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The WNBC and WYNY Reunion!

Now Playing...The JAM New York 97 Song!(c)1979 JAM Creative Prod Inc.

*New Photos added June 21,2005*

Now Available...The WNBC/WYNY Reunion DVD from !  Go visit the site, and contact Art Vuolo directly for a copy of this 66 Minute DVD Presentation!

Pictures from the event...

Matt Seinberg and Batt Johnson
Click on the picture to go to

Tracy Carman, Joey Reynolds and Jay Sorenson

Batt Johnson, Steve Warren and Tim Byrd

More Pictures...Click to Enlarge

Herb Barry, Mitch Lebe, Frank Cipolla, Matt Seinberg, Tim Byrd, Batt Johnson

Chris Doyle, Jay Sorenson, Joey Reynolds, Matt Seinberg

Herb Barry, Frank Cipolla, Tim Byrd, Batt Johnson

Pete Salant, Anita Bonita, Matt Seinberg

Peter Kanze and Gene Garnes

Peter Shane and Joey Reynolds

Rick Sommers and Matt Seinberg

Tim Byrd, Batt Johnson, Herb Barry, Steve Warren

Matt Seinberg, Catherine Smith,& Doug O'Brien

Frank Cipolla, Abby and Dave Sims

Steve Greenstein, Laura and Willard Tressel, Matt Seinberg

Batt Johnson, Lauren Esposito, Matt Seinberg

Jimmy Diele(Cousin Vinny), Mary Shaw and Ray Rossi

Edie and Bob James, Matt Seinberg

Mark Olkowski, Randy Hoffner, Matt Seinberg, Peter Shane, Elena Nacanther, Bruce Leonard, Gene Garnes, Jeff Kroll, Bennett Levine

Frank Cipolla, Matt Seinberg and Dave Sims

Jay Sorenson and Ray Rossi

Anita Bonita, Ray Rossi, Steve O'Brien, Herb Barry and Rick Sommers.

Jim Kerr

Steve Warren and Mitch Lebe

Herb Barry, Mitch Lebe, Doug O'Brien, Richard Lipstein, Jim Kerr and Catherine Smith

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It's finally over...and was a resounding success!!

UPDATED June 21, 2004

The date for the Reunion was June 20, 2004 at The Hard Rock Cafe in NYC from 6-11PM.

The reunion  was terrific, and everyone had lot's of fun! Here is the complete guest list:
Tim&Sally Byrd, John Bohannon, Mitch Lebe, Herb Barry, Peter Shane, Elena Nacanther, Steve Warren, Frank&Lauren Cipolla, Rick Sommers, Andy Fisher, Catherine Smith&Doug O'Brien, Steve O'Brien, Jimmy Diele&Cindy Guzzo, Chris Doyle, Richard Lipstein, Bruce Leonard&Tamara Pearce, Laura Nilon Tressel&Will Tressel, Steven Grumbach, Anita Bonita, Peter Kanze, Lauren Esposito, Dave&Abby Sims, Sam Hall, Gene Garnes, Steve Greenstein, Bob&Edie James, Ray Rossi, Jeff&Pat Kroll, Batt Johnson, Mary Shaw, Tracy Carman, Barry Carman, Randy Hoffner, Jay Sorenson, Chris DiPaola and his Dad, Art Vuolo "Radio's Best Friend", Jim Kerr, Bennett Levine, Mr.&Mrs. Mark Olkowski, Frank Osborne, Joey Reynolds, and Pete Salant of "9!" and "99!" fame.

Thanks to everyone who helped: Lauren Esposito, Peter Kanze, Ed Brouder's Man From Mars Productions, Bill Dulmage, Russ Horton, Bruce Slutsky, Paul Richards, Doug Stoffa, John Pasquale/Hard Rock Cafe, Radio-Info and NYRMB for allowing me to post about the reunion!

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