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Updated 5/5/20

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Thanks to my long time radio friend, Evan Paul, the artist formerly known as Chunky, Big Boy and Bigg

before hitting the BIG time with his Townsquare syndicated show, Taste Of Country Nights!

We "met" when he was still in Memphis, and we've been been friends ever since. 

May is always his month to do the intro, so here he is!

(Left: Evan with baby Libby and wife Kristen; Right: With co-host Amber Atnip and Ronnie Dunn)



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I am now a regular columnist for Grubstreet, so click HERE to check out "As I Hear It."



The economic crisis has hit us all...way to many people are out of work, and finding a new radio gig is harder than ever, especially if you no longer have access to recording or editing facilities. Well, Big Apple Airchecks can help!

So the big question is...How much is this going to cost? How about $20 to edit and produce a killer demo, and $40 if it needs to be converted from reel or cassette? That's it!! If you can send an mp3 or .wav file to me, that's how you'll get it back. Let me know when you need it, and that's when you'll have it, if not sooner! I use Adobe Audition 3.0 and have two cassette decks, a Sony Mini Disc deck, Akai 7" Reel, and Otari 10" Reel all going through a Behringer mixing board. Your satisfaction and quality is guaranteed!

If you need a full blown aircheck demo, we can do that too! Prices start at $100 with you providing the voice tracks and any other elements you want included. We'll do the rest with the magic of digital editing!

I accept Paypal as well as Postal Money Orders so contact me today for your immediate demo needs! 

Email: matt at


Want to hear  some funny phone bits?  Al Levine and I did a bunch when he hosted "Levine's Lunch Box."  Click HERE to listen to some from WBLI!

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Lots of great airchecks! 

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Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida

South Central

Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky

Mid West

Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan

North East

Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey

North West

Washington, Oregon, Alaska


Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Nevada

South West

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma.

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Welcome to Big Apple Airchecks on the Web! My name is Matt "Craig" Seinberg, and I’ve been collecting airchecks since 1976. My collection is both scoped (edited) and unscoped (unedited). If you see “US” next to an aircheck, it is Unscoped. My collection is broken up by State, Assorted Airchecks, American Airchexx Magazine and other special pages. This site will have audio clips, but not full airchecks posted.

Much of my collection has never been traded before. I contribute to Steve West’s, Rick Kelly’s and Richard Irwin’s

Trading Rules

I can copy airchecks onto cassette, CD, or MiniDisc (MD), so please let me know your preference. I will take cassettes, CD’s or MD's in trade, and I prefer CD’s. I use TDK, Sony or Maxell regular series tapes for trading, and unless you ask for, and send something better, that’s what you will receive. Also, I won’t send out cases unless asked to, so you keep your’s and I’ll keep mine. CD’s are sent in envelopes, not jewel cases. Please pack everything so they won’t be damaged during mailing. I use bubble envelopes for all shipments, and can not/will not be responsible for damage during shipment due to carrier mishandling unless you pay for insurance.

If we haven’t traded before, I will ask that you send to me first, and when I get your package, I’ll mail mine out. Please don’t take this personally. This prevents me from getting burnt by “dead beat” traders.

I also collect and trade bumper and window stickers, and other assorted promotional items. Let me know if you want to trade any of these items.

Do you want something, but don’t see it listed on the site? Just ask! I may have it, but may not have put it up on the site yet. I may be able to get it through one of my many sources, be it a fellow aircheck trader, or a contact at a radio station.

Don’t have anything to trade? Not a problem.  I will sell CD or cassette airchecks. A C60 , C90 or  CD’s are $14 each, and that includes  postage. Please keep in mind that a C90 will NOT be on one CD, so one C90  aircheck will be $28.  Payment can be by cash, postal money order or PayPal. If you choose PayPal, please be aware that transaction fees will apply to the purchase, generally running 10% of the purchase unless you use the Friends and Family option which is preferred.

I don’t sell airchecks for a living, and will sell only if a trade can’t be arranged. Sales of airchecks support this site by paying for tapes, CD’s and the hosting fees. Your are NOT paying for the actual aircheck, but for the time, effort and supplies that go into making a copy of the aircheck. Thanks for visiting, and don't forget to sign the Guestbook!

About Me

I was born in Queens, New York a long time ago in a galaxy far far away…

Currently, I live on Long Island, New York a large suburb of New York City.

How did my interest in radio and airchecks start? In 1976, while at a friends house, I heard WNYT, the radio station of The New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury on the Cablevision “What’s On” channel. I was curious about what I was hearing and called the station. I ended up talking to, and becoming friends with General Manager Greg Monti and Chief Engineer Dave Haber. (Greg and I are still friends today!) They got me into listening and collecting airchecks. Needless to say, I ending up attending NYIT, where I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Communication Arts.

While attending college, I got shifts on WNYT, with my regular shift being Sunday’s 2-6 PM doing a Top 40 Format. I also did shifts during the week as my schedule allowed, when the station did a progressive format loosly based upon WNEW-FM and WLIR-FM.

We weren’t an over the air broadcast station, but we were heard on campus and the Cablevision “What’s On” channel. We had a devoted and loyal listener base, and they loved to call us on the weekend and make requests.

It was during my third year at NYIT that at got an internship at WGLI. I did things every intern did; winding carts, clean, write commercial spots and bug the program director for shifts! Finally, PD Dennis Moore gave me a shot, and I had my own Saturday and Sunday night shows! I had a blast, especially doing a New Years Eve show, 1979 into 1980. I still have that aircheck, and you could certainly tell I was having a great time! WGLI was an MOR station, with lot’s of community based features, such as Swap and Shop and lot’s of remotes.

Also during college I got to meet a lot of New York City DJ’s, such as Pat St. John, Jim Kerr, John Zacherle, Bob Marrone, Jimmy Fink, Tony Pigg and the late Viv Roundtree, all from WPLJ. I also had the privilege to meet the late legendary broadcasters Dan Ingram and Scott Muni.

In 1977, I got to meet most of the new DJ’s at “The All New WNBC” and am still friends with Allen Beebe, Batt Johnson, and Frank Reed.

I also got to work at WNYG, where I was offered AM Drive by PD Kathy Cunnigham, but had to turn it down because NYS Unemployment Insurance paid more than the station did!


 Thanks for listening, and visiting!

This is my late cat, Domino. I got her when she was about 6 weeks old in 1986. She made herself right at home when my roommate and I brought her home from the North Shore Animal League.

Domino was very good natured, and loved to be held and cuddled. She was a purring machine!

We lost Domino on December 12, 2002 to cancer and we miss her very much. May she forever roll in catnip, watch TV and know we are always thinking about her.

Being that cat lovers we are, my wife and I adopted Daphne on December 14. Daphne is also black with white markings, and is very lovable.

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This is my late cat Daphne. We got her 3 days after we lost Domino from The Westbury Animal Hospital. It took her about 6 months for her to settle down and become a real member of the family, but once that happened, she was a true loving, purring kitty! She loved to snuggle with me wherever I was watching TV, and she slept with us at night. We lost her in July 2015, and she is buried in our backyard where we can always look out the back window and see her memorial stone.
One day we will all be reunited at
The Rainbow Bridge.

It was two weeks after that we adopted Daisy and Scarlett, and a year later after volunteering at Last Hope Animal Shelter, I brought home Dakota as a surprise to everyone else. She is a fun little girl that just loves to curl up on a warm lap and sleep.