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Classic Radio Station Tributes

This page will  feature some of the classic radio stations of all time!

WABC Saturday Night Oldies CD X 3 The Return of MusicRadio77 with Mark Simone hosting The Saturday Night Oldies Show 12/3/05 S (Semi-Edited)

(NOTE: All the Oldies Shows are available from the beginning to the current date even though they are not listed here. They can be done as audio or mp3 CD's.)

The shows below are WABC DJ's including Dan Ingram who is on the Top Jocks Page, and are not listed on the New York Page. They are listed in chronological order. Please give all information when inquiring about a trade.

CD X 2 US Dan Ingram 7/22/67 

CD US Ron Lundy 12/28/68 

Roby Yonge 10/21/69 Last Show into Les Marshack

Dan Ingram 8/23/72

CD US George Michael-Johnny Donovan-Dan Ingram 3/19/75 

CD US Bob Cruz 8/31/78 45m 

CD US Bob Cruz 12/7/78 45m 

CD US Bob Cruz 2/26/80 60m 

Chuck Leonard 4/2/79

Ron Lundy 5/26/80

CD X 2 Scoped Ross Brittain & Brian Wilson 1st Show, Ron Lundy, Johnny Donovan and Dan Ingram returns to afternoons 3/9/81 

CD X 2 US Marc Summers 3/27/82 

CD X 2 US Ron Lundy 4/30/82 

CD US Dan Ingram 4/30/82

Rewound 1999

6 AM: Johnny Donovan and the $25,000 Button, HOA Voices of Vista, Cousin Brucie's Last Show 1974, Production
7 AM: Jim Nettleton, Contests and Promos 1964-1969
8 AM: Promos-Contests-Music-Bits
9 AM: Tour of 8th Floor of 1330 Ave of The Americas, Strikebound
WABC, Roby Yonge Debut
10 AM: Dan Ingram 6/12/64 and Aprils Fools joke on Dan
11 AM: 1961-1962 Production and Music
12 PM: Half Hour Jingle Montage from Jonathon Wolfert
5 PM: Meet The Beatles
6 PM: Death of John Lennon, Chuck Leonard 1977
7 PM: Dan Ingram Fall 1961 and July 1961 Breakfast Club Sampler
8 PM: Howard Hoffman New Year's Eve 1979, Sturgis Griffin and 
Peter Bush Last Music Show May 1982
9 PM: Commericals and Music of the day, Final Moments of 
Musicradio 77 WABC May 1982
10 PM: Cousin Brucie 1st Saturday Night Dance Party, HOA 1968,
Dan Ingram Highlights
10:30 PM: Start of Talk Show

Rewound 2000

6 AM: Charlie Greer January 1967
7 AM: Johnny Donovan 1974, Dan Ingram 1972
8 AM: Ron Lundy 1975
9 AM: Bob Lewis 1964 Part 1
10 AM: Bob Lewis 1967 Part 2
11 AM: Bob Lewis 1967, Dan Ingram & Jeff Berman AFTRA Strike
12 PM: New Jingle Montage by Jonathon Wolfert
5 PM: Jack Carney 1961 Freedomland Remote, 1965 Blackout,      1978 Station Demo
6 PM: Bruce Morrow 11/29/67 
7 PM: George Michael 1976, Promos and Music
8 PM: Roby Yonge 10/21/69 (Paul Is Dead Show that got him fired)
9 PM: Promos and forgotten bits
10 PM: Dan Ingram 6/12/64. 1972 Station Demo
11 PM: Talk Show on Steve Malzberg's show with Allan Sniffen,
Jonathon Wolfert, Peter Kanze, George Denos and listener calls.

Rewound 2001

6 AM: Cousin Brucie's 1st Saturday Night Party Show
7 AM: 1968 Sales Demo
8 AM: Dan Ingram filling in for HOA 1968
9 AM: Chuck Dunaway
10 AM: Chuck Leonard 1975 and aircheck from 1964 Harlem riots
11 AM: Fred Foy demo
12 PM: Bob Lewis on WABC-FM debunking the Paul is dead rumor
1 PM: George Michael 1977 Elvis Tribute Part 1
2 PM: George Michael 1977 Elvis Tribute Part 2
3 PM: Dan Ingram Summer 1967
4 PM: Dan Ingram August 1975
5 PM: Dan Ingram 1/16/79
6 PM: 2001 Jingle Montage
11 PM: Talk Show

Rewound 2002

6 AM: Dan Ingram 1969
7 AM: George Michael June 1979
8 AM: Martin Block and Dan Ingram 1962
9 AM: Herb Oscar Anderson and Harry Harrison
10 AM: W A Beatle C 1964
11 AM: Dan Ingram "Emergency Transmitter Tape"
12 PM: First WABC Talkradio Show 1982, Contests and Promos
1 PM: Cousin Brucie, Alan Freed, Bob Dayton
2 PM: Dan Ingram 1963
3 PM: Charlie Greer 1965
4 PM: Dan Ingram January 1968
5 PM: Cousin Brucie 1968
6 PM: Dan Ingram 1969
7 PM: George Michael June 1979
8 PM: Talk Show



This page  information and updates!

Big Apple Airchecks would like to thank former WHN Program Director Ed Salamon for providing us with his "stash of lost" WHN Airchecks!

The DJ's:
Bobby "The Wizard" Wayne
Del DeMontreaux
Ed Baer
Larry Kenny
Jessie (Stone)
Lee Arnold
Mike Fitzgerald
Dana Lauren
Dan Taylor

WHN CD X 6 Special Presentation: The Last 6 Hours of WHN
Hosted By Lee Arnold and Dan Taylor 7/1/87 (Courtesy of Tom Tortorella and Frank Quaranti)


WHN1 CD Compilation of the above DJ's for the 1977 Billboard Personality of The Year Awards
WHN2 CD Dolly Parton 11/26/75

WHN3 CD Big Al Downing 1975

WHN4 CD Ray Sawyer and Dennis Locorriere of Dr. Hook 1/26/78

WHN5 CD Barbi Benton 2/9/76 and Doug Sahm 8/30/76

WHN6 CD Tammy Wynette 9/17/76

WHN7 CD Olivia Newton-John 11/18/77 and 
Kenny Rogers 10/29/79

WHN8 CD Juice Newton 12/8/81

WHN9 CD Roger Miller 4/12/82

WHN10 CD Michael Murphy 10/25/83

WHN11 CD John Denver 4/2/84

WHN12 CD Bobby Wayne 11/20/76
                  Bobby Wayne Billboard Aircheck 1977
                  Bobby Wayne & CW McCall 11/20/75

WHN13 CD Bobby Wayne, Del DeMontreaux, Jessie, Guest DJ John Hartford, Ed Baer 12/9/76

WHN14 CD Mike Fitzgerald with Guest DJ Engelbert Humperdinck

WHN15 CD Del DeMontreaux 5/16/??

WHN16 CD Guest DJ Eddie Rabbitt and Jessie 8/21/78

WHN17 CD Guest DJ Emmylou Harris 1/28/85

WHN18 CD Del DeMontreaux introducing Guest DJ Dolly Parton 11/26/75

WHN19 CD Guest DJ Doug Sahm 8/10/76

WHN20 CD Guest DJ Kitty Wells 6/28/77

WHN21 CD Guest DJ Anne Murray 2/10/78

WHN22 CD Guest DJ Willie Nelson 3/30/79

WHN23 CD Guest DJ Charlie Pride 2/26/81

WHN24 CD Guest DJ's Johnny Cash & Anne Murray 12/4/81

WHN25 CD Guest DJ Ronnie Milsap 4/21/82

WHN26 CD Guest DJ Eddie Arnold 9/13/82

WHN27 CD Guest DJ John Schneider 3/22/83

WHN28 CD Bruce Bradley 8/74 (Courtesy of Frank Quaranti)

WHN29 CD Guest DJ's Loretta Lynn & Sissy Spacek 1977

WHN30 CD Guest DJ's Jeff Hanna & John McEuen of The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 2/23/77

WHN31 CD Guest DJ Roy Clark 5/16/77

WHN32 CD Guest DJ Hank Thompson 5/16/77

WHN33 CD Guest DJ Freddy Fender 5/17/77

WHN34 CD Guest DJ Dickie Lee 9/13/77 (with a little Alan Colmes at the end)

WHN35 CD Guest DJ Conway Twitty 9/21/77

WHN36 CD Guest DJ Ronnie Milsap 12/1/77

WHN37 CD Bobby Wayne hosts Rusty Weir Live in Studio Concert 2/27/78

WHN38 CD Bobby Wayne introduces Johnny Paycheck Live From The Lonestar Cafe hosted by Ed Baer 2/28/78

WHN39 CD Guest DJ Crystal Gayle 4/10/78

WHN40 CD Guest DJ's Jim Ed Brown & Helen Cornelius 4/9/80

WHN41 CD Guest DJ's Donny & Marie Osmond 8/5/80

WHN42 CD Guest DJ Tanya Tucker 5/22/78 and Dan Taylor with John Schneider 7/13/81

WHN43 CD Mike Fitzgerald with Guest DJ Anne Murray 9/27/83

WHN44 CD Jessie w/Guest DJ Lester Flatt 4/29/78

WHN45 CD Guest DJ Johnny Cash 2/8/85

WHN46 CD Bruce Bradley 8/73 and Big Wilson 12/17/74

Promos: CD Country Music The Way You Want It Contest (1 minute)

Biography Of Ed Salamon

As the Executive Director of the Country Radio Broadcasters, Ed Salamon works every day to make Country Radio more successful. He is responsible for producing the CRB events including the radio industrys largest convention, The Country Radio Seminar. He also oversees CRBs many other industry initiatives, which include research, awards and scholarships.

Ed made his initial industry contacts deejaying record hops and playing in garage bands that appeared at dances held by top 40 deejays in his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa.

After college, Ed was hired by KDKA radio to handle publicity, promotion and market research, but soon became Music Director of the legendary 50,000-watt clear channel station. There, Ed developed a system of call-out music research.

Two years later, Ed accepted an offer to program a Country station, WEEP, also in Pittsburgh. In 1975, the unexpected success of this station, in a non-traditional Country market, attracted attention and earned Ed the offer to program WHN, New York, which was failing after two years in the Country format.

The Wall Street Journal and the Business sections of The New York Times were among the press to document the rise of WHN from 14th to 2nd place. In the late 70s, ads touting WHN as the 2nd largest radio station on earth and the biggest thing since rock and roll were often on the cover of Broadcasting Magazine. Ed used research to take chances on music. Much of this music was not what Nashville was marketing, and there was an initiative to remove WHN as a Billboard Country reporter. Ed produced the nationally syndicated series, Live From The Lone Star Café. Meanwhile, WHN, its air staff, and Ed won numerous awards and more importantly, WHN set the record as the most listened to Country radio station in America. Ed was named National Program Director of the Storer Radio chain. When Storer sold its stations, Ed stayed with WHN and new owner Mutual Broadcasting and got involved with network programming, where he met Dick Clark.

In 1981, Ed formed The United Stations Radio Network with Dick and Nick Verbitsky. As Programming head, he created The Weekly Country Music Countdown, which is still on the air, as well as countless weekly shows and specials. United Stations bought the RKO Radio Networks, then merged with Transtar to form Unistar. In the mid 90s, Ed became bi-coastal in order to run the 24/7 Satellite Format division that had been Transtar. Infinity purchased Unistar, then bought Westwood One and consolidated the networks. Ed became President/Programming of Westwood One, at one time reporting directly to Mel Karmazin. Charles Osgood, Martha Stewart, and David Letterman were among the programs that reported to Ed.

Ed Salamon was head of Programming for a major radio network for more than twenty years. He has been responsible for the creation of more radio programming than anyone in modern radio history.

Since the 70s, Ed had served on the Agenda Committee and Board of the Country Radio Broadcasters on a pro bono basis. In the mid 90s, Ed was named President, and held that office longer than anyone in the organizations history. Since becoming Executive Director of the CRB on July 1, 2002, Ed has been able to devote total efforts toward his passion for Country radio.

Click HERE to read an article about Ed and the CRB! It's from Thanks Ed, for the link!


Here are airchecks from the GREATEST oldies station
of all time, WCBS-FM! This is by no means a complete listing of what is available, only what I've had time to list! They are all listed in chronological order, so when making a request, please provide all the dates and DJ's name! Everything is on CD unless otherwise indicated. Thanks to the following people for providing the airchecks: Jack Pecinich, Dave Plotkin, Lauren Esposito, Chris Andrews, Linda Cohen, Steven Green, Ira Menacker, Douglas Eberhardt and Sandy Capers.

Norm N. Nite: 6/24/73, 6/73,4/24/83, 5/29/83, 6/12/83
 7/8/83, 7/31/83, 9/11/83 (All on separate CD's)

CD X 2 US NY119A Roby Yonge 2/13/70

CD US Mike Fitzgerald 5/23/78

CD US Harry Harrison into Bill Brown 5/23/80

CD US Cousin Bruce Morrow's 1st Show 6/5/82 60m

CD Harry Harrison 1986 with fan on the phone during the Mets VS Red Sox World Series game 1986 (caller is contributor Jack Pecinich)

CD US Cousin Brucie's Tribute To Bob Lewis 2/14/87 

CD X 4 US Zacherle's Halloween Party 10/31/87

WCBS-FM CD X 3 Third Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Show 1/20/88

WCBS-FM CD X 3 Fourth Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Show 1/18/89

WCBS-FM CD X 3 Fifth Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Show 1/17/90 recorded on U92 Tampa

CD Bob Shannon 6/5/82 and Steve O'Brien 4/25/89 

CD US Bill Brown 6/16/90

CD US Bob Shannon 6/16/90

CD Dan Ingram 1/31/91 (First show ever subbing for Ron Lundy!)

CD X 2 Dan Ingram 10/19/91 (First regular shift)

CD Cousin Brucie 8/11/92

CD Bobby Jay April 12, 1993

NY068C CD US Ron Lundy in for Bill Brown, and Sue O'Neal in for Ron 2/11/94

CD US Dan Ingram into Dan Daniel (1st Show) 5/26/96

Chuck Leonard 12/5/97 CD X 2 (includes KLOS JJ Jackson 8/24/78 on disc 2)

CD X 2 Zacherle's 2 Hour Halloween Special 10/31/98

CD X 2 US Steve O'Brien 5/10/03

CD X 2 Ed Baer 5/31/03

CD US Famous Amos 12/25/03

CD US Holly Levis  7/24/04

Mickey Dolenz and Mike Fitzgerald Morning Show: all mp3 CD's)
First Show 1/10/05
50th Show 3/25/05
April Fools Day w/Joe Walsh Interview 4/1/05

Interviews w/Camryn Manheim and Martin Short 5/4/05
Interviews w/Gary Sohmers from "Antiques Road Show" and 
Rich Vos & Bonnie McFarland from "Last Comic Standing" 5/19/05

The Return of WCBS-FM To New York's Greatest Hits 7/12/07!
CD X 10 US From 12 Noon Kick-off with montage up until 12 Midnight. Features Bob Shannon, Bill Lee, Joe Causi, Dan Taylor and various other guests.

New York Radio Greats Sunday Night Show: I have all the shows available either as one MP3 CD or 3 separate audio CD's. Jocks include the late Wolfman Jack, Big Ron O'Brien, Norm N. Nite, Ed Baer, Don K. Reed, Bobby Jay, Ross Brittain, Don Bombard, and many others.

CD X 2 US A Halloween Special with Zacherle and Ron Parker 10/31/07 8-10 PM


 The Legendary WNEW-FM!

Tribute To "Murray The K" 2/7/87

CD US Rosko 11/18/70 (Bill Mercer)

CD US Rosko 12/6/70

CD US Rosko 4/15/68 & 12/3/70

CD US Dennis Elsas Hosts The 10th Anniversary Of The Beatles Coming To America 2/10/74

CD X 2 US Richard Neer with guests Monty Python 3/25/75

CD US Dave Herman 4/18/77 and Pete Fornatale 11/28/80

CD US Allison Steele 10/31/78

CD US Allison Steele 12/6/78

CD US Richard Neer 4/7/79

CD US The WNEW-FM Christmas Carol 12/12/80

CD US Vin Scelsa 5/10/81, Jim Monaghan 6/21/81 and Earle Bailey 2/14/82

CD US Richard Neer into Pete Fornatale 3/25/83

CD US Carol Miller 4/25/86 and Dan Neer 4/7/96

CD US Meg Griffin & Carol Miller 2/87

CD US Richard Neer 2/25/89

CD US Carol Miller 1/31/92

CD US Pat St. John & Scott Muni 3/22/90 and PSJ 3/94

CD US Harris Allen 7/6/91

CD US Carol Miller 8/9/95

CD X 4 Vin Scelsa 2/26/96

CD US Tony Pigg 11/96

CD US All Time 500 12/31/96 

CD X 2 Dave Herman Returns 1/2/97

CD X 3 US WFUV Pete Fornatale Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of WNEW-FM 10/27/07


The World Famous 92.7 WLIR

CD US John DiBella 3/27/81

CD US Meg Griffin and Bob Waugh 5/14/84

CD US Gary Cee and Seany O 12/31/02

The Not So Famous 92.7 WDRE

CD US Malibu Sue 1/14/88





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