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This page is dedicated to some of the Top Jocks that we all like to collect. Please note that some of the airchecks are shown on other pages. If they are on this page only, the code is TJ. Click on the jocks names, and a new window opens to their web page or current radio station. You may email me HERE if you have anything to you'd like to contribute or trade. Please take out the "at" and put in "@"! 

 Tom Kent

Tom Kent was born and raised in Winston-Salem N.C. He was 15 when he scored his first radio job working weekends at WAIR. Rick Dees was his competition on cross-town Top 30 rival WTOB. These were the most impressionable years for Tom in radio especially working midnight to 6am his last three years of high school. As soon as he graduated high school, he had airchecks flying cross country. His big break came at the age of 19 when George Klein hired him to do nighttime at WHBQ in Memphis, and he became Truckin' Tom Cookin' Kent. His high energy antics got the attention of WIXY and he did nighttime in Cleveland from 1974 to 1975. In the spring of 1975, he was lured away from WIXY for more sunshine and money at KFJZ in Ft. Worth. That took him across the turnpike to KLIF in Dallas in 1975, where Truckin' Tom was on fire! Bill Hennes called in 1977 and Tom moved to WIBG in Philadelphia. In 1978, Joel Denver called from 96X in Miami. From there it was on to WGCL in Cleveland and then WLS Chicago, the Continental Satellite Radio Network, B-94 (Pittsburgh), WAVA (Washington, D.C.), Hot 95 (Baltimore), and Hot 92 (Cleveland).

TJ001 C60 KLIF & WIBG Sept. 1977
TJ002 CD   15 Minutes "Hall Of Fame Coast
                   To Coast" Syndicated Show Demo
TJ003 CD   10 Minutes "TK Tom Kent-Through
                   The Years." WHBQ/WIXY/KFJZ/
                   WAVA Prod. By Elektra Records
TJ004 CD   15 Minutes WLS 1980
TJ005 CD   70 Minutes Assorted Airchecks
NE027 WAVA 3/27/84
TJ37 C90 WLS 3/1/80 




A true legend in radio broadcast history, with over 40 years behind the mic, Dan was most recently heard on WCBS-FM, until he was unceremoniously let out of contract. His last shows were on Saturday June 7 and Sunday, June 8, 2003, and Big Apple Airchecks has them, courtesy of Lauren Esposito.

In 1959, Ingram moved to KBOX Dallas and later to WIL St. Louis, generating record-breaking ratings at each station. Ingram, who has been called "arguably the best Top 40 deejay ever," began his distinguished broadcast career working at several tri-state area radio stations, including WNHC New Haven. His first job was for New Rochelle's WNRC, a middle of the road formatted radio station.

Prior to joining
WCBS-FM in 1991, Ingram was a fixture at New York's WABC-AM from 1961 to 1982, where, as the station's afternoon deejay, his quick wit and familiar cries of "Hi Kemosabe" and "Roll your bod" earned him legions of fans. Joining the station at age 26, he took the afternoon show from number 12 to number one in a mere nine months, making it the highest-rated afternoon broadcast in New York radio history. 

Dan Ingram has been one of the most prominent voice-over announcers in the radio, television industrial communities. His charitable efforts extend to public service announcements and fundraising for various non-profit organizations. Most recently, Dan has been heard in city taxicabs as part of the New York City taxicab campaign to "buckle up!" Ingram was also the voice of HBO for several years.

Ingram was awarded the Brotherhood Award of the National Conference of Christians and Jews for a series of announcements he created and performed for WABC radio and the Edward R. Murrow Award for his anti-smoking campaign.
Included here are Dan's airchecks from WNHC, KBOX, WABC, WKTU, KRTH, and WCBS-FM. Big Apple Airchecks is very proud to include him on the Top Jocks airchecks page!
NY030 WNHC 1958/WICC-1958/KBOX-1960
DI001 C90 US WIL 5/6/60
DI002 C90 US WIL 1961/WABC 1961-64
DI003 C90 US WABC 7/22/67 Side 1
           US WABC Bruce Morrow 2/28/68 Side 2
DI004 45m Scoped WABC 8/10/68 Subbing for HOA
DI005 C90 US WABC 12/28/68 and Ron Lundy Side 2
DI006 90 X 2 WABC 8/31/71 US
DI007 Scoped WABC 7/1/72 (15:00), 2/8/73 (30:00),
12/23/74 (30:00) 
DI008 C90 Scoped WABC July 1975

DI009 C90 WKTU 1985

DI010 1-4 CD US Last Saturday WCBS-FM show 6/7/03 complete on 4 CD's
DI011 1-3 CD Last Sunday WCBS-FM show
6/8/03 90 minutes unscoped on 3 CD's

DI012 CD US WOR Interview with Dan Ingram 9-18-03
DI013 CD US WABC 8/23/72

DI014 CD Scooped WABC 

DI015 CD Scoped Assorted 1966-67
WABC 8/4/67 & Various Dates (includes April Fools off the air joke)
DI016 CD US WABC 12/26/67 and 12/29/71
DI017 CD US WABC 12/28/68 CD US
DI018 CD US WABC 6/22/73 and 7/30/73 
DI019 CD X 2 US WABC 5/9/75
DI020 WABC 12/9/80 CD Scoped (includes coverage of John Lennon's assination) and Charlie Greer 8/3/69
DI021 CD US WABC 20th Anniversary Show July 3,1981

CA001 WABC Oct. 1961 

NY001 WABC Stand By Tape 1968 

NY039 WABC First Composite Feb-June 1977            
NY040 WABC Second Comp. Dec 78-Jan 79
NY041 WABC The Last Show w/Ron Lundy
            May 2, 1982 US
NY044 WABC "More Music Massacre Comp,"
            December 17, 1979
NY045 WABC "The Adult WABC Comp."
            March 9, 1981 1st Show back in PM
NY046 WABC "Down To Number Two Comp."
            January 18, 1979
NY048 WKTU "The New 92KTU Comp."
            January 15, 1985 2nd Show
CA020 KRTH June 24 & 25, 1998 US 
NY091 WCBS-FM Feb 16, 2003 Full Show US
TJ18 WALK Jan 1956 3 Minutes Scoped  
WKTU CD X 2 US 1/16/85 3rd Show

Broadway Bill Lee

What can be said of Broadway Bill Lee that hasn't already been said? He's been in radio over 30 years and worked at some great stations including WTIC, WJBQ, KFRC, WQHT Hot 97 and WKTU 103.5.  He did Sunday mornings on WWFS Fresh 102.7, and daily shows on XM Satellite Radio "50's on 5" channel. Bill is currently doing afternoons on the revitalized WCBS-FM, New Yorks Greatest Hits! Bill Lee is a master of rhymes, and he can do it and hit the post with his eyes closed, or so I've been told. Big Apple Airchecks is proud to include the one and only Bill Lee to the realm of Top Jocks! 

NY179 CD 45m US WQHT Hot 97 Bill Lee 5/89

WQHT Hot 97 CD US 10/18/89

WBLI 106.1 1st Guest Show CD X 3 US 1/20/07  

XM 50's On 5 CD X 3 US 5/4/07 

CD US WWFS Fresh 102.7 5/6/07

CD The Original Hot 97 Website Kickoff To Live Hosts 5/8/07


"The True" Don Bleu 

I've been a fan of "TDB" ever since I got my first aircheck of him on KDWB back in the 1970's, and through the years, stayed a fan. I remember channel surfing on a late Sunday night, and finding Don Bleu on The Discovery Channel, hosting a show about how things are done and made called "The Know Zone." It also featured Soledad O'Brien, before she was on CNBC. The following paragraphs are from The Pavek Museum of Broadcasting in Minnesota. 

Thanks Don for doing a great intro, and being a friend to BAA! I've had the pleasure of talking to Don a couple of times while he was on the air at Star, and he is as friendly on the phone as he is on the air! Click HERE to here the intro and some great airchecks!

Host of "Don Bleu in the Morning" on Star 101.3 FM in San Francisco, Don Bleu (real name Rick Kelleher) is one of the most popular personalities in Bay Area radio, but Twin Cities listeners remember him as "True Don Bleu" from KDWB in the glory days of Top 40 AM radio.

A native of East Grand Forks, Minnesota, Bleu began his career in 1966 when his University of North Dakota classmate Shadoe Stevens encouraged him to give radio a try. He signed on at KILO in Grand Forks, and soon became the night-time disc jockey. After a term at KQWB Fargo, he moved to the Twin Cities and KDWB in 1968, where for the next ten years he was one of the top jocks in the region, even touring the state with his own group, True Don Bleu and the Upper Division Back to the '50s Rock and Roll Revue. His Minnesota success earned him a spot at KHJ Radio in Los Angeles. In 1980 he moved to San Francisco, where he became a star in the adult contemporary format, twice named National Adult Contemporary Air Personality of the Year by Radio & Records Magazine. He's also enjoyed success in television, having hosted "The Gong Show" for a season, as well as shows for the Discovery Channel and Home and Garden TV. Following is a listing of Don Bleu airchecks.

CD US KDWB-FM/AM 9/5/78 Minneapolis Last Show

CA068 CD X 2 US KHJ-AM 9/25/78 

CD US KYUU-FM 99.7 San Francisco 12/28/82

CD X 3 KYUU-FM 99.7 San Francisco 8/9/88

CA049 CD US KIOI  (a great aircheck!) 3/10/03
CA064 C90 US KIOI  8/21/03

CA049A CD US KIOI  9/8/03
CA083C CD KIOI  4/25/05
CA083B CD KIOI "The Best of Don Bleu" 2/19/07


 Charlie has always been one of my favorite DJ's, and when I started going through my tapes, I didn't realize how many I actually had. Here's a listing of stations that he has been at, along with the year, thanks to 440 Satisfaction.


Big Apple Airchecks is proud to include the legendary Charlie Van Dyke as one of the Top Jocks! For those shows that do not have codes next to them, they are exclusive to this page.

CD US KFRC 5/25/70 

CD US KFRC 10/70

TJ014  15 minutes KHJ 1972

CA038 KHJ Interview w/Rick Dees 2/77

CA005 CD KHJ  Last Show 5/5/77

CA042 WRKO 5/79

NE008 C46 WRKO 3/5/79 1st Show

NE009 30 minutes WRKO 3/16/79 US

NE011 10 minutes WRKO 3/16/79

NE012 50 minutes WRKO 4/23/79

NE013 50 minutes WRKO 4/19/79

NE014 45 minutes WRKO 4/12/79

NE015 10 minutes WRKO 7/31/79

NE019 15 minutes WRKO 10/4/79

NE021 25 minutes WRKO 1/24/80 

TJ17 CD KRTH April 19, 1999 

TJ18 30m KFRC 5/27/70

TJ23 C60 KLIF 6/2/67

TJ24 C120 and CD X 2 WLS 10/10/71

TJ25 C90 X 2 KHJ 1/24/72 First Show 

TJ31 C90 KGLQ 6/16/98 

TJ32 C90 KGLQ 10/13/97 


Pat St. John

Cool,Hip,Class; Those are the three words that describe my friend Pat St. John. I remember first talking to Pat when I was in high school, just to request a song, and thinking how nice this guy was! When I finally got to meet Pat, I was visiting WPLJ to do interviews for my college radio station with some of the DJ's, and when I saw the long hair, the oversize jewelery and heard the voice, I knew I wanted to be in radio! What better inspiration than a DJ from your favorite FM radio station?

Pat is celebrating 30 years of being in New York radio...there aren't to many people who can make that claim, and be truly happy about it. Pat's professional career started at CKLW in 1969, and from there to WKNR in 1970, WRIF 1972, and WPLJ in 1973, where he stayed for an amazing 14 years! From there, he went to WNEW-FM for 11 years, where he also was program director. In 1998, he joined fledgling Sirius Satellite Radio, and in 2001, went to WCBS-FM, where he did the Saturday/Sunday 11PM-4AM shift. Pat is now a really busy guy...he does the 10 AM-3 PM show Sunday mid-day show at WCBS-FM, and is also a host and program manager of several shows at SiriusXM Satellite Radio.

Big Apple Airchecks is proud to welcome our friend Pat St. John to the realm of TOP JOCKS! Thanks Pat for all the years of great entertainment, and terrific airchecks!

C60 & CD Composite: Covers the highlights of Pat's career at CKLW, WKNR, WPLJ, WNEW-FM, and WCBS-FM. Also the opening and closing portions of the show he did on WLIE in 2002. Also includes the "WPLJ Big Montage." 

US CKLW 11/14/69 

CD WKNR 1310 1970-71 and Last Show March 1972

CD WAXQ-FM Q104.3 12/6/03 1st Show 60m

MP3 CD WCBS-FM First Show Back 7/13/07 
5 hours (2 hours from stream, 3 hours from radio)

CD US WCBS-FM 3/9/08 (Pat told me over the phone he hadn't recorded himself for quite a while, so I went ahead and did it for him!)

(Check out the New York page for more WPLJ airchecks that include Pat)

Gotta love the hair and jewlery! Click here to visit

Pat on a vintage WKNR Motor City Survey 1971

Vintage WPLJ Promo Card...the back has
the NY FM Dial from around 1975.

Click HERE to visit I guess this was
during Pat's cowboy stage; his horse is double
parked outside!

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