 9/13/70, 9/70, 10/4/70 and WOLD Chicago Oldies Demo 1/10/72

WPIX-FM CD #3: No Date #1, No Date #2, No Date #3, 4/3/71, 4/11/71-1, 4/11/71-2 Interview w/The Platters, 6/4/71, 6/6/71, October 1971

Harry Nelson

What can be said about Harry Nelson that hasn't been said already? Legendary programmer, great personality DJ and a heck of a nice guy! I first met Harry back in 1977 when I was visiting Johnny Dark in NYC, and he came by with Ellie Dylan. I got back in touch with Harry when he was programming WPOR in Portland, Maine in 2006 and stayed in touch. I saw Harry at Ron O'Brien's memorial service in April 2008, and we got to catch up. Harry has worked at some famous radio stations, including WRKO, WJBQ, KFRC and WAPP. Here's a listing of some of his airchecks. Click HERE for the intro Harry recorded for the site and some great airchecks! Visit Harry's site by clicking HERE!  (More airchecks to come soon)

NE019 WRKO 10/4/79
NE026 CD X 2 WJBQ-FM 6/23/83
WPOR-FM Country MP3 CD 7/30/07
WODS Oldies 103.3 CD US
WODS Oldies 103.3 CD X 2 US


Dick Summer

Big Apple Airchecks is proud to present:
"Dick Summer-This Is Your Radio Life"
You'll hear airchecks from WBZ, WNEW-FM, WNEW-AM, WPLJ, WNBC, NBC Monitor,  WYNY and WPIX-FM, and several surprises sprinkled through out so keep your ears open. Give yourself an hour of peace and quiet,  get your favorite beverage and relax with your
Dick...Summer that is.

(Click HERE to download it from 4shared.com)

(Barb, Dick and Kris Summer 1977 and Dick 2008)




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