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I found some great newspaper articles about radio in some old folders, and just had to share them here! Remember what radio what really was about a few years ago? These stories will tell you...enjoy them.

Click on Dan to hear a WABC aircheck from 1968!
Long Island Newsday January 14, 1985

Long Island Newsday WNEW-FM Scott Muni article January 1, 1997

Click on Ron Lundy to hear a WCBS-FM 1984 aircheck!
The newspaper ad for the 1st Rock 'N Roll Great Reunion Weekend August 18-19,1984

The newspaper ad for the 1st Rock 'N Roll Great Reunion Weekend August 18-19,1984

Daily News Radio RoundUp July 24, 1977

A series of clippings from The NY Daily News featuring WXLO/99X 1975

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